Perfect cosplay

May 16, 2006

Now I’m not usually a fan of cosplay, having seen how it can go horribly horribly wrong (see below)

However, my girlfriend, who actually looked at the Cosplay/EGL board (once, and was horribly mentally scarred) on 4chan came across this picture, which actually looks something like the character they’re trying to be. Unless they’re not trying to be Witch Hunter Robin…in which case its really really bad.

Incidentally, the aforementioned other half has been trying to do Witch Hunter Robin hair for a while, so we are quite miffed at how this girl managed to do it so well. We think maybe something rigid in the ribbon? Perhaps she used floristry wire or something like that.

So the factors that make this good cosplay? The dress is nice, which helps. Also, she looks a lot like the character in question. And lastly, somewhat controversially she is “hawt” (as deemed by 4chan /cosplay/) and even the girlfriend thinks so.

So there you have it. To be good at cosplay you need to be HAWT. And have a nice dress. And gravity defying hair.



10 Responses to “Perfect cosplay”

  1. topleka Says:

    That’s AnimeAngel. According to her costume detail at, she used wire for the handlebar things.

    You can see her cosplaylab profile (and contact info) here:

  2. Ix Says:

    Thanks for that ^_^.

    I have to say none of her other cosplay is nearly as good. I think she has just the right face for Robin Sena. Also it helps that the characters in that series aren’t extensively “anime deformed”

    This one is also good

  3. kwok Says:

    Er. You should be glad neither of them are fat.

  4. Cornelius Says:

    I saw this a while back and also another girl, whose URL I’ve long lost, who included in her instructions for WHR hair aspirin. Because having the wire digging into her head all day made it necessary. Ugh.

  5. Jessie aka AnimeAngel Says:

    Hi ^^ I’m the WHR in that photo. “I have to say none of her other cosplay is nearly as good.” Not sure that’s a compliment or an insult ^^;;

    Anywho.. it’s a wire headband. And that photo is so horrible :( Was taken in my backyard with a tripod. And the hair is all wrong. The handlebars are far too long.

    And my C.c is muh bettr ^^;;

  6. Jessie aka AnimeAngel Says:

    Oh.. and thank you for the compliments! *blushes*

  7. Kajin Chunsa Says:

    Good Evening Jessie.

    I don’t care what you say; that is te most accurate and quite divinely well done Witch Hunter Robin I have ever seen in my life. You are very gorgeous and your hair wone marvelously. The clothes were very replicated. Who cares if it’s your backyard? Truthfully, the way your backyard looks and your pose in the backyard makes it look like a sort of secret episode — trying to escape from a witch-acrificing mansion or something enchanted of the sort.

    God — truth be to god — I know it seems lame, but seriously though, Robin Sena is the only woman from anime who I’d fall for in a heartbeat and no other. I think I just fell for you. *blush*

    Keep it up, the pic was great! Absolutely a perfect…10 out of 10.

    ~Kajin Chunsa

    PS: Did I say how muchI love the way you look?

  8. Kajin Chunsa Says:

    Every time I come across this pic.
    My breath stops. My heart beat
    stumbles and my backbone crumbles.
    I feel like you are real and I
    lose my mind, trip and tumble.

  9. anonymous Says:

    Her name is Jessie Pridemore.
    I love the pic. Really outstanding done. It’s a shame her site is not online anymore

  10. Jessie Says:

    Wow… didn’t think there were any new comments on this, but it still shows up in google results, so from time to time I check it. Thanks again for the comments ^^;; TE has been down for a really long time. My new website is in my info here.

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