Having been inspired by Digikerot’s comment on the Negima game I was blogging about a few days ago, I was considering the real enigma that’s bugging me about the Japanese game industry. Obviously, I don’t pretend to know the answer, so I would be very happy to hear people’s comments about this.

As everyone knows, Japan is the mother of all gaming – Most of the biggest gaming companies; for example, Sony and Nintendo, hail from that country and most of the games they have produced are now part of gaming legend. Japan not only gave rise to definig console, but also to defining game genres, such as the rise of the rhythm game in Parappa the rapper and later, Dance dance revolution. Not to mention the Role Playing game – Japan still managing to release benchmark games for the international market.

Even in 3D gaming Japan has been at the forefront. Although first person shooter type games such as Halflife and Doom were due to American developers, Japan dominated the 3D isometric platformer market with titles such as Super Mario 64.

Anyway, let me get to the point, through my inane (and no doubt inaccurate) rambling. If Japan can create such beautiful masterpieces of games such as Final Fantasy, how come the anime game industry is dominated by dating sims and ero-games??

Surely fans of anime are, if anything as likely to want to play as their favourite anime character in a 3D platformer, or RPG, for example, rather than a plain old visual novel, with very little actual gameplay – You might as well start releasing more manga ^_^. I know that the number one explanation for this is that “3D platformers and RPGs cost so much more to make than a dating sim with no moving pictures and text only”, and up till recently, I fully supported that view.

However, reading the blog of the Negima game changed my mind.

The Negima project is undoubtedly backed by huge amounts of money. Akamatsu is probably one of the most famous mangaka, not only in Japan, but all over the world, therefore the money backing this project must be stupendous. However, the second Negima game just takes the biscuit. If you have enough money to make a lame mini-game based fanservice beach game in 3D, then surely you have enough money to make a full 3D adventure? Even a short one would satisfy me. Or even a 3D battle game of some variety – I’m sure that wouldn’t have taken much development.

This rant comes even fuller force after reading about the doujin group (Tasogare Frontier and 07th Expansion) who produced the visual novel for Higurashi no naku koro ni (The anime of which I am greatly enjoying at the moment). As I read about recently, the same circle has recently released a demo for Higurashi daybreak.

Now if even a doujin circle not backed by hundreds of thousands of yen can make such a great looking game, then where does the Japanese game industry stand?

My second question is an obvious one: why is it that the Japanese anime industry and Japanese game industry have rarely joined forces to produce good games based on anime. The only games that come to mind are several based on Sailor Moon and other “vintage” anime (which were far from good), but recently, very very few at all. Have the anime and game industry fallen out for some reason?

All I can hope for is that some day, otaku like me will be able to purchase quality action and adventure games based on the anime we love.



Just a quick post about Full Metal Panic the OVA, which, funnily enough, I didn't even know was out O_o. So, completely uninformed, I found it on Tokyo Toshokan and downloaded it last night and watched it this morning. Oh how I was reminded about the greatness of the series, especially Fumoffu (The OVA is a slight cross between Fumoffu and the main series – i.e. hijinks aboard the Tuatha de Danaan). But most of all – DRUNK TESSA FANSERVICE \^_^/

Mmm, tiny ribbon bow pantsu…

Not only that, but Tessa is the cutest thing EVER through the whole episode. Its like they told her seiyuu to put on her extra moemoe loli voice (with extra "datte…."). Why Sousuke didn't end up with her instead of baseball bat wielding tsundere Chidori is beyond my imagination.

All the other plotlines in this OVA were hilarious too. Kalinin's chemistry cooking with his pH dipstick and stopwatch made me laugh (and thats not an easy thing to do at 8am on a Sunday) and Commander Grouseaux's secret otaku side was inspired ^_^.

I'm sure pH dipsticks don't work on Borscht

All in all, we need more Full Metal Panic! tidbits like this remind me about what a great series it was, but there's nothing better than watching a brand new storyline's worth of the real thing.

Anxiously waiting for "Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu – The Second Raid" possibly with Tessa/Chidori yuri love.


