Increased incidence of Tomoyo clones

May 8, 2006

Now you all know who I'm referring to: Tomoyo Daidouji (or Daidouji Tomoyo if you prefer) from the classic mahou shoujo anime Card Captor Sakura.

Features: Long dark hair, Shy retiring nature, Tends to fawn over leading character in a subtextual yuri kind of way.

Having watched the first few episodes of Strawberry Panic a while back, it occurred to me that Tamao is literally a carbon copy of Tomoyo, albeit without the video camera, and HER NAME IS ALMOST THE SAME (well, in Romanji, anyway).

Far be it for me to start off this yuri blog with a post against probably the purest non-hentai yuri anime out there at the moment, but Strawberry panic seems to borrow heavily from other yuri anime, such as Card captor Sakura and Maria sama ga miteru. However, I am thoroughly enjoying the manga at the moment, so I will stop contradicting myself.

Another Tomoyo clone in my opinion is Suzuka from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, who looks almost exactly like Tomoyo, but again lacks the ecchi camera skillz and doesn't fawn over Nanoha in quite the same way (that role in Nanoha is obviously taken by Fate-chan).

Now perhaps its my imagination, but characters like Tomoyo are popping up all over the place now. Perhaps it is an old character blueprint that anime directors/mangaka are digging out and blowing the dust off of, or maybe I'm just drawing parallels where there aren't any

One things for sure: I'm not complaining



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