Strawberry Panic #3 ~Onee-samaaaa~~~

May 13, 2006

Read: "Nagisa chan, do you want to go have sex in the attic?"

Maybe thats because Tamao chan keeps raping her in the night

Little did Nagisa chan know that she was the last one in the school to come out…

Shizuma yuri magnetism > Nagisa chan third person omega kawaii

Rating 3/5

For some reason beyond my imagination everyone wants to do the horozontal shuffle with Nagisa chan. Maybe in Japan girls find other girls who talk about themselves in the third person cute? Shizuma seems to think so anyway. And why doesn't she just kiss Nagisa chan and get on with the lesbian loving? Obviously so we can have the "almost kiss" scene twice in EVERY EPISODE.

Tamao chan seems thrilled that she and Nagisa chan are virtually married. If I were Nagisa chan I'd be wearing extra strength chastity belts to bed at night by now. Or maybe she enjoys her nocturnal deflowerings ^_^.

Nagisa chan is starting to remind me of the innocent helpless lolicon character in ero-games who gets mercilessly raped by all the other characters…except that all of the other characters are girls. This also makes me wonder why there aren't any ero-games where the protagonist is female. OH WAIT, GIRLS DONT PLAY ERO GAMES. The fact that lots of male otakus have female net avatars seems to have passed straight over the heads of the doujin games makers. (Or do they exist?)

Anyway, I will continue to squee at the manga and watch the anime just for the sheer cheesey bliss of shouting "Oneeeesamaaa~~~" everytime Nagisa falls into Shizuma's arms



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