Yuribou Top 10 yuri underdogs ~Part 2~

June 9, 2006

Here it is then, the soppy second half of Yuri Underdogs. Apologies if the pictures go funny cause Photobucket may protest ^_^;;

5. Ers/Nina (Mai Otome) underdog to Natsuki/Shizuru/Tomoe, Arika/Sergay/Nina

I think that naturally, being androphobic and all, I became attracted to you. You were so strong, so masculine; a tsundere to the core. Ever since that day when I saved your life at the poolside I’ve been thinking about you; doing this and that and things that make me blush right up to my ears. But you were too infatuated with Sergay to notice a poor cursed girl’s love. But I wasn’t bitter, never for a second. Because I’d die for you, Nina-chan.

4. Konoka/Setsuna (Mahou Sensei Negima) underdog to Negi/Everyone Female Except Konoka And Setsuna

I think I’ve always loved you, ever since we first met, Secchan. It’s just that the love I felt towards you as a child grew and matured into something better, something infinitely more satisfying. Sometimes, I look into your eyes and see it; the hunger, the NEED. The need to push me down and show me just how much you really love me, in every way you can. And deep down, I want you to do just that. You’ll always be my protector Secchan…

3. Akari/Ichino (Battle Athletes Victory) underdog to Akari/Kris

When I look back now, to think I would have loved you at first sight is hilarious; you, the cowering incompetant and me, the overactive tomboy with the thick Osaka-ben. But every time we trained, every time I batted you and called you an idiot, every time you showed your guts and tried just that little bit harder, I think somehow I came to love you. You were my antithesis, so lithe and feminine, and I was so confused about my feelings that by the time I’d mustered enough courage to tell you how I really felt, you had left. And then there you were, standing there one year later, with the trophy in one hand and Kris in the other. I’ve competed nearly all my life, but this time I’ll truly give it my best. For you.

2. Yaya/Hikari (Full Yuri Panic! (Strawberry Panic)) underdog to Tamao/Nagisa/Shizuma

I glomp you in the swimming pool, I feel you up in the library, I get jealous when Tsubomi calls you “Onee-sama”. I fight to take showers with you, but I don’t think I have enough blood in my body to handle catching a glimpse of your alabaster white curves through the steamed glass. I hugged you and pressed you close in the cathedral and whispered into your ear that there was someone I liked. What will it take to get it into you thick head that I love you?

1. Sakura/Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura) underdog to Sakura/Syaoran

Sakura-chan, I’ve always loved you, but I think my love is different from yours. You’ll understand when you’re older, I hope. In the meantime, I’ll store these burning feelings deep down inside and watch you from afar, marvel at your cuteness and exact my cosplay fetishes on you, as long as you let me. I’ll watch you as you marry Syaoran and I’ll stay by your side, because I know someday, maybe not soon, maybe not for a long time; someday, you’ll understand and you’ll come back to me.

Yeah, I know it was soppy as hell. No flames please, but constructive criticism is encouraged

Yuri Underdogs Runners up!

The couples who nearly made it into the Top 10!

Chihiro/Kaorin (Azumanga Daioh) Poor Chihiro – it must be difficult to have a relationship with someone who lusts after someone 2 foot taller than you who can run the 100m in 12 seconds. There’s only so much good tongue can make up for…

Orihime/Tatsuki (Bleach) Tatsuki is obviously the uke (submissive) in this relationship ^_^ Orihime should meet up with Tessa and swap bondage tips

Kozame/Kirie (Girls Bravo) Kirie gonna get raped. At gunpoint. You gotta love the evil-yuri! Shizuru taught Kozame all she needed to know ^_^;;

Sanae/Wakaba (Green Green) Has anyone watched the Sanae/Wakabe Character DVD? No? Watch it NOW.

Mikuru/Lol-tan (Haruhi) I wish.

PS. Thanks to lolikitsune for GETTAGE of his Tessa/Mao pic. I really could not be bothered to screencap it myself at that point ^_^


13 Responses to “Yuribou Top 10 yuri underdogs ~Part 2~”

  1. lolikitsune Says:

    I didn’t mean for you to make such a big deal out of it… -_- It’s fine, not like Tessa being groped belongs to me.


  2. Washi Says:

    lol, does being the no.1 underdog mean:

    1) Your the most of an underdog.
    2) Your the closest to not being an underdog.
    3) Your an underdog, but are the best of the underdogs, in terms of personal preference, not actual status.

    I’m guessing 3), in which case I’ll agree with you on Sakura/Tomoyo. I’ve just been watching CCS, and Tomoyo’s feelings for Sakura are soo sweet. Fortunately I also love the Li/Sakura angle, so I’m not pissed off by the show!

  3. shanejayell Says:

    > Kozame/Kirie (Girls Bravo) Kirie gonna get raped. At > gunpoint. You gotta love the evil-yuri! Shizuru
    > taught Kozame all she needed to know ^_^;;

    We must think alike, considering I just did a fic on them….

  4. Vud Says:

    The number 1 listed wasn’t surprising.

  5. yuribou Says:

    Shanejayell: About Kirie getting raped at gunpoint? or about Kozame and Shizuru? And where could I procure such a fictitious work?

    Vud: I didn’t mean it to be surprising ^_^;;

    Washi: 3 but some 1 as well, since I am most annoyed about CLAMP pretty much dropping the relationship in the latter part of the manga and anime as if it never existed and focussing on Sakura/Li (who I am not overly fond of)

  6. jpmeyer Says:

    Grah, I can’t remember their names, but two of Honoka and Nagisa’s classmates in Pretty Cure are totally lesbian underdogs to Honoka and Nagisa.

  7. Lupus Says:

    OMG is that first pic an actual screencap of Mai-Otome? I don’t think I can hate Mai-Otome anymore… this is… =O

    I think Mikoto/Mai is the underdog pairing to the obvious Shizuru/Natsuki. Mikoto x Mai for the win.

  8. yuribou Says:

    Lupus: LOL no, a dramatisation if you will. Though there is a very similar screencap, with an unconscious Nina and much less water droplettage.


  9. shanejayell Says:

    Girl’s Bravo ficcy is here:

    No rape, much less creepy than the anime.

  10. Hamaniel D Says:


  11. living a lie Says:

    nice i wish i could go to a all girl school

  12. the blue print Says:

    I loved the second pic. it was negima and I love negima. I think that’s probably how they really feel if they weren’t cartoon. thats how I would feel.

  13. louelle Says:

    i request another strawberry panic season.,.,i’m not contnted,.,,about the ending.,.,hehehehe

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