School Rumble Nigakki: I barely knew thee.

July 5, 2006

I, being extremely slow on the uptake, discovered yesterday that School Rumble had been licensed a while back by Media Factory, and this is the reason why Wannabefansubs has presumably stopped subbing it. I, being the fool that I am, just thought that they were just extremely slow at bringing out episode 10 (well, it’s not like WF are the most efficient group in the world ^_^).

Then I went to their site, which is currently down after a DDoS attack (I think), with just a message from their webmaster complaining about the members of the group and how they know nothing. So it is possible that Wannabe may bring out episodes in the future. It’s not like they are a big group that are liable to be tracked down and killed for it ^_^.

Having been licensed, I now have to stoop to downloading fansubs by a group that calls itself “Your-Mom” which I have been trying to avoid doing for ages, just because no other groups are doing fansubs for School Rumble at all. I have always wondered about this; why a great series like School Rumble only attracted two fansub groups for the first season (not including speed subbers), one a one man job (Dash fansubs) and the other Wannabe Fansubs, who weren’t quite up to Dash’s standard, but did a passable job.

I wonder why more small groups have not stepped in to shoulder the job of translating the rest of Nigakki?

In my humble opinion, School Rumble Nigakki is one of the unsung heroes of this season. While it continues to get more and more sketch show-like, all of the characters continue to be funny (though needs more Eri) and each episode is always sad to see the back of. I was pleased to see that there was even an Japanese/English pun in Episode 10 (I wonder how many Japanese people got it ^_^;;) – Imadori = Now Bird. Well, I laughed.

It may not be an anime masterpiece, but it is so consistenly great to watch, that I would watch it even if it went to a fourth season.

Which is why I’m so sad to see it licensed. Presumably Media Factory have bought the licenses to all future seasons of the program as well, if they exist, and so from now on I will have megas troubles getting good quality fansubs of one of my favourite shows. Meanwhile, slowly, Media Factory will be bringing out DVDs at a rate of probably one every quarter starting from the beginning of season 1. Can you see the root of the problem?

Now, I’m not criticising Your-Mom fansubs…well, actually I am. Although I have infinite respect for fansub groups and the work they do for the anime community, I just can’t help but wish that the series was picked up by a better one. When the group makes mistakes that even I can pick up, then I know that I should be suspicious.

For instance, in Episode 10, Akira says that she is thin because she eats a lot of “Nattou and Hijiki” which means “Fermented soy beans and seaweed”, not, as the fansubs translate it as “beans and vegetables”. Also, Eri tells Tenma her weight and Tenma exclaims that its “10 kilograms different to hers”. I assume from her despondency that she means Eri is 10 kilos lighter not 10 kilos heavier as the fansubs translate it as. Surely common sense.

I apologise for that minor nag. I really do appreciate Your-Mom fansubs for subbing the series, and I will continue watching and supporting their subs. However, I will secretly be wishing for Wannabe’s return. And hoping that Your-Mom will change their signature scene >_<.



16 Responses to “School Rumble Nigakki: I barely knew thee.”

  1. tj han Says:

    Actually, I dont mind yourmom. True they may not be perfect, but at least they deliver something. I understand 70% of raw. But with yourmom I get 100% and I also can recognise their mistakes. And then I rewatch when Wannabe releases.

    And School Rumble is win. Pity the anime isn’t living up to the Everest standards of the first season. The manga has left it in the dust.

  2. Enz Says:

    Eh? I don’t remember it being licenced at all (according to animesuki or animeondvd licencing list). I believe it had to do with the Media Factory’s potential lawsuit against animesuki/fansubbers who sub their shows without their consent.

  3. Maiku Says:

    I don’t know if it was licensed and can’t find the info either but what Enz says is correct. Anyway when WF subbed the first season, they knew about it and chose to ignore it and continue subbing. I suggest you use IRC for fansubbing stuff, which i’m surprised you did not do when you saw that site(some groups don’t update their site regularly too) was down to see what was going on liking asking the ops or see the topic in channel. FYI the topic for WF’s channel does have something too which i’ll leave to you to see for yourself.

  4. yuribou Says:

    I was going on the crossing out of the title in the Fansub Wiki (see sidebar).

    Unfortunately I am generally IRCless until I get home, so I’ll see then.

  5. animeotaku Says:

    I wonder why a lot of people like Eri. Nothing really, just wondering … I like Yakumo more. :)

  6. spokesperson Says:

    tards. stop assuming shit from other shit. if WF had dropped SR2 they would’ve said so.

  7. jacobian Says:

    WF is up and is still subbing season 2, although the DDoS slowed things down a bit. The licensing issue is an odd one that popped up in first season itself; nothing has changed since then.

    animeotaku: Eri is well liked because she has character depth, aesthetic appeal, and lots of comedy value. Every series has its Yakumo, but the defining qualities of SR are found in Eri and Harima’s interactions.

    Eri has been mostly absent from the series this season, but that should change fairly shortly.

  8. Justice Says:

    Yeah, I’m don’t want to resort to downloading School Rumble from Your-Mom. No offense, but the name throws me off. I mean, their fast, but I always stuck with WF. And, I still am. Besides, School Rumble hasn’t been good since the last two episodes. And I agree, why is it that there’s only two fansub groups for this? Hopefully, WF releases episodes soon.

  9. muffin_gal Says:

    i totally agree with your commments, its everything i was thinking. i am really disappointed that WF hasn’t had any recent episodes of SR.i hope they will continue to fansub soon! No offence to “your mom” fansubs, i am totally grateful that you are fansubbing it, but eventhough i am not very good at japanese i can find faults in the translations. sometimes its mis-spelling and sometimes it make no sense.

  10. Pink Dino Says:

    In all honesty I think your mom fansubs should die a horrible horrible death. They’re nothing more then a joke fansub group. I’d rather stick with the raws and guess at the parts I don’t understand then waste my time with their retarded subs.

  11. Raiki Says:

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Stop bitching, I’m glad they provide subs at all.

  12. LengJai Says:

    I’ve started watching school rumble (1st season) quite a while ago then my computer got bust and i wasn able to get it fixed for a very long time. When i did get it fixed i totally forgot about it :P then recently i remembered about it and started watching it, then as you know when just started watching ni gakki it got licensed!!! >.

  13. Kenji Says:

    First off, I think WF did not only a ‘passabe job’, it was fantastic. Their subbing was great, didn’t miss anything and they also released many of SR’s OSTs. Your-Mom on the other hand is passable. Nothing outstanding from them but there’s no other choice so I’ve got to say my thanks to them. But if WF was still around, I’d dl their subs hands down.

  14. t0ucan Says:

    Deffiantly stop complaining alot of us know no japanese at all, Your-Mom supplies the goods in dam quick times I love it.

    If you dont like there realises dont download them, The people that do will continue to do so.

  15. What? Says:

    Some of your replies are stupid. If you can sub school rumble for me for free then go ahead. Your-mom picked up after wanabe died so good job to your-mom. If they mispell you’re still able to understand it right? So quit bitchin…Yeah 2nd season wasn’t as great as first. They’ll probably pick up for season 3.

  16. hEri Mackenzie Says:

    OMG! Season 3?! That’ll be my wish for 2008!

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