Well, I watched the 7th episode of Strawberry panic today, for reasons which escape me. (Actually, that's a lie, Strawberry Panic has been getting better of late since they stopped focussing on the Shizuma/Nagisa will-they-won't-they-oh-look-I've-fallen-asleep plotline). Since I've also been following the manga which is being scanlated by Dynasty-scans (who is also doing Kasimasi – much love to them), and the anime seems to be similar, but with much reduced yuri, I was expecting an episode full of amazingly heavily implied yuri (an elephant with a two-ton pen could have done a better job) but no actual "Kasimasi moments". It's not like the manga wasn't full of rather risque behaviour ^_^

Nagisa gets fondled by Shizuma in volume 1

And Tamao-chan is slightly more…shall we say, forward about her tastes.

But lo and behold, here we have our first actual yuri couple, rather than all this subtext nonsense when they're obviously all whips and double-dildos when the anime cameras aren't looking.

And following that, what do we have here? Yuri rape? On a mainstream TV show?? *Controversial*!!! (pardon overuse of punctuation there, I couldn't help myself) Though it seemed that the perpetrator had a lot of trouble getting Hikari's seifuku off and actually raping her (judging by how long it took Amane to get there). Maybe in mainstream anime, they don't have those "easy-rip" clothes you get in hentai (and Ikkitousen)

What puzzled me the most, however, was how Amane was so blase about it after they had left "Are you ok? Sometimes people are forceful like that, you should be careful"??? The girl nearly got raped woman! At least show some anger! Maybe she would have given a better response if they had been naked and Hikari was being "deflowered" (The first pun I've ever got in anime "Konohana Hikari = That flower Hikari"; what an awful pun >_<). Or maybe yuri rape is such a usual thing on Astraea hill that the students have just got used to it…

"What's that rustling in the bushes over there?" "Oh, thats just Nagisa getting ass-raped by Shizuma-sama" "Aw that's not fair! She was supposed to be raping me over half an hour ago! Kecchii!"

Oh, and I'm really starting to feel sorry for Yaya-chan. Since her transition from manga to anime has left her with a lot less forwardness in her relationship with Hikari, she seems to have been left in the dust, so to speak, as Hikari seems to be completely clueless without direct fondling…

Anyway, it's good to see that lesbian rape has gone mainstream in anime. I shall continue to watch this one, for the good of…erm…me.



tjhan’s speculations on whether we’ll be getting a second season of the much loved Genshiken raised a lot of interest yesterday. Are we really that desperate to watch TV parodies of people in our anime groups do the things we do every day (except going to Akiba and spending hundreds of pounds on doujinshi – I’m speaking for myself here, I would if I could ^_^;;).

By the way, if anyone asks, I’m Kohsaka.

It’s funny that parodies such as this and Otaku no video made it so well in the anime community – I guess its a sense of empathy (if you are still in an anime club), or memories (if you used to be). For me, its comparing the people who were in the anime club I attended (Cambridge University Comics and Animation society) to Genshiken characters (though I can not say we have a Kanako Ohno, unfortunately). My girlfriend is definitely Saki, for one, and Kyo is far more like Kohsaka than I’ll ever be ^_^;; (fighting games wise, anyway)

Lolicontrol’s take on the Genshiken news is spot on.

Also in other news, Beta-Waffle blogged about the new Negima game – Lolis at the beach…Oh, sorry – “Maiden’s Dokidoki Beach”. So I’m going to steal a couple of his pictures. for the whole story, click link above. But seriously, does Ken Akamatsu really need to cash in any more on the series? Isn’t the fact that its already a multinational success cause him to stay awake at night and wonder “I really wish I’d spent a little more time reading that proposal for that game”

The game itself seems to be a “Mario Party” sort of affair composed of mini games, most of which involving your 15 year old character parading round in…well, as little as possible, really (and a range of stunning cosplay – Setsuna in a bunny suit – be still my beating heart).

And if possible, wet.

