Post to start a blog

May 8, 2006


I know that there wont be many (if any at all) people reading this post, so I'll make it relatively brief.

I know that there are already tons of great anime and manga blogs out there already and I am not really looking to add to that list ^_^. I am simply an anime fan that has a penchance for shoujo-ai (that is girl-love) storylines in anime and manga. Therefore, on this blog, I will be posting opinions and reviews of anime and manga from a yuri-type standpoint, as well as any news I hear about shoujo-ai related things going on.

I will also be posting (god help me) some links to fanfiction (of the shoujo-ai variety, of course) which I have found to be well written (or relatively well written, this is fanfiction we are talking about here) and maybe a few opinions of my own in general…

So that concludes the introduction! Don't expect me to update regularly, if at all ^_^ as I am a very busy (read: lazy) man. I hope that if this blog actually gets some hits, I might move it to a separate web server and customize it properly. In the meantime, I'll have to deal with the basic interface -_- Oh well.

Happy readings



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