Anime I wish I could…bring myself to finish watching #2 – Air

July 4, 2006

This came to mind yesterday night when I was searching for a reason to post the picture at the bottom of this post, and also kinda reminiscing about how I am possibly the world’s most unexcited person about KyoAni’s remaking of Kanon in 24 episodes. Taking Kanon and Air as pretty much the same bag of tricks, I have brought myself to watch all of Kanon, since people were gushing about it endlessly to me, but even though an equal amount of gush-ness was said about Air, I only managed to make it through about 6 episodes.

My opinion on Kanon was that it was a pretty passable (and easily forgettable) anime. Since the storyline appeared squashed, I never really got a feeling about the backstories of all the characters, and then it ended and you are left with 1 – Wtf? is she alive or is she dead? And if she’s alive, why the hell didn’t he notice in the first place when he took her to the hospital? and 2 – Poor Nayuki. Also, I never really got whether the things Mai were fighting were real, or whether they were just in her imagination and she was a little loopy. Oh, and boxcutter Kaede > Nayuki.

So I guess that it was just those little points that were badly exposed and the art style (I think it was the face shape and the eye colouring style that I disagreed with) that meant that my first experience with Kanon was not as good as I was expecting.

However, I found that Air was similarly slow to start and I ended up giving up on it before it reputedly got good. My reasoning was that if they were going to express the expositions like they did in Kanon, then I would be left with the similar feeling that it hadn’t really been explained very well and dissatisfaction at the anime…

However, the things I did like out of it were:

  • Misuzu saying “Gao”
  • The “Gao Gao Stegosaurus” T-shirt she gives to Yukito (which I have, incidentally)
  • Potato.
  • Kirishima Hijiri because she reminds me of Mai, the best character from Kanon.
  • The art (which is better than Kanon), though I prefer fanart of the series to the anime art, generally.

(Oh, that reminds me to look up Mai/Sayuri fanfiction for next week…)

In fact, at Glastonbury Festival last year, Holly (the girlfriend) and I purchased a cuddly stegosaurus called Gao. (Well, he wasn’t originally called Gao, but he is now.) And the real reason for this post is so I could post the picture below which she made in Paint yesterday. I’m sure it took her a long time, so be gentle ^_^;;;

Comments? Also, should I finish Air? What do you people think?

PS. How awesome is it that Na Li of China is the first Chinese person ever to get into the last 8 of a Grand Slam? (As a Brit, obviously I’m talking about Wimbledon) Especially since there are no Americans at all – their worst showing for over 80 years ^_^. Li will lose to Clijsters in the Quarters though, I don’t fancy her chances, since she has not been past the 3rd round in any major. It’s a pretty interesting Wimbledon this year!


8 Responses to “Anime I wish I could…bring myself to finish watching #2 – Air”

  1. Xak Says:

    yes…watch air…at 6 episodes u haven’t even finished the first arc…the summer arc explains a bit and provides background, and the last arc…well…go watch it…the last arc pwns…misuzu will capture ur heart…

  2. Holly’s digital painting of gao and you guys is the cutest thing ever, haha! I just love the idea of a pet dinosaur…probably from remnants of my childhood that worshipped Dinosaucers…or whatever it was called. The one with the crystals and the telepathic dinos. WOAH, IT WAS COOL.

    Actually just dropped in because I saw your post at A Fairytale of Love and Courage, wherein you said you wanted to be able to add a top image to your blog.

    Word Press is currently working on making this available on all their templates, but for now, only a select few let you do this. Which includes the template for our space at Bento Physics. Just wanted to throw in my meager bit of advice :)

  3. cuteproxy Says:

    I also couldn’t finish Air. Because there were no explosions hahaha.

    Seriously, I got bored so I stopped watching it.

  4. Anga Says:

    Yes, watch all of it. The male lead just outrun 99,5% of any ‘Hello, I’m a loser’ h-game leads and rest of the cast is great too. Not to mention complex storyline.

  5. lolikitsune Says:

    Apparently AIR makes cool anime bloggers vomit. Watch it!

  6. ksana Says:

    i watched it more than 20 times

    i better have my brain check………………………..

    i was touched by the story

  7. Elii Says:

    You should watch air, It’s really sad.

  8. Fiona Says:

    Did you draw that picture of the characters in Air at the beach?

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