The Current season

May 9, 2006


In my humble opinion, (though many people would love to disagree) anime continues to go from strength to strength. Though i do have a soft spot for certain old anime such as Cardcaptor Sakura and Battle Athletes Victory, I have to say that I appreciate the improved animation style of the new computer generated genre of animated Japanese weirdness.

This season sees a new batch of my favourite types of anime coming out:

  • Strawberry panic (What would the world be like if there were only women in it and they were all gay)
  • Magical Pokaan (I know, lets have magical lolis with no real plot, cause that sold well before)
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no yuuutsu (lets do something ACTUALLY NEW)
  • Kasimasi ~girl meets girl~ (cause transgender storylines are ONLY not ick in anime)
  • Higurashi no naku koro ni (erm…lolis with cleavers anyone?)

Every review site evar has already covered these, so I'll just stick to the bits I thought were good…

Strawberry Panic #1-2

Rating – 2/5

I had great hopes for Strawberry Panic, since I did eventually enjoy Maria-sama ga miteru, though it is intensely boring in some parts. The first episode did not disappoint, with yuri overtones all over the place, but in the second episode, I found myself getting bored.

Bored? With yuri? Unthinkable, you might say. But yes, Strawberry Panic really is that boring. Apart from the yuri, the shows storyline moves slower than a stoned snail. But the one great thing going for it: Tamao-chan is omega-kawaii ^_^ (Maybe I just have a thing about Tomoyo-clones)

Higurashi no naku koro ni #1-3

Rating: 4/5

I love this anime ^_^ For a start, it made me realise where that picture of the loli with the cleaver that I've had as my wallpaper came from originally. Secondly, after struggling with the issue for some time, I realised that Rena-chan really is that cute. Yes, even with repeating the last phrase of every sentence. I think its the cleaver, something about lolis with sharp kitchen implements that just hits the right place.

After messing around for an episode, the anime finally gets on track, and I'm really glued to it. I'm waiting for it to be revealed that actually, theres no evil spirit possessing the cute girls, they're just like that.

Anyway, definitely one to watch



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