The Anime Way of Life – a rant on society, stereotypes and the woes of being non-conformist

June 17, 2006

Having visited Leamington Peace Festival today, where all the ‘alternative (read: Goths/Hippies) throw off their “normal person” guises and throw on their party clothes for the day, I was reminded again on my previous rantings on how and where anime geeks such as myself fit into such a conformist society.

Now as a medical student, I am subjected to a special slice of student society. The stereotypical medic male, for example, although empathetic and kind, is also confident, popular, tall and sporty; 4 things I could never aspire to be (especially “tall”). In fact, they resemble closely the popular people in secondary school that the wannabe pikeys (townies, schemies etc.) were trying their best to emulate. On the other end of the medical student scale is me; the slowly dying out breed of academic medic: good at the theory, rubbish at the ‘dealing with people’ thing. Needless to say, I don’t get along that well with the opposite end of the scale. Though I’m sure that if I stuck with that class on “getting blind drunk and vomiting into a gutter” class in my first degree I would have fared much better ^_^

And then there are the girls. The stereotypical girl that makes it into medschool is kind, people-centred and decidedly ‘easy on the eyes’ (testament to perverted old doctors on the admissions committee, no doubt). Unfortunately, they prefer their friends to be tall, popular, sporty, confident and tall. And find watching said guys getting slaughtered on vodka and throwing up into a gutter a great turn on. Or so I’m told.

Suffice it to say I’m not particularly good friends with them either.

But no! You might say, “We know this already. Surely you can find solace in the alternate types”. I mean, its not like rock music lovers, metallists and hippies aren’t ten a penny in university campuses. My only problem with them is that most of the time “alternate” music fans are generally just conformist, but in a different way. And when I talk to them, I still get a distinct feeling that I really should have stuck to that “Getting blind drunk” class. And maybe taken a module in “Cannabis and how to use it”.

I sincerely apologise for this rant, since I know deep down that I am just being a bit of a social snob. I mean, fanservice anime with gratituious yuri and medicine are not favourite subjects of many. Truth be told, I’ve never been close enough to a particular archetype to really fit in to any particular niche. I’m nowhere near good enough on the guitar nor smoke enough weed to be a rock type; I don’t wear enough black (any more) to fit in with goths. And the only language I can code in is Qbasic. (and even then not very well).

What I truly need are lots of non-conformist people that will listen to what I say without getting bored and have interesting views of their own. And possibly also like fanservicey anime with lots of yuri. Unfortunately, like that fabled condom machine in the Vatican, these people are not easily found. Since I am lucky enough to have some friends (and a girlfriend) of that type, I should really stop complaining; but I just felt in a whiny mood today.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Guitar Hero match with my previous anime society to attend. And I intend to win. ^_^.

PS: Apologies for the rant, hopefully the next post will make up for it, but I will be away for the next week or so in Cambridge visiting Cambridge Uni comics and animation Society, and so updates are unlikely.


7 Responses to “The Anime Way of Life – a rant on society, stereotypes and the woes of being non-conformist”

  1. tj han Says:

    Perhaps you should find more anime friends. I mean, anime-loving friends.

    And buy more figurines.

    But I don’t see how it’s possible that everyone is either sporty or hippie. Surely there are average joes around?

  2. drmchsr0 Says:

    I meet with a variety of people on a semiregular basis. The “anime club” at my school (should it be called an anime club, the school authorities will be on us like flies on stink.) provides the variety.

    I ought to whine on the fact that my class is basically divided into three types of people(corporate whores, gamers and average joes), but I don’t give a flying fernickel. Life is too short to be bogged down by such trivialities.

  3. Kurogane Says:

    I understand your feelings. I’m in the same position as well. Anime over here is generally misunderstood, and I even the true otakus I find are not exactly the fun type, too obssesive, ya see.

  4. omo Says:

    don’t make the mistake to use anime as some kind of bridge. it can be a good way to meet like-minded people, but good people are good because they are good, not because they’re into anime.

  5. SvKane Says:

    Here from America. I was just passing by and took a look into your blog.
    You know, sometimes is the people, sometimes it’s about yourfself. Possibly the non-conformism is actually the misunderstood feature. If you’re only after “otakus”, possibly that could make a little difficult your life and state these rants.
    I think you should take a look around, but don’t keep just watching. Knowing people is a high stake, but do you actually think otakus are the only people in the world?

  6. Washi Says:

    ..(and a girlfriend) of that type…

    Lucky bastard. :p

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