Old news – Genshiken and Negima

May 28, 2006


tjhan’s speculations on whether we’ll be getting a second season of the much loved Genshiken raised a lot of interest yesterday. Are we really that desperate to watch TV parodies of people in our anime groups do the things we do every day (except going to Akiba and spending hundreds of pounds on doujinshi – I’m speaking for myself here, I would if I could ^_^;;).

By the way, if anyone asks, I’m Kohsaka.

It’s funny that parodies such as this and Otaku no video made it so well in the anime community – I guess its a sense of empathy (if you are still in an anime club), or memories (if you used to be). For me, its comparing the people who were in the anime club I attended (Cambridge University Comics and Animation society) to Genshiken characters (though I can not say we have a Kanako Ohno, unfortunately). My girlfriend is definitely Saki, for one, and Kyo is far more like Kohsaka than I’ll ever be ^_^;; (fighting games wise, anyway)

Lolicontrol’s take on the Genshiken news is spot on.

Also in other news, Beta-Waffle blogged about the new Negima game – Lolis at the beach…Oh, sorry – “Maiden’s Dokidoki Beach”. So I’m going to steal a couple of his pictures. for the whole story, click link above. But seriously, does Ken Akamatsu really need to cash in any more on the series? Isn’t the fact that its already a multinational success cause him to stay awake at night and wonder “I really wish I’d spent a little more time reading that proposal for that game”

The game itself seems to be a “Mario Party” sort of affair composed of mini games, most of which involving your 15 year old character parading round in…well, as little as possible, really (and a range of stunning cosplay – Setsuna in a bunny suit – be still my beating heart).

And if possible, wet.

The mini games consist of many yuri-riffic activities such as Sumo bum wrestling, hitting your opponent with sponge sticks, carrying pillows between two pairs of teenage breasts and a cunning twist on the wet T-Shirt competition (oh wait, its not that cunning).

And here was you thinking that Akamatsu would draw the line at shotacon Negi in the manga (oh wait…if an underage boy and an underage girl are in a relationship, is that even a fetish? Do they cancel each other out?), but now he’s cashing in on the loli potential (granted, some of the girls actually have breasts, I’ll give him that). I mean, who doesn’t want to ogle 3-dimensionalised fictional girls in skimpy swimwear?

I don’t even want to know what the circle in this picture is supposed to be showing…

I shall resist the urge to shout “COCK GOES WHERE?”

Not to mention the Speed-meter at the bottom. Maybe they have that invisible cock syndrome, beloved of golden years hentai of the 1980s and 90s.

And this is a compromising position is I ever saw one:

Lolitron would probably say something inappropriate about birth canals here…

Well, anyway, fanservice shots aside, I really hope they bring out a good Negima game. As usual, I’m hoping for a well thought out RPG or even an action game (its not like they don’t have the budget). I’m also looking forward to the second series of the anime. Oh, I meant first series. There was another series? Really? Surely not. I thought Xebec went to hell for it and the devil erased all our memories of every trace of that travesty.

If people are wondering why I’m posting so frequently at the moment, it’s because I’m trying my best not to think about study for impending exams…in 2 days. OMG FLIP OUT



5 Responses to “Old news – Genshiken and Negima”

  1. Os Says:

    “Are we really that desperate to watch TV parodies of people in our anime groups do the things we do every day”

    ‘Desperate’ pre-Genshiken, no. But after watching Genshiken, I really cant explain the feeling I got from watching it. When I watched it, I was not at the level I am now, which may have or may have not affected the outcome, but seeing as I do feel the way I do about the series, I am desparate for another season. It was just so good.

  2. yuribou Says:

    It was very good ^_^

    I am definitely rooting more for this than a season of Kujian

  3. DiGiKerot Says:

    You expect them to ever produce a decent anime game? Seriously, I’ve played quite a few, and as much as they’d get laughed at by proper gamers the Negima PS2 games are actually really above average as far as anime games go – its only really Naruto and those Prince of Tennis games where you actually play tennis that I’ve played that actually fair much better. I think its something of a miracle that we got something better than a straight visual novel with this series…

  4. yuribou Says:

    Well, I can always hope ^_^.

    Seriously, I need to write a bit on the state of the anime game industry and Japan and why we can’t get any good games out of our favourite anime at some point…

  5. […] Having been inspired by Digikerot's comment on the Negima game I was blogging about a few days ago, I was considering the real enigma that's bugging me about the Japanese game industry. Obviously, I don't pretend to know the answer, so I would be very happy to hear people's comments about this. […]

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