The mini games consist of many yuri-riffic activities such as Sumo bum wrestling, hitting your opponent with sponge sticks, carrying pillows between two pairs of teenage breasts and a cunning twist on the wet T-Shirt competition (oh wait, its not that cunning).

And here was you thinking that Akamatsu would draw the line at shotacon Negi in the manga (oh wait…if an underage boy and an underage girl are in a relationship, is that even a fetish? Do they cancel each other out?), but now he’s cashing in on the loli potential (granted, some of the girls actually have breasts, I’ll give him that). I mean, who doesn’t want to ogle 3-dimensionalised fictional girls in skimpy swimwear?

I don’t even want to know what the circle in this picture is supposed to be showing…

I shall resist the urge to shout “COCK GOES WHERE?”

Not to mention the Speed-meter at the bottom. Maybe they have that invisible cock syndrome, beloved of golden years hentai of the 1980s and 90s.

And this is a compromising position is I ever saw one:

Lolitron would probably say something inappropriate about birth canals here…

Well, anyway, fanservice shots aside, I really hope they bring out a good Negima game. As usual, I’m hoping for a well thought out RPG or even an action game (its not like they don’t have the budget). I’m also looking forward to the second series of the anime. Oh, I meant first series. There was another series? Really? Surely not. I thought Xebec went to hell for it and the devil erased all our memories of every trace of that travesty.

If people are wondering why I’m posting so frequently at the moment, it’s because I’m trying my best not to think about study for impending exams…in 2 days. OMG FLIP OUT


Just watched episode 10 and 11 (I'd been holding back since KnKF and Doremi were being amazingly slow at subbing past 8 but yesterday after seeing that Wakaranai had already reviewed Kasimasi 12 aaaages ago, I gave up and downloaded Xabin's. Which aren't bad, incidentally, from what I understand of Japanese.

All I can say is TOMARI WIN.


Woo, I've been rooting for Tomari for ages (I know that she probably ends up with Yasuna in the end, but I haven't watched Episode 12 yet, and I may still be pleasantly surprised). The rest of the episode just screamed potential (especially the ofuro scene ^_^)

Anyway, lets take a quick recap at what happened at the end of Episode 5…

Hazumu you player! See, I have the perfect solution to your problem – just love both girls at the same time like this ^_^. Then everyone's happy and you get double the pleasure.


(PS, I apologise for these short contentless postings – I blame it on the exam stress >_<)

A thought has been swimming round my head for a while now. Warning, though there are spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched past episode 5 of Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuuutsu.

Mikuru-chan is a mystery to me.

I assume all I'm going to say will be dealt with in later episodes, but if it isn't, I'll be slightly disappointed.

1. If Mikuru-chan is supposed to be a time traveller sent back in time to observe Haruhi, then obviously she would have to fit the part (i.e. Well endowed loli), but why is she such a coward?

Surely if you needed to send someone back from the future to fix the past, you'd send someone you could rely on? Not someone who faints whenever they see a dead body O_o…Or is it all an act? Is Mikuru chan really a brave fearless time-traveller who just happens to be amazing at acting like a spineless moemoe bishoujo? I for one, seriously doubt it.

2. I'm sure someone's already commented on this, but isn't this adult Mikuru? (from the OP)

This also puzzled me when Kyon asked for Mikuru's real age in episode 5. Why would going back in time change someone's age? Obviously the picture in the OP suggests that in her time she is probably about 25-30 (lipstick = adult – obviously high school girls don't wear lipstick :/). Unless, she is from a time when you can alter your genetic code to pose as any age you want, so that she would be sempai to Haruhi and be in a position to observe her – Also unlikely.

So there you go. Mikuru is an enigma. How does she keep her youthful charms so…well, youthful? Is she really that spineless?



Being new to the anime blogging scene, I recently noticed that Jason of Anime on my mind and Blogsuki fame started a challenge a while back for everyone’s ideal harems of 6 girls and one meido. Continued on that thread and in other blogs such as Kurogane’s, I thought I might as well join in the fray, since I have nothing special to blog about, apart from being thrilled at the release of the raw of Shakugan no Shanatan Returns.

