Quick bitch – XXXholic and CLAMP`

May 22, 2006

I wasn’t intending to post for a while, but due to lots of XXXholic reviews being posted after my Nanoha post, Yuribou got bumped off the “New Entries” list at Animeblogger after only 2 hours.

This sparked me thinking about how much XXXholic (and indeed CLAMP adaptations in general) have irked me this year. Now don’t get me wrong, Tsubasa was an alright anime, but oh my god did they stretch out the storyline to extremes -_- I believe I stopped watching after episode 16 or so, which is how long it seemed to take them to get through 2 volumes of the manga.

But it wasn’t till XXXholic TV was released recently that it really hit home how much CLAMP anime has really gone downhill since Cardcaptor Sakura and Angelic Layer. (Though the latter wasn’t fantastic – it could well have been done in 13 episodes).

Main bitch? The art. I know that CLAMP lile to draw their limbs long (Just look at Toya and Yukito from CCS ^_^), but Watanuki’s limbs in XXXHolic would not be out of place on a mutant Orang-utan

How DOES he walk, let alone run with those things without tangling himself up? Also, Himawari’s hair might as well have been done in MS paint, judging by the effort they put into the texture.

Second bitch: The characterisation. I’m SURE that in what I’ve read of the mange, Watanuki was not so damn annoying…But sure enough in the anime, there are plenty of “WTF!” shots of him being completely bewildered and dumbfounded by pretty much every singel plot twist and turn.

Third bitch: I’m sure that the manga wasn’t anywhere near as boring as the anime is shaping out to be…It’s like nothing actually happens in each episode, and you’re left wondering if there really is a storyline, and if so, why the hell aren’t they following it?!?

In conclusion, I think XXXHolic is the best example of “CLAMP degeneration syndrome”, where an animation company takes a good CLAMP manga, lengthens the legs by 1.5 times, assigns annoying voice actors and draws out a story arc to twice its healthy length.

Shape up CLAMP, you have to see what they’re turning your beautiful mangas into. Shape up and stop them.


Of course, Mokona is win.


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