The Return of the Geek

June 23, 2006

I return!

Just arrived back from Cambridge today, significantly less emo than when I left (Thank god) and perhaps regretting making that last post. I love all my Cambridge people equally, geek or not ^_^ (But geeks do have far more extensive manga collections to peruse). Anyway, I am at my true home in East London now and away from my real computer, which is back in Leamington Spa so this is just going to be a mini post about my hijinks in Cambridge, (which are vaguely yuri-relevant ^_^;;)

Firstly, I feel the need to recommend the town to everyone. Cambridge is great and I miss it sorely, and everyone should go; including the Americans that read this. Just don’t ask where the university is – that is a schoolboy error.

First day I got there we (other half was there too) went to Jesus Green to the Rock Society picnic, at which we had been informed that there would be lesbian jelly wrestling. I was somewhat skeptical that a) the mechanics (and staining possibilities) of jelly wrestling, b) the likelyhood of there being actual lesbians there and c) the likelihood of jelly wrestling actually taking place at all. However, having arrived, we soon discovered that Rocksoc not only had brought the paddling pool, but also had researched the exact type of jelly used in professional jelly wrestling – complete with risk assessment form >_<.

And the jelly wrestling did actually take place. With an appreciable amount of lesbians, I might add (though I believe most of them were dubbed temporary lesbian status for the duration of the picnic). And I beat my girlfriend and a drunk guy. Go me ^_^/

| It’s amazing what happens when you qcf+punch

| Aww…I love you too *huggles*

| “No girls! We’re trying to do the waltz here, not the foxtrot! Pay attention!”

| Me and the missus in “get a room” mode
So after that, I did lots of “stuff I always do in Cambridge” like going punting on the Cam, visiting various friendly types and staying with my previous anime society and losing atrociously at Guitar Hero. (Damn you James.) Then I went to June feast at my old college which was remarkably decadent (The port was 29 years old O_O)

And then I went home. And now I don’t have to touch medicine again for 2 months; WOOOO! Fantastic.

Basically, now I am happy. And I realised that I don’t actually have to write anything to get people to view my blog, since for some reason I got the most visits ever yesterday – when I hadn’t written anything for 6 days. Lol.




One Response to “The Return of the Geek”

  1. Hazel Says:

    They researched the type of jelly? They thought about this way, way too much in advance! *^_^*

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