What if all anime were like Strawberry Panic – Anime Crossovers #1

June 29, 2006

Do you like guns and mechas? Do you like yuri? Do you like…err…panicking?Then this is the show for you! Look forward to…

Full Yuri Panic!

Coming soon to a DVD player near you.

Regular St. Miator’s high school girl Tamao Chidori’s life is turned upside down on the arrival of a new transfer student Nagisa Sousuke, a rather ditzy foreign student who seems to be more interested in guns and military tactics than getting down to some good old yuri lovin’! But little is as it seems: Nagisa is actually an agent for a secret government organisation sent to protect Tamao from falling into enemy hands!

For little does Tamao-chan know that deep inside her lurks the secret “White Technology”, a collection of carnal knowledge so great that it even brings the Kama Sutra to its knees! But surprises are in store for the hapless young Nagisa as Tamao-chan has unwittingly used her carnal powers to become the year’s alpha lesbian and has her sights set on Nagisa as her next conquest!

Meanwhile, back on the secret stealth nuclear submarine, the Tuatha de Banane, Nagisa’s Commanding officer, Shizuma Testarossa, another holder of the “White Technology” is also out to sink her dainty claws into Nagisa’s tasty white unmentionables.

Will Nagisa be able to defend the White Technology from the grasping hands of the dreaded Gaogao? Will she ever notice that everyone on Astraea Hill is gay? Will she ever survive the year without being violently deflowered by one of Tamao’s famously fearsome collection of masturbatory implements? One thing’s for sure – she’ll never look at a cucumber in quite the same way ever again!

(apologies, this public computer doesn’t appear to have any image editing facilities at all…)

More awful punnage to come…


2 Responses to “What if all anime were like Strawberry Panic – Anime Crossovers #1”

  1. Skane Says:

    Heh, I made a similar comment, but it was in a different context. :) Kyoto Animation doing a remake of Strawberry Panic? Not sure how the general anime audience will react to that.

  2. rofflecoptar Says:

    heh heheh hahahaha HAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!! phew. hilariosity is off da chaht peepalz. but seriously, “secret agent”? that’s just frickin hilarious when coupled with yuri/hentai jokes.oh booy am I telling my friends about this one.

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