Konshuu no Renai ALTERNATIVE ~Orihime/Tatsuki~

June 1, 2006

Since I have exams this week, I have much less time and/or energy to write, so this week I thought that I would do a slightly alternative couple with not much fiction to back it up (Therefore reducing my workload exponentially)

Back in the days, long, long ago, when Bleach was unlicensed and actually good, there was a girl called Tatsuki who did karate. She was masculine and butch, but had a feminine side too, in a rather tsundere manner. She had a childhood friend with red hair called Orihime, who was ditzy, dreamy and unfairly well endowed. Now as we know in anime, "childhood friend" is synonymous with "secretly in love with", with all the stereotypical symptoms. Namely being extremely overprotective of said childhood friend, being worried when they're in danger, defending them in school, that kind of thing. And Tatsuki was happy watching her go through life like normal, thinking that her feelings toward Orihime were nothing more than just friendship.

But then came the class lesbian Chizuru and she coddled Orihime and Tatsuki got jealous. Feelings she hadn't known were there came swimming to the surface, and before she knew it, she was in full blown love with the girl. She planned and planned about how she could go about telling her she loved her, but then one day, Orihime came to her and told her that she would be going to see her aunt for a bit, but that she would be back soon. Tatsuki tried and tried, but she just couldn't get those words out of her mouth "I love you, please stay".

And so Orihime left.

Unfortunately, in Bleach world, "I'm going to stay with my aunt for a while" translates to "Lets write Tatsuki out of the plot for 50 episodes", and so Tatsuki's love which she had nurtured for the best part of a decade was kicked into a corner, spat on and stamped until it was no more.

And that was the end of Tatsuki/Orihime T_T

I love Tatsuki/Orihime, for some reason – I always sympathise with the underdog in one-sided relationships, half-praying that the stupid one will someday notice their feelings and hold them in their arms and tell them that 'actually, they'd loved them all these years, but didn't know how to tell them either'. (a la Sakura and Tomoyo from CCS)

And in memory of Tatsuki's love, the only good Tatsuki/Orihime fiction I have found on the Interweb – After the Fireworks by Voidstar.

After a brief kerfuffle around Fanfiction.net, 2 more poked out: Secret by Brian1 is pretty good, and Devoted Caretaker is a cute short valentines fic.

Poor Tatsuki >_<. I should start a yuri underdogs top 10 ^_^



14 Responses to “Konshuu no Renai ALTERNATIVE ~Orihime/Tatsuki~”

  1. Vud Says:

    You have keen eyes to spot yuri potentials :)!

  2. person Says:

    wat about soi fong and yoruichi?

  3. Schemer Says:

    Since the first time I saw the two of them interact on Bleach, I’ve always thought that Tatsuki and Orihime would make a cute couple. I especially love watching Orihime say and do all these crazy things that make no sense, and then watch how Tatsuki tries to deal with them. I don’t care what the stupid anime people think, I always have and always will support Tatsuki/Orihime, till my dying day! Thanks for the site, I really enjoyes it. Till next time, see ya.

  4. Rosie Says:

    I thank you for your comment.

  5. Masao Says:

    It makes me so sad that I can’t find that couple anywhere!! It’s the greatest couple EVER!!! *cries* Thanx for the site, it’s raised my hopes only to be dashed… *flies away* I hate Chizuru!!! *throws rubber duck* Tatsuki/Orihime FOREVER!!

  6. Kari Says:

    It’s so obvious there’s some sort of hidden love between the two, but nothing ever becomes of it. ;_; I would like Orihime so much more if she was in some WAFFty episodes with Tatsuki. That would be…so…beautiful. *sob*

  7. Stevo Says:

    I love this pairing ^-^ I always have and always will. I wish they would make some kind of AU for Bleach with Orihime and Tatsuki together, like they made Neon Genesis Evangelion the AU mangas “Angelic Days”. Lately i have been looking for Tatsuki-x-Orihime fictions almost religiously as well, so it is nice to find some, thank you! ^-^
    I have a profile on Fanfiction.net, but lately i can’t get on it 9 times out of 10 *cries*
    And yes, there is obviously a hidden something between the two. I guess the Anime peeps are slightly slow to catch on to something right in front of them… anyway, i want more, MORE!!
    In fact, someday i might write my own Bleach fic, and now plan to. Would it be ok for me to mail it when i (finally) finish my current fic?
    (soz for the WAAAY to long and pointless waffle, i don’t get out much… can’ya tell?)

  8. jasmin Says:

    hola yo soy jasmin pero siento lo mismo yo vi a una chica me ise su amiga pero ahora ladeseo empese cuando ella me miraba y yo sentia una rara emocion y yo quiero decir le lo q siento pero temo q rompa nuestra amistad y deseo q me corres ponda .
    por favor aconsejeme

    • Yarilis Says:

      Chica, muchas mujeres se han sentido asi. Lo que pasa es que lo reprimen. Me alegro que has tenido el valor de decirlo aqui en esta pagina. Se que estoy 2 años tarde pero si te vuelve a ocurrir, creeme, se creativa al tratar de decircelo y sin titubeos. Llevala a algun lugar hermoso con una vista explendida y en un momento de silencio le agarras la mano, la miras a los ojos, y le confiesas con ternura que vives lokamente enamorada de ella. A mi me paso igual chica, so, he estado ahi tambien. Soy todo una dama con las mujeres asi que, soy una experta. Si necesitas mas consejos de veras buscame en: yarilis_espinosa@hotmail.com en el msn para hablar. Cia!

  9. three-sneezes Says:

    Definitely one of my favorite couples. I’m a fan-art fiend but I really can’t find any decent pictures!

    YoruSoi is so much easier to find/drool over but… If I could find more TatsuHime it’d easily take over as my top couple haha. They’re just so perfect! T^T

  10. Lyssaaaaaaa Says:

    TrogdorKC has some pretty rad TatsuHime FanFics

  11. Sometimes you get to the clinic, and they don’t have the cure for the ailment that you are affected by; sometimes the only way to find cure is to go to the old man next door whos got this strange thing that he does with leaves and a keg of oil

  12. Madison Says:

    B’awwww….yeah, this is quite a possibility, and I fully support it. It’s cute!

  13. Tory558 Says:

    Wow nice eyes for yuri.

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