Konshuu no ren-ai – Sakura/Tomoyo

May 9, 2006

Today I decided to have a feature in which I introduce my favourite yuri pairings and any online resources and fanfiction available for them: It will be called provisionally "konshuu no ren-ai" (This weeks relationship. Feel free to correct me on that).

This week: Sakura and Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura

Now I've always had a soft spot for SakuraxTomoyo fanfiction, because of a number of reasons: First; Cardcaptor Sakura was THE first anime I ever watched and it is a classic, Second: Its a canon coupling, since Tomoyo really does love Sakura in that way and so it isn't really "subtext" per se. Third: Tomoyo and Sakura together is just too damn cute! (I have several less than worksafe pictures, but we'll try to keep this blog family friendly, at least for the time being)

Now due to the canon nature of the relationship, Sakura x Tomoyo has spawned possibly the largest shoujo-ai fanfiction community outside of Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena (both also canon pairings), and fanfic, both great and downright awful is plentiful for the picking. I even attempted to write one myself but that unfinished epic will hopefully never see the light of day ^_^;;

Since Sakura/Tomoyo has such a wide fanbase, I may well come back to this pairing later on to mention some writers that I missed the first time round.

Right then, lets get started:

The number one resource as always, for anything related to Shoujo-ai and fanfiction is Shoujoai.com. Also an archive of devoted Sakura/Tomoyo fanfiction exists at Moonlit nights.

Now, my favourite Sakura/Tomoyo fanfiction writer of all time is probably Meredith Bronwen Mallory (Who incidentally mainly doesn't write CCS fiction) who writes fantastic angsty dark fics such as Conjure me, but has not written anything in this genre for years, much to my chagrin.

Second place probably goes to John Fiala, who I can't find a site for. (I seem to like the niche writers more than the ones who write volumes, it seems ^_^). "A Weekend in the Sky" is probably my all time favourite fanfic, since its storyline feels particularly real to me, especially since Tomoyo doesn't end up with Sakura in the end

Third, purely by sheer volume is probably Shanejayell who writes volumes and volumes of fanfiction for multiple genres, most notably Sailor moon, and has an ongoing crossover arc between ahoujo-ai universes in multiple anime (such as Excel saga, Tenchi muyo, Hand maid May etc. etc.) However, he does write some lovely stand-alone CCS Sakura/Tomoyo fiction, most notably "Darkest before the dawn" which is again rather dark, but excellently written.

So that concludes part 1 of Sakura and Tomoyo. Stay tuned for more konshuu no ren-ai ^_^



One Response to “Konshuu no ren-ai – Sakura/Tomoyo”

  1. shanejayell Says:

    Thank you for the comment! :D “Darkest” is one of my fave Sakura fics, tho. I hope you’re read “Tomoyo Kamen” too. It’s sorta the oposite kind of fic.

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