Ten anime I am ashamed to like

June 28, 2006

Finally catching up to my blog reading after a weeks break, I was rather amused by Hung’s post on 10 skeletons in his closet, the least of which was his massive backlog of anime. The thing that amused me most about it was that I was guilty of all of them except the “Not watching Mai HiME/Otome” ones…In fact, I’d go so far as to say most people were ^_^.

Anyway, most people who have watdched my blog any more than a few weeks will probably have noticed that I have a penchance for rather bad anime. However, I trawled through my archives to find ten anime that I am honoured ashamed to have thoroughly enjoyed. Warning though, reading this list may leave people with the resounding urge to slap me silly.

10. Uta~Kata

Actually, this one probably isn’t very controversial. What really amuses me about this, otherwise rather droll anime is the hundreds of people on teh intarweb trying to read meaning into the ending ^_^. Obviously the whole point of the anime is getting Ichika to cosplay in cute costumes and the tenuous subtext between Ichika and Manatsu. Is having sex with part of yourself just masturbation? You decide.

9. Maburaho

I wasn’t actually ashamed of liking this until Hung posted that the worst anime J.C.Staff have produced were Ikkitousen and Maburaho. Honestly, I rather enjoyed this series, mainly because at least they didn’t just go: “Oh, childhood friend, obviously she wins” or “Oh childhood friend, looks like you lose”. Wai for threesome ending ^_^. Also, Rin and Kuriko should then forget about Kazuki and go and explore their yuri desires. Just a thought.

8. Tsukiyomi Moon Phase

Well, the reasons for being ashamed of this show are many – the least of which being the spawning of “Nekomimi-mode” memes everywhere. I shall sum up why this anime rocks in an equation – Tsundere+loli+vampire+nekomimi = WIN. That is all.

7. I My Me! Strawberry Eggs!

Only in anime could a storyline about a teacher who becomes a transvestite to work at a girls school actually work. I mean, if you think about it in real life, when they discover at the end what he’s been doing, no one would have felt sorry for him. They would have hunted him down like a dog, beat him with sticks, put him on the “dangerous paedophile” list and emasculated him with a pair of bricks. Well, maybe not the last part (ouch).

6. Hanaukyo Maid Tai / Hanaukyo Maid Tai La Verite

Two words “Triplet maids”.

Would that be Trincest?

Also, over the top yuri lust between the security chief Konoe and her kouhai Sanae. The virtual reality scene in La verite – Hilarious. And she didn’t even need to say “Oneeeee-sammaaaaa!!”

5. Guardian Hearts

Now we’re definitely getting into fluff territory here ^_^. I have absolutely no idea why I like Guardian Hearts, except that the OP is good and it takes the piss out of magical girl shows. Oh,and Kotono is the greatest miko ever. Seriously.

4. Green Green

I can’t remember who in my anime society recommended this, but I have to remember to thank them. Actually, fanservice aside, Green green actually has an excellent plot. Just a plot that involves a lot of nudity. And female naked bodies rubbing against each other. And a baseball bat. Also, to get a real feel of the fanservice, you also have to watch the Character DVDs, which avoid “hentai” by a thousandth of a hairs breadth. Best character in it? Togemura san. A girl and her cactus – inseperable.

3. Onegai Twins

Actually, I was going to include Onegai teacher in here too, but I was told that actually, it’s ok to like Onegai Teacher. I love Onegai Twins just because of the hilarious plotline – Two girls are in love with you – you can only bang one of them, and its a 50/50 chance that it’s incest! Go go Incest-chan! Seriously though, the Japanese take incest far too lightly. There’s an awful lot of cousins falling in love in anime…that must be taking its toll on the anime gene pool. Pretty soon anime is going to be turning up with girls with 6 fingers or something. Though that would be pretty useful from a yuri point of view ^_^.

