The true meaning of Strawberry Panic – Tamao and Yaya’s big plans

June 3, 2006

After reading some of lolikitsune's review of Full Yuri Panic! 9, (but not enough to spoiler it, obviously) I watched and appreciated said episode. Boy are they ramping up the yuri! With every passing episode, the Sapphic potential of FYP! is getting better and better…Now, all I have to say is that if it went all "Simoun" at the end and all the girls started making out then that would be fine by me.

What really struck me about Episode 9 was how it becomes extremely obvious about Tamao chan's BIG PLAN. Now, if you don't know what I'm talking about, then watch the episode again. Still don't get it? Well, here are some clues.

Q. What does Tamao-chan want?

A. Nagisa-chan obviously (in as many positions as possible)

Q. What is her main barrier to that goal?

A. In previous episodes this was Shizuma, but she seems to have ceased her attacks for now because she is currently banging Rokujou the seitokaichou

Therefore, Tamao's main problem is that Nagisa is both CLUELESS and STRAIGHT.

In other words, Tamao-chan no dai plan is MAKE NAGISA GAY AND WANT HER. But Ah! you say. How would she go about even thinking about doing that? Look and see, my dear friend…

Please refer to Figure 1. In the top left, we see Tamao readying Nagisa for a lifetime of yuri servitude by trying on a range of sexual-cosplay outfits. Obviously at this point Nagisa is unaware of the purpose of this ritual, so she does it willingly (A CUNNING ploy by Tamao). In the top right, Tamao uses scary stories as a way of getting Nagisa to fondle her cotton encased love-pillows all day, therefore training her for later fondling (when they won't be so amply covered, of course)

In the middle left, Tamao bravely exposes Nagisa to an array of nude female bodies (all of which are inferior to her own, of course, so that Nagisa will worship her naked body) in order to precipitate any yuri tendencies hiding under the surface of Nagisa's clueless brain. As these confusing feelings come bubbling to the surface, Nagisa is not dazed or confused. Instead, she comes to Tamao in the night and pleads with her to sleep with her. Tamao then has to hide her excitement so as not to scare her away, butshe can't stop her hand from creeping towards naughty places under Nagisa's pyjamas. Luckily, Nagisa was pretrained in bed-fu and mangaes to repel Tamao's questing fingers.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the crunch, Tamao gets lesbian erectile dysfunction (bottom left) and is forced to call it a night.

Poor Tamao chan – Better luck next time!

Meanwhile, in Yaya and Hikari land

Yaya's plan to convert Hikari's lesbian loving for her sempai Amane into feelings for her continues this week after she failed to confess in the cathedral last week (distracted by Hikari's ample bosom heaving in her innocent, pure-white rain-soaked bra, no doubt) by imitating the most frightening of all creatures found in Japanese waters – the Shoujo-ai-Shark, who glomps unsuspecting schoolgirls swimming in the sea and forces them to re-enact Sapphic love scenes from ancient Greek literature.

The glomping seems to work though, Hikari didn't think of Amane once this episode ^_^ Yaya-chan WIN!

Tamao-chan – This week's experiment – FAILED
Yaya-chan – This week's experiment – BIG SUCCESS!



4 Responses to “The true meaning of Strawberry Panic – Tamao and Yaya’s big plans”

  1. usagiko Says:

    Awesome, thanks for adding me! Finally, another site dedicated to anime girl faggotry and all of its delights! This makes my day. :D

  2. lolikitsune Says:

    >>The glomping seems to work though, Hikari didn’t think of Amane once this episode ^_^ Yaya-chan WIN!

    Yeah seriously. When Hikari tells Yaya to stop teasing her, it sounds more like she wants to be serious about them having hot lesbian sex in the poll than anything else.

    Oh, and I love you.

  3. Arenai Says:

    No way! Nagisa’s gay, she has yet to realize it yet or she’s in denial. ^_^

  4. SvenEll Says:

    I second that motion

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