The day when inspiration died.

June 6, 2006


When I got up this morning and sat at my computer wondering what to write today, I suddenly realised that I have watched so little of this season's anime recently that I haven't already blogged.

Simoun 3 was atrocious and even lacked any kind of yuri to pull it back from the great black pit of anime mediocrity that it is falling into; and I am currently rewatching Mai Otome with the long-suffering other half, so I'm watching yuri that I've already seen before >_<. Oh yeah, and I'm watching Speed Grapher. Its rather good, but not really in the context of this blog (plus its old, by most standards).

So I realised that there's not really much to say today except that its pretty morbid since I found out that my Director of Studies from Cambridge died yesterday (he was mid 30s) and today I'm going to be spending my afternoon poking around in dead bodies. Oh the fun.

Oh, I approve of this. I am proud to say that I am completely unfazed by the coming FIFA World Cup (though I should be raving, since I am British). Actually, I'm just worried how much trouble the UK lager louts are going to be making when we lose.

Right. I should go off and find out how to get more people to read my blog before writing these meaningless posts ^_^;; or alternatively, I could learn to play this. A useful life skill, I think.


4 Responses to “The day when inspiration died.”

  1. Vud Says:

    There’s always yuri games to turn to :).

  2. drmchsr0 Says:

    Inspiration hits when you least expect it. Don’t worry about it.

  3. yuribou Says:

    Thanks ^_^. Well, I have a free day tomorrow before my Pathology Exam to think of a theme for this weeks Konshuu no Renai…

  4. lolikitsune Says:

    Speed Grapher? Old? Bah! Isn’t it from early 2005? And isn’t the main relationship one of the defining examples of healthy lolicon?

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