Kasimasi – You are like lily scented lifeblood in my veins

May 28, 2006

Just watched episode 10 and 11 (I'd been holding back since KnKF and Doremi were being amazingly slow at subbing past 8 but yesterday after seeing that Wakaranai had already reviewed Kasimasi 12 aaaages ago, I gave up and downloaded Xabin's. Which aren't bad, incidentally, from what I understand of Japanese.

All I can say is TOMARI WIN.


Woo, I've been rooting for Tomari for ages (I know that she probably ends up with Yasuna in the end, but I haven't watched Episode 12 yet, and I may still be pleasantly surprised). The rest of the episode just screamed potential (especially the ofuro scene ^_^)

Anyway, lets take a quick recap at what happened at the end of Episode 5…

Hazumu you player! See, I have the perfect solution to your problem – just love both girls at the same time like this ^_^. Then everyone's happy and you get double the pleasure.


(PS, I apologise for these short contentless postings – I blame it on the exam stress >_<)


4 Responses to “Kasimasi – You are like lily scented lifeblood in my veins”

  1. shanejayell Says:

    Good GOD do I need to see this!

    Read the manga but the anime looks great.

  2. Xak Says:

    Manga is better than the anime imo…some of the earlier episodes seem kinda funny because the anime showed scenes in a different order than the manga…furthurmore the anime stopped following the manga plot at the most exciting part…

    then again hearing and watching what you could only imagine before made it still rather enjoyable :P

  3. Yuribou Says:

    The anime follows a different storyline to the manga and has a different conclusion. I kinda liked the anime ending – there’s only so much you can do with 13 episodes

  4. mike Says:

    I finished watching this three days ago and still feel like my chest is caved in. This has to be one of the most pure love stories I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen the reviews where they complain about Yasuna’s “illness” being silly, but if you think of it as a visual representation of an emotional disconnect from other people then I think the story carries much more weight. I think maybe that’s why the story has impacted me so much. I loved this anime, but I don’t think I could handle watching it again.

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