A Brief Observation of Asahina Mikuru

May 27, 2006

A thought has been swimming round my head for a while now. Warning, though there are spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched past episode 5 of Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuuutsu.

Mikuru-chan is a mystery to me.

I assume all I'm going to say will be dealt with in later episodes, but if it isn't, I'll be slightly disappointed.

1. If Mikuru-chan is supposed to be a time traveller sent back in time to observe Haruhi, then obviously she would have to fit the part (i.e. Well endowed loli), but why is she such a coward?

Surely if you needed to send someone back from the future to fix the past, you'd send someone you could rely on? Not someone who faints whenever they see a dead body O_o…Or is it all an act? Is Mikuru chan really a brave fearless time-traveller who just happens to be amazing at acting like a spineless moemoe bishoujo? I for one, seriously doubt it.

2. I'm sure someone's already commented on this, but isn't this adult Mikuru? (from the OP)

This also puzzled me when Kyon asked for Mikuru's real age in episode 5. Why would going back in time change someone's age? Obviously the picture in the OP suggests that in her time she is probably about 25-30 (lipstick = adult – obviously high school girls don't wear lipstick :/). Unless, she is from a time when you can alter your genetic code to pose as any age you want, so that she would be sempai to Haruhi and be in a position to observe her – Also unlikely.

So there you go. Mikuru is an enigma. How does she keep her youthful charms so…well, youthful? Is she really that spineless?




9 Responses to “A Brief Observation of Asahina Mikuru”

  1. tj han Says:

    Mysterious. But Mikuru is a Sempai to Haruhi, not a Kouhai.

  2. yuribou Says:

    Oops. Changed. Sorry damn my incompetant memory ^_^;

  3. tinching Says:

    the asahina that is with the sos dan right now is their age, not 25-30. eh…i don’t wanna spoil anything so that’s all i’ll write for now. ^^U

  4. DrForester Says:

    Mikuru is Dr. Sam Becket.

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