Hooray for the return of boxcutters to anime, I was starting to worry that Kaede was going to be the lone proprietor of that meme. They are as welcome as the mikan boxes, of which were blogged on Basugasubakuhatsu, much to everyones disbelief (I don’t believe that no ones really noticed how often they turn up in anime ^_^)…

Anyway, thats the random out of the way. After much hard thought, here is my harem:

1 – Miyu Greer (Mai Otome/Mai HiME)

I think this is a slightly alternative choice, but there’s always got to be a stoic girl in a harem, and for some reason I can’t get enough of the stoic stereotype (I watched the entire of Nadesico for Ruri for heavens sake). On the top of the pile is Miyu (or Merciful/Multiple Intellegential Yggdrasil Unit) who not only has the stoic moe factor, she’s also a robot! And there’s something about having a chaingun for an arm and rocketlaunchers in the kneecaps that hits the spot. It was a hard choice from Otome/Hime, since Nao and Natsuki are also great, but Miyu’s always been my favourite character of the series.

2 – Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell (Negima)

Going with the attack power group comes Evangeline, my favourite character in Negima by a whisker (Chachamaru coming a close second, but obviously, you can’t have 2 robot girls in a harem ^_^) and favourite all round tsundere girl. Putting the loli factor aside, who wouldn’t want to have a girl with the forces of nature at her command in their harem? Also, she can speak Greek and Latin, definitely a major turn on, and did I mention that she was a 500 year old vampire? Very hot.

3 – Anita King (RoD the TV)

Hmm, this seems to be going towards an army, not a harem…I love Anita’s character, even though she’s also tsundere, and that spot’s already been filled. (I’d have put down Nancy, but she would have gone under ‘No Chance’ harem) Out of the 3 sisters, Anita’s fighting style is by far the best and she just rocks as a character ^_^

4 – Azuma Hazuki (Yami to boushi to Hon no Tabibito)

It wouldn’t be a complete harem without a character from the site’s namesake, and Hazuki fulfils the tall dark bishoujo role. In the end, it was a fight between her and Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh for this place in the harem, but Hazuki won out, just because of the shoujo ai-ness and the cool flaming sword (I think somewhat better than Shana’s)

5 – Buchou / Occult Club President (Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~)

Another strange entry, but I felt the need to have a different kind of character in my harem, and Buchou’s orgasmic masochism made her my absolute favourite character (though extraordinarily underdevelooped character-wise) in Mahoraba. I love the way she speaks in the manga (alternating between hiragana and katakana), and the scene when she gets exorcised; priceless. ^_^

6 – Arf (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

Avoiding the loli in Nanoha is difficult, but even taking into account that Nanoha’s artillery style magic and Fate’s supersonic spellcasting is uber cool, Arf holds her own in her devotion to Fate and forever bursting out of that flimsy outfit she’s always wearing. Also, she’s a kemonomimi dog/fox girl! Every harem needs at least one half girl ^_^

Meido – Mare (Popotan)

Mare (or Mea or whatever) closely beats out Tsukamoto Yakumo from the top spot as my favourite anime meido. Although she is another stoic girl, she does get entire episodes to herself, and also…she’s mysterious ^_^ She’s also here because I think that Popotan is great and understated as an anime – Go watch it people!
Also coming in close behind or on the ‘No Chance’ list were Azumanga Daioh’s Sakaki and Kaorin, Cardcaptor Sakura’s Daidouji Tomoyo, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’s Suzumiya Akane, School Rumble’s Sawachika Eri and Tsukamoto Yakumo, Nanoha and Fate from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Shizuru from Mai Otome, Ichino from Battle Athletes Victory, Orihime from Bleach, Winry from Full Metal Alchemist, Genshiken’s Kanako Ohno, Ikkitousen’s Shimei Ryoumou, Haruhi’s Mikuru, Onegai Teacher’s Ichigo and most of the female cast of Mahou Sensei Negima.

I think thats enough disturbing the general public with my tastes in imaginary women for now… hmm..benkyoo, benkyoo.