2. Popotan

Time travelling Christmas shop? Check. Busty Older sister? Check. Insecure middle sister in dubious relationship with best friend? Check. Precocious younger sister who has probably had more sex than the rest of the family combined? Check. Stoic, flat-chested maid? Check. What do you get? POPOTAN! Despite the fanservice (I seem to be saying that a lot) Popotan has really heartwarming storylines and I even cried a few times. I would even go so far as to say that it is one of my all-time favourites. Yes, I know its from a Hentai game. Yes, I know Mii is 10. Yes, I know Mai and Konami are rampant lesbians. Where fanservice and story meet – you get Popotan.

1. Ikkitousen

Yeah, you knew it was coming. I like Ikkitousen. *Runs away from mad crowd wielding torches and large wet fish* Because obviously, if your Ki protects your body, then powerful blows would only damage your clothes, right? Or maybe school uniforms in Japan are just particularly flimsy. Anyway, how can you not like an anime with a bondage obsessed leather clad eyepatch maid (Ryoumou)? Especially when she gets yuriraped by Ryofu Housen – one of the few actual lesbians in anime. Actually, I lie. The anime isn’t all that good. The manga, however, is great.

Honorable mentions:

Magical Canan – (The non hentai one) Actually, this anime is too bad even for me to bear. However, the other half loves it for no reason. Similarly, Nymphs of the Stratosphere (Magical Cloud Nymphs, as she likes to call them)

UG Ultimate Girls – Started well, but if they had removed UFO-man completely and just had Vivi and Silk have giant yurisex all over the city I think people wouldn’t have thought it was such a bad anime.

Amaenaideyo! – Interesting simply because of introducing a new fetish which I hadn’t heard of before – Huge eyebrows. Ew.

And now I run away in fear of apt retribution



24 Responses to “Ten anime I am ashamed to like”

  1. lolikitsune Says:

    Hanaukyo… wow.
    Onegai Twins… wow.

    Green Green… woooow.

  2. Lupus Says:

    Out of those, I’ve only watched I My Me to the end. I actually liked that show, but as you said, IRL that man would be hunted down like a rabid dog and treated worse.

    I liked what I watched of Maburaho (which is 2 episodes), but I absolutely hated Uta-kata. I can’t believe ANYONE liked that show.

    I haven’t seen any of the rest, except Ikki Tousen, the manga of which I read. Talk about wanting to be like Oh! Great…

  3. Hinano Says:

    Hey…Green Green, Maburaho and I My Me were awesomely awesome ;)

  4. tj han Says:

    You really like some bad shows. I recommend Real Bout High School. It’s awesomely bad. Meaning so bad I went anorexic from puking at its retardedness in spite of Goto Keiji’s chara designs. And Utakata is by him too.

    But this is an interesting post.

  5. Stripey Says:

    I salute your bravery! Ikkitousen and Green Green were absolute anime-lows for me. But I did enjoy Onegai Twins and Popotan tremendously. Still your list is provocative. :)

  6. Hung Says:

    Dude, Strawberry Eggs was great! And Onegai Twins too! I havent finished any of the other ones, though (backlog, remember?)

  7. “Togemura rolling thunder miracle attack!” = one of the funniest moments in history

    Green Green was pretty bad, but I did like it just for how they ended the series. Plus the ED was top notch

  8. Bluebottle Says:

    I think one of us must have recommended Green Green to you on the grounds that it was a very, very Ix series (read: most of the people on the channel objected to it on principle). ^_^;;

    Incidentally, you may be amused to know that Ouran High School Host Club has lesbians (at least, in book 3 of the manga). Something to look forward to?

  9. w2ed Says:

    Nothing here seems all that unusual to me. (Then again, anime rarely ever does.)

    you just have to remember one thing: It’s a cartoon. it’s animated. in other words, not real.

    Once you get past that, the rest is easy. So what if it’s not “socially correct?” our society today is not socially correct either, and the worst and most messed up of us are in charge of this society. You like that stuff? I might not watch it (due more to time than to choice), but if you like it, who cares? It’s you, after all, not the idiot president of the U.S.

  10. shanejayell Says:




    Semi seriously we may have similar tastes… I liked most of them. Haven’t seen Green Green yet but may have to now.

