Negima! Magister Negi Magi Ch138-139 review

July 4, 2006


Seriously, this is only my second review since I started a couple of months ago, but I’ve decided that I will stoop to doing manga reviews, since a lot less people do manga reviews (and I saw that even tjhan over at RIUVA does reviews of the scanlations of School Rumble – which I should really get round to reading). Negima is a fantastic manga. I for one was wondering how Akamatsu was going to handle 31 girls instead of the usual 6 girl harem, but the heavy story based element with ample fanservice and a yuri sidestory works fantastic. People who are fans of the Konoka/Setsuna pairing may want to look at my Konshuu no Renai feature on them.

Anyway, for those of you reading the US DelRay translations or who are behind in reading the scanlations and are concerned about spoilers, please look away now.

Following hot on the heels of the excellent chapter when Eva tries to seXX0r Negi, comes a huge turnaround chapter in the Chao arc. Vowing to stop Chao from exposing magic to the world, Negi stupidly forgets that Chao gave him Cassiopeia at the beginning of the festival and exits Evangeline’s resort.

Now, rather predictably, Chao has placed a trap on the device that when they exit the resort, it immediately uses the World Tree’s power to warp them one week ahead in time till after the festival when Chao has already carried out her plans and effectively won. What’s more, without the World Tree’s power, Cassiopeia is useless and they are unable to go back and change Negi’s schoolboy error (well, he is only 10, so I’ll give him that one).

Cue episode of the various groups wandering round still in costume (Konoka and Setsuna in nekomimi *nosebleed*) and the slow dawning of realisation that Chao has tricked them and the whole school, if not the world now knows about Negi’s magic!

This is a huge story point chapter, perhaps comparable to the one where Chao reveals that she is from the future and a descendant of Negi sent to reveal magic to the world, for whatever motives Chao has. More importantly, now we have loads of probationary contracts, most importantly Yue (who looks like she might be able to control some powerful magic), Setsuna (whose artifact we still haven’t seen yet) and Paru who has that “Drawings come to life” power reminiscent of Relm from Final Fantasy VI.

The next few chapters, I think will be along the lines of “Can Negi’s small army fight Negi out of prison” (especially since he can’t contact them and activate their contracts), and then they probably find some way of going back in time to try and stop Chao from executing her plan.

Lots of things are still left unexplained, such as why Chachamaru, Hakase and Mana are on Chao’s side when Eva isn’t (and presumably, they all come from Negi’s era, not Chao’s).

Akira (the other half of Negima’s “Motoko”, the other being Setsuna) finally does something this episode, plucking Negi out of the mob in an extremely amusing manner, but sadly only gets 2 lines. Setsuna and Konoka need to be more in shoujoai lovelove mode and Yue needs to start blasting things like Negi. Also, we seem to have somehow lost Koutaro along the way. Don’t know where he went <_<.

Anyway, I am still in absolute awe at Akamatsu Ken’s mangability although both animes from his work have been awful, I have slightly higher hopes for the second Negima anime (lets hope it will at feature less Japanese badly pronounced Latin and Greek >_<). Does anyone know when it is coming out?

/me will now toddle over to and buy Negima volume 10.



6 Responses to “Negima! Magister Negi Magi Ch138-139 review”

  1. Haesslich Says:

    Well, Chao DID make Chachamaru, so I suspect she’s got a programmed loyalty thing, the way she does with Hakase… who, being the mad scientist she is, is probably aligned with Chao because she too has a science-based agenda which may include the raising of the common man over, or at least equal to, those who use magic.

    As far as Mana? She’s a mercenary and she’s getting paid well for this. So she’s in there too, from what I recall.

  2. meganeshounen Says:

    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Lessee… let’s just say the fanservice meter goes over the top in a few chapters because of the dynamic duo that is Takane and Mei (yes, it happens once more) +1.

  3. Yuribou Says:

    Lol, Ikkitousen rated magic battles eh?

    I approve

  4. I wish I had the cojones to review manga chapters.. I just can’t find enough in 20 pages to make note of unfortunately.

    One problem I am having with the latest Negima though, is I’m completely useless at telling who all the “nuns” are. One of them I always mistake for Ichino, and another for Maki.. the evil loli with the dark rings under her eyes is the only one that I can recognize. And even then I can’t remember her name.

    But yeah, I’m definately digging this arc. One can only imagine how great it would have been in anime form… potentially :)

  5. Yuribou Says:

    I’ve always taken the nun to be Misora Kasuga, since she was the original nun, but apart from that hasn’t had a single line (probably the most ignored girl of the class).

    She was dressed up as a nun in one of the earlier chapters and I think it stuck.

    The only thing wrong with it in anime form I can see potentially is that I will probably dislike Negi’s voice unless they choose the seiyuu carefully so that its not too high and squeaky

  6. Sat-chan Says:

    I have just finished reading up to the 18th translated Delrey manga, and I have to agree that the arc was the most awesome yet! Since Chao has been my favorite character since the start of the festival, I’m rather sad that she still left; but what an AWESOME fight scene? And in the 18th, *hehe* I think that we’ll be seeing some Setsu/Kono action soon enough with that question.

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