Tsuyokisu – NOT TSUKUYOMI and Yowzers blogroll O_o~~

May 14, 2006


Wow, I’ve been put on someone else’s blogroll, more fool them ^_^

Anyway, now everyone must now go to orz in retribution for this heinous crime. (Thank you drmchsr0, by the way.)

In other news, major exam induced depression and associated wishing-that-I-could-go-to-interesting-places-that-other-people-seem-to-get-to-go-to syndrome.

Cure: Haruhi Suzumiya no yuuutsu Episode roku-ban.

Also, much love for the new season news of Tsuyokisu, (which is NOT (as I thought) a sequel to Tsukuyomi Moon Phase -_-;;) though being baka gaijin that I am, I can’t work out what the hell its going to be like, except that all the characters will be tsundere (i.e. Naru from Love Hina or Chidori from FMP!) One wonders then if there will be a male protagonist, and whether he will live through being repeatedly battered to death by all the tsundere girls in the show. God knows how Keitaro survived between Naru and Motoko. Obviously he is some kind of ronin super hero, which in turn explains how he was able to marry Naru when everyone knows she should have ended up with Motoko ^_^.

Which reminds me, (mental note: add Naru/Motoko to renai list to do)

Also, if there isn’t a male protagonist, will all the female tsundere characters spend the whole show beating each other up? And then end up in a dokidoki lovelove clinch at the end? I think maybe not knowing how to read Japanese is good sometimes…

Second show that looks-good-but-no-idea-in-hell-what-it-is is Tonagura. Characters look like my favourite kind of designs (outside of Poyoyon Rock, of course ^_^;) They even have a twirly hair character like Touko (of Marimite fame). However, the yuri potential of this show looks to be extremely low…Existance of male protagonist…check, lack of many main characters in the same age group…check. Though of course that doesn’t rule out the ultra kawaii “sempai-kouhai” shoujo-ai a-la Yuri from Magikano ^_^

Review of Haruhi 6 later.



5 Responses to “Tsuyokisu – NOT TSUKUYOMI and Yowzers blogroll O_o~~”

  1. ayyo Says:

    No one will know what the the anime of Tsuyokisu wil be like since they’re apparently using scenarios from the PS version which isn’t even out yet.

    But the PC version just kicks ass on so many many different levels.

  2. yuribou Says:

    Is the PC version an ero-game? If so then my super-gaijin skills may not be able to crack it O_o;

  3. ayyo Says:

    Yes its an ero game. But the PS version has the ero content cut, which me and most people are not sure how that would work since for four out of the six route, sex was integrated into the plot.

  4. yuribou Says:

    Interesting, a non-ero-ero-game. Maybe they replace the sex scenes with a lively tea-drinking scene. Or maybe they play Go.

  5. Random Naru/Motoko fan Says:

    Rawr~ Amen to Naru who so should be hooking up with Motoko ^_~

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