Konshuu no Renai ~Negima’s Konoka and Setsuna~

June 7, 2006

I noticed something today…for some reason, yesterday I got the most unique hits to my blog in the entire month (this blog is one month old tomorrow), and it is the day where my post was completely without content O_o…Ah the mysteries of the interweb.

Anyway, today, I will be talking about one of my favourites of the recent couples – Setsuna and Konoka from Mahou Sensei Negima!, yet another canon couple (holding back on the alternatives until I run out of ideas, I think ^_^).

Konoka/Setsuna (or Konosetsu) has spawned quite a considerable fanbase since the manga was released this side of the Pacific. The storyline is the basic stereotypical "childhood friends" story; Setsuna, as a swordswoman, was avowed to protect Konoka, a young white mage from a very young age, but in order to do so efficiently, she repressed her emotions and protected her from the shadows, much to the disappointment of Konoka, who really just wanted a friend.

However, due to the arrival of our hero Negi Springfield and the Kyoto incident of volumes 5 and 6, Setsuna was exposed, and then Konoka unwittingly saved her life. Although she tried to escape afterwards, Konoka and the others cornered her and persuaded her that it would be better to protect her ojou-sama from by her side rather than hiding in the shadows, and the love comedy began ^_^.

Although Konoka is very genuine in her love for Setsuna, it is unsure in the manga as to whether it is friendship or "love". However, Setsuna very obviously does love her ojou-sama in that way, although she would rather commit hara-kiri than admit that to Konoka herself. Konoka, however doesn't make it easy for Setsuna by glomping her all the time and constantly suggesting tha they make a pactio (by sharing some hot lip on lip action, of course).

Although the relationship between the two has yet to make any progress in the manga (up to the most recently scanlated chapter by Aquastar-anime), there is gallons of lovely fanfiction to whet any seasoned 'shipper's appitite. Again, I am going to highly recommend Dauthi, just for her beautiful style of writing and description as well as some top class angst.

My favourites of her fanfiction for this series are:

Around the Clock: A great shortfic about a day in the life of…

Fear of Ghosts: An angsty future shortfic

And if you surf around on her Livejournal account there is more goodness to be found (though she does tend to focus on Golden Sun fanfic ^_^)

Other good examples in this field include Strings by thatfan (which I personally like because its slightly Eva/Kaede and I always like seeing the deredere side of Evangeline) and Tears of an Angel by Okashira Shinomori.

Also, I'm going to mention a random other fic which I think is pretty well written, but won't get mentioned otherwise as its for an alternative couple – So Open Wide by Bochan – Its Asuna/Eva and its lemon rated (so NOT worksafe) but I think its great. ^_^.

Anyway, that's it for this weeks recommendations. Incidentally, I was thinking of hosting the fanfiction that I recommend on this WordPress site, since it seems that the Fanfiction.net addresses change a lot and it would provide a more permanent linkage. I'm probably not going to get any comments on this, but I would be pleased to hear what you think about it



14 Responses to “Konshuu no Renai ~Negima’s Konoka and Setsuna~”

  1. shanejayell Says:

    Just got the manga and really enjoyed it. Now I need to decide if I should do some ficcage on it…

  2. yuribou Says:

    Yes, yes please do!

  3. laserath Says:

    I have all the negima mangas i think setsuna and konoka are up to something

  4. Icha-kun Says:

    yup! I like konoka and Setsuna as couple too. They’re cute after all…

  5. Yuzuki Says:

    Konoka and Setsuna are super cute ^_^
    They remind me of me and a friend of mine ;)

  6. Sayuri Says:

    are they really gay in the anime/manga? o.o

  7. secchan Says:

    Haha no they arent gay….its just in a gay situation..that came out wrong…but you get the point…i head setsuna told chamo that she really likes konoka in THAT WAY

  8. Tye The Czar Says:

    Damn, oy. I wish Akamatsu Ken could develop a shoujo-ai between Tatsumiya Mana and somebody. I guess what makes Mana appealing to me is that her character develops scarcely. But seeing her in vol. 10 was a hoot. “I appreciate your confessions, senpai, but….bang!”.

  9. RedHotFunk Says:

    Yey! Setsuna x Konoka :3

  10. heheh! ^^ setsuna and konoa would make such a cute couple. i have tons of pictures of them together on my site. just visit http://www.myotaku.com and look up the user set-chan! ^^

  11. OMG! ^^ they make a great couple! I really hope that he makes them get together. Later in episode 21 of the anime, Konoka kisses Setsuna…but I’m not sure if she did it to save Set-chan’s life, or because she loved her…I hope it’s because she loves her! ^^ (lol)

  12. jamrox220 Says:

    Konosetsu ftw! It’s soooo kewt~ -Squeals-

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