No love for monkey

May 9, 2006


I’ll just post a short rant about .ape files.

Why are people on the Interweb so obsessed with lossless encoding? Yes, I know its better than compressed encoding, but to be perfectly honest, I cant hear the difference past 320 kbps mp3 anyway.

Not only are .ape files prohibitingly large (The Haruhi ED CD is 120MB for 4 tracks), why oh why rip them all to one file??? That means if I wanted to put them on an external mp3 player, I would need to first split the file into the individual tracks, then REENCODE the tracks I wanted.

All praise for Nipponsei, At least one Jpop ripping team havent lost their heads over Monkey audio.

Oh, and Haruhi ED is godly



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