Konshuu no Renai update – Fanfiction.net search

May 25, 2006


However much I despise fanfiction.net, it is the place where any fanfiction writer worth their salt will post their fanfic (and many of those not worth their salt as well, unfortunately). Having spent an hour trawling through all the potential Sakaki/Kaorin posts there only a few really stood out.

Panthers and Kittens by Kanna-Ophelia stood out for its good characterisation (I don't like fanfiction where the girls act out of character) and interesting cat related metaphors. Left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside ^_^

The Lady and the Tiger by Q Illespont also impressed me…All fanfictions that force me to read every word are great – it shows that the writing is fluent (and it needs to be more fluent, since reading on screen is so much less comfortable than reading on paper.) The story is good, and the characterisation is ok, but it made me smile, and thats what matters ^_^

For general Azumanga Shoujoai goodness, visit C2 Azuromance on Fanfiction.net. I'll probably be doing more of the Azu pairings in later KnRs, so look forward to it.



2 Responses to “Konshuu no Renai update – Fanfiction.net search”

  1. emmarz Says:

    you forget “tail” by salmon-pink. T’is awesomely wondermous, fantastically done kagura/sakaki, and can be found at her livejournal under the name stated above.

  2. yuribou Says:

    Aah, but you have pointed out why I haven’t included it:

    Since the feature was on Kaorin and Sakaki, I didn’t consider any other pairings when I visited Fanfiction.net. However, I will probably do a Kagura/Sakaki feature at some point in the future


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