Of harems, mikan and meronpan

May 26, 2006

Being new to the anime blogging scene, I recently noticed that Jason of Anime on my mind and Blogsuki fame started a challenge a while back for everyone’s ideal harems of 6 girls and one meido. Continued on that thread and in other blogs such as Kurogane’s, I thought I might as well join in the fray, since I have nothing special to blog about, apart from being thrilled at the release of the raw of Shakugan no Shanatan Returns.

Hooray for the return of boxcutters to anime, I was starting to worry that Kaede was going to be the lone proprietor of that meme. They are as welcome as the mikan boxes, of which were blogged on Basugasubakuhatsu, much to everyones disbelief (I don’t believe that no ones really noticed how often they turn up in anime ^_^)…

Anyway, thats the random out of the way. After much hard thought, here is my harem:

1 – Miyu Greer (Mai Otome/Mai HiME)

I think this is a slightly alternative choice, but there’s always got to be a stoic girl in a harem, and for some reason I can’t get enough of the stoic stereotype (I watched the entire of Nadesico for Ruri for heavens sake). On the top of the pile is Miyu (or Merciful/Multiple Intellegential Yggdrasil Unit) who not only has the stoic moe factor, she’s also a robot! And there’s something about having a chaingun for an arm and rocketlaunchers in the kneecaps that hits the spot. It was a hard choice from Otome/Hime, since Nao and Natsuki are also great, but Miyu’s always been my favourite character of the series.

2 – Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell (Negima)

Going with the attack power group comes Evangeline, my favourite character in Negima by a whisker (Chachamaru coming a close second, but obviously, you can’t have 2 robot girls in a harem ^_^) and favourite all round tsundere girl. Putting the loli factor aside, who wouldn’t want to have a girl with the forces of nature at her command in their harem? Also, she can speak Greek and Latin, definitely a major turn on, and did I mention that she was a 500 year old vampire? Very hot.

3 – Anita King (RoD the TV)

Hmm, this seems to be going towards an army, not a harem…I love Anita’s character, even though she’s also tsundere, and that spot’s already been filled. (I’d have put down Nancy, but she would have gone under ‘No Chance’ harem) Out of the 3 sisters, Anita’s fighting style is by far the best and she just rocks as a character ^_^

4 – Azuma Hazuki (Yami to boushi to Hon no Tabibito)

It wouldn’t be a complete harem without a character from the site’s namesake, and Hazuki fulfils the tall dark bishoujo role. In the end, it was a fight between her and Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh for this place in the harem, but Hazuki won out, just because of the shoujo ai-ness and the cool flaming sword (I think somewhat better than Shana’s)

5 – Buchou / Occult Club President (Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~)

Another strange entry, but I felt the need to have a different kind of character in my harem, and Buchou’s orgasmic masochism made her my absolute favourite character (though extraordinarily underdevelooped character-wise) in Mahoraba. I love the way she speaks in the manga (alternating between hiragana and katakana), and the scene when she gets exorcised; priceless. ^_^

6 – Arf (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

Avoiding the loli in Nanoha is difficult, but even taking into account that Nanoha’s artillery style magic and Fate’s supersonic spellcasting is uber cool, Arf holds her own in her devotion to Fate and forever bursting out of that flimsy outfit she’s always wearing. Also, she’s a kemonomimi dog/fox girl! Every harem needs at least one half girl ^_^

Meido – Mare (Popotan)

Mare (or Mea or whatever) closely beats out Tsukamoto Yakumo from the top spot as my favourite anime meido. Although she is another stoic girl, she does get entire episodes to herself, and also…she’s mysterious ^_^ She’s also here because I think that Popotan is great and understated as an anime – Go watch it people!
Also coming in close behind or on the ‘No Chance’ list were Azumanga Daioh’s Sakaki and Kaorin, Cardcaptor Sakura’s Daidouji Tomoyo, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’s Suzumiya Akane, School Rumble’s Sawachika Eri and Tsukamoto Yakumo, Nanoha and Fate from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Shizuru from Mai Otome, Ichino from Battle Athletes Victory, Orihime from Bleach, Winry from Full Metal Alchemist, Genshiken’s Kanako Ohno, Ikkitousen’s Shimei Ryoumou, Haruhi’s Mikuru, Onegai Teacher’s Ichigo and most of the female cast of Mahou Sensei Negima.

I think thats enough disturbing the general public with my tastes in imaginary women for now… hmm..benkyoo, benkyoo.



3 Responses to “Of harems, mikan and meronpan”

  1. Vud Says:

    Where’s Nyu!?

  2. yuribou Says:

    Haven’t finished watching Elfen Lied yet, unifortunately ^_^;; Sorry Vud

  3. Hung Says:

    I’m glad someone noticed the mikan boxes besides me! Way to go!

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