Its a hard blog life – The Great blog crisis of ’06

May 15, 2006


As blogged about in RIUVA and complained about at blogsuki I seem to have chosen possibly the worst time to set up a blog. Since new blogs are popping up all over the place – especially more about anime reviews (and, obviously the SAME anime reviews as most of the bigger, more established blogs such as Random Curiosity), the existence of a further anime blog offering the same old rubbish about how Haruhi episode 6 is amazing omgw00t is as unlikely to cause an exciting ripple in the internet pond as a GCSE waves experiment.

Too many bloggers spoil the plot
This is indeed a blog crisis of epic proportions, and since everyone is clamouring to get their voices heard, the only way to break through the monotony of anime blog hell is original material. Now since I can’t read Japanese, figurine and new anime news is mostly beyond me (except, of course plagiarising it from other blogs), so I’ll just stick to comments and avoid single episode reviews unless they have a good shoujo-ai potential.

Blogsuki has gone so far as to change their admittance rules from “Must be longer than 12 posts” to “Must have been in existance for more than 6 months”. Since blogsuki membership was something I had been aiming for, it is a blow to think that I would not be getting this boost in viewer numbers, but surviving on just Animeantenna for 6 months and seeing if I can get a good reader base is definitely a good test to sieve out the good blogs from the trash.

And I hope to be left standing after 6 months. Maybe by then I won’t even need blogsuki membership ^_^ (I wish)



2 Responses to “Its a hard blog life – The Great blog crisis of ’06”

  1. tj han Says:

    Shh don’t let the Jason hear you. If he finds out you want it, he won’t give it. Anyway, good luck with your blog. I’ll add you to my list!

  2. yuribou Says:

    *Thanks tj han*

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