Negima Second season – slow on the uptake

May 13, 2006


As usual, being the busy man that I am I am late on the uptake of the amazing news that Negima Second season is being animated by someone GOOD.

I won't go into how awful the first season was, only that I stopped watching it after episode 2 since the animation was godawful and the seiyuus weren't the best. I especially don't like the voice for Negi-sensei. I think they should have gone to greater lengths to make his voice less annoying and sound more like a BOY, since he (presumably) is meant to be. (optional yuri storyline: anime Negi turns out to be a girl).

Also, just to get all the bitching out, all the hair colours were wrong, all the backgrounds looked like they were filled in in MS Paint and Asuna's heterochromia iridis is far too pronounced and just looks stupid. From the look of the preview pictures, Asuna's heterochromia has been cured somewhere in between series 1 and series 2.

The new Negima anime is to be animated by the same people who are famous for (recently) Pani poni dash! and Tsukuyomi Moon phase, and I for one am extremely excited, since Negima is one of the mangas I have much love for at the moment (respect goes out to Aquastar-anime scanlations). And look!! Setsuna's hair is the right colour!!! ::squees::

Looking forward to much Konoka-> Setsuna fondling in the new animation style – one of my favourite couples of the moment ^_^ Look forward to a Konshuu no renai – Konosetsu in the near future.



12 Responses to “Negima Second season – slow on the uptake”

  1. drmchsr0 Says:


    Asuna’s hair isn’t that pronounced an orange.
    Neither is Makie’s pink.

  2. Tsukireiko Says:

    To drmchsro Ahem, actually, if you check some official manga art of Negima, like the cover of vol. 7 or a pic that Ken Akamatsu drew for an ad for the Negima video game, Makie’s hair is in fact a orange-ish pink color. It’s just that the first anime series over exaggerated that a little too much -_-‘

  3. moneybob Says:

    so there will be a secound season of negima o boy….so when does the secound season come out??

  4. Carlinda Says:

    Honestly if u want my opinion i don’t much fancey the new animation and i quite enjoyed the cute look of all the characters…Negi’s Voice suited him and everyone apart from u thinks the same. it might have taken a little while to get used to but after about the 2nd episode u start to realise that Greg Ayres makes a great Negi…

  5. kat Says:

    i agree with carlinda
    and although honya looked cuter in the 2nd season, it really didn’t suit her shyness (she my fav besides negi and asuna)
    the 1st season in awesome
    after ep 22 the anime diverges from the manga( wasn’t the best ending) but its still my fav!!

  6. Frozenfishmonger Says:

    so there is gonna be another video series of negima?
    wens it commin out and will it either be english dubbed or subbed? plz if someone nos reply asap

  7. OhNo! Says:

    I thought they stop at the remake called Negima!? since after the remake they lost most of there viewers but if there making a second on i would love to see it. hope its coming out soon if anyone know the release date please do tell.

  8. inugamikotarou Says:

    when the second season is coming out i want to see kotarou and negima remake was also called negima geo it was the real name for negima remake

  9. TerrawindX2 Says:

    Actually, the anime was the first thing I watched, and from there I fell in love with Negima. I loved the voice acting and how they portrayed the story, and the wonderful opening song (Not the volleyball scene though)

    I wasn’t satisfied with the ending, therefore I went to the mangas, and gained renewed interest.

    But after reading up till book 19 (and reread the first manga, to discover the vast evolution of Akamatsu’s drawing style) and rewatched the anime, that’s when I saw the flaws. Lots of stuff was censored from the book, and the artwork for certain characters were horribly, horribly wrong. The abscence of Kotaru was a mockery as well. But nevertheless, I still enjoyed the anime, and I see it as a complement to the manga. I kept associating the voice actors with the manga dialogues, and it was fantastically suiting!

    Then Akamatsu ruined it with the Live Action version…

  10. Fallen01 Says:

    isn’t that a little harsh it wasn’t that bad it could have been better but it was still ok not great but not that bad

  11. Kira Says:

    soooo…There is gonna be a 2nd Season???
    Ill write ur name on my book if ur lieing…GOT IT!!

  12. Bojo Says:

    if anybody gets the downloaD, let me know where i can find it. email me at
    Also, i’d like to add that the first season wasn’t that bad, it was actualy quite gud and it’s even better there’s another season coming up

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