  11. diana05 Says:

    Lol, guilty pleasures, eh? Teehee~ I have those too! *grins*

  12. Xak Says:

    lol out of ur list i’ve only watched one (I My Me) but after reading ur descriptions i have a sudden urge to start obtaining the rest to watch…i dun see what’s there to be ashamed about liking wat u like…if u like it does it matter what people think of u liking it?

    btw how is the uta kata anime compared to the manga? it’s on my backlog of to watch anime…i got it after reading the manga…

  13. yuribou Says:

    Lol, lots of comments ^_^

    Yeah, the Uta Kata anime is…shall we say…difficult to interpret.

    It’s good to see lots of people with similar tastes to me.

    Oh and the lesbians in Ouran are far too dramatic for my liking…nowhere near cute enough. Haruhi accidentally kissing random girls is all the yuri this series needs ^_^

  14. Xak Says:

    there are lesbians in Ouran? my eyes were stuck on Haruhi so i never noticed XD

    anyway whenever i meet an anime that’s hard to interpret i enjoy it first before i dissect it…and then lambast it if it has bad points even if i like it eg. i’m a hardcore mai otome fan even though it totally did not live up to the legacy of hime…

  15. […] Now everyonewho reads here will know that I have an extremely bad taste in anime (c.f. 10 anime I am ashamed to have watched), for instance, I have watched all the episodes and specials of Love Hina O_o). Usually, though, when I start to watch a series, I tend to stick to the end. I mean, I watched all 26 episodes of NGE for crying out loud. I also braved all 52 episodes of Full Moon wo Sagashite and all of the awful third series of Cardcaptor Sakura. However, midway through watching some anime, I sometimes get so bored with it moving through plot points that I give up, or I felt that they were just so mediocre that I forgot that I was even watching them and forgot to watch the end. […]

  16. Bluebottle Says:

    There are lesbians in book 3 of the Ouran manga, I think. They try to recruit Haruhi. ^_^

    Speaking of anime one is ashamed to like, or have liked, did anyone else watch Rizelmine? I’m rather embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed it, even when it got rather disturbing at around episode 19…

  17. Talon Says:

    there is nothing to be ashamed of here, actually I was looking for more anime like onegai twins and onegai teacher, I like it far more than any other style of anime. I will be checking out this whole list, thank you for taking the time and courage to step out like this. best wishes.

  18. Talon Says:

    I have watched a few of these now, Popotan was good, I loved Maburaho. Green green was a bit on the over the top scale for me but I still really enjoyed it.

  19. fushigi-kun Says:

    First of all, congratulations for your public confession. We all have a Dark Side (or maybe Pink?).

    I’ve watched Green Green (including ‘Erolutions’ and the original OVA). I couldn’t laugh with it because I was really shocked. As Talon says, it was over the top for me, specially Erolutions, which I consider soft hentai.

    Hanaukyo Maid Tai La Verite was also shocking because the guy was 13 (I think) but looked like 8.

    I liked both Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins. Onegai Teacher seemed more strange to me than Twins (UFOs, teacher-student). In Onegai Twins I didn’t like the fact that the ‘2 sisters’ were flat-chested. C’mon, the rest of the girls had bigger breast, apart from Ichigo :)

    Well, all the incest, lesbian, harem, etc. stuff seemed weird to me when I started watching anime. (I was really reluctant to watch Midori no Hibi because I thought the plot was really bizarre). But, as w2ed pointed out, we are talking about anime here. Tenma-chan also pointed this out in School Rumble ni Gakki referring to Harima’s manga :)

  20. Shawhan Says:

    I comend your honesty.

    I LOVE Onegai Teacher. But Onegai Twins disaponited me.

    I still comend your honesty.

  21. Chio Says:

    I agree with you actually, I loved those animes…
    Why is that I wonder, oh well, cant help what you are.
    i too was attacked by many fan boys/girls about my choices but we are all different, cant we all just get along. I mean if you enjoy it do it, I mean some of us vote for george bush…

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  23. gikevejem Says:

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