Strawberry Panic series update – All series should have this much yurirape O_O

July 12, 2006

I thought, since my number 1 search term for my blog seems to contain the words “strawberry panic” I should actually do a third post on the series ^_^;;

Finally got round to watching episodes 11-13 yesterday, and I have to say, something must have snapped in the production company…Instead of the usual “Source” (lolikitsune‘s term) affair of “oh, I love you Oneesama, but I’m only going to show it in subtext”, the producers seem to have taken the (probably rather blase) reaction to their first yuri rape scene and gone in a direction involving enough yururape to make a Western censor cry.

It’s as if they said to the script writer – “We’re tired of having those lesbians prance around angsting over whether the other girl will accept their love, let’s just have a couple of episodes where everyone kisses everyone and we’ll work from there” And so that’s what they did O_O.

| Nagisa, since when was our pool this deep? Who cares, just keep doing that thing with your tongue!

So so far by episode 13, Shizuma finally got to kiss, then rape Nagisa, Momomi and Kenjou have another pop at Hikari then get it on in the bath together and then Yaya kisses Hikari (finally ^_^). Phew! I think that pretty much sums up the phrase “Relevant to my interests”

First of all, I’m pleased Shizuma finally got some balls to kiss Nagisa, though pushing her down on the bed afterwards when she was obviously confused whether to be happy or pine after Tamao was a bit cruel. Kenjou and Momomi raping Hikari was all “Yawn, seen it all before”. Kenjou sucks, she doesn’t even do the evil yuri thing right. She should take lessons from Shizuru.

| I’m going to assrape you now, Nagisa. Unn, it’s ok if it’s you, Onee-sama…

But Yaya/Hikari yay! I’m pleased that since my first post about them, Yaya has come far enough to realise that she does love Hikari, and if she doesn’t act soon, Amane will win her over and she will be left Tomoyo-ing by her side for all eternity. Seriously, if they remade Cardcaptor Sakura next year, I think CLAMP should go take some lessons from the script writer for Strawberry Panic ^_^.

Yaya/Hikari kissing was probably the only “text” (as opposed to “subtext”) event in anime that I was really looking forward to and enjoyed. It was also useful storywise as well, as it really complicates things in Hikari’s mind, since she does love Yaya as well. Again, the suggestion of hot threesomes comes to mind. Yaya just rocks in general. Hikari should choose her. After all, she did feel up her butt in chapter 1 of the manga.

| I think this is probably the anime take on the “Dutch angle” – i.e. a slanted angle to make the viewer think that something’s “not right” about what’s happening. In other news, Yaya is hawt in hotpants.

I feel sorry, however, for the relationships that have ended up being left behind in the dust for the big three (Shizuma/Nagisa, Yaya/Amane/Hikari and Kenjou/Momomi). Chiyo-chan, despite being a genius can’t compete with either Shizuma or Tamao on terms that she is just jailbait and Tsubomi is too tsundere to notice that she even loves Hikari anyway. The girl I feel sorry most for it Tamao, the obvious Tomoyo clone in this anime. Though Sakura got taken away by Li in Cardcaptor Sakura, it must be 10 billion times worse to lose your yuri-crush to another woman >_>. Though she did get to spread suntan cream on Nagisa and listen to her orgasmic moans resulting from this (maybe I don’t do it right when I do it O_O)

Though I am scared at what her “Nagisa-shrine” contains O_O.

Therefore I believe the experiment to be successful. More yurirape and “DEEP KISS” frenzy in Str…ahem…Full Yuri Panic! has advanced all the storylines tremendously and made it infinitely more exciting. I can only hope that the producers don’t let this all go to waste (*cough* Harem ending! *cough cough*)

Vague humour post on Strawberry Panic to celebrate the yurirape tomorrow.


7 Responses to “Strawberry Panic series update – All series should have this much yurirape O_O”

  1. Enz Says:

    Full Yuri Panic for the WIN!!!!

  2. scottfrye Says:

    I think Kenjou and Momomi need to take some rape lessons from Shizuru. Also I think the YaYa/Hikari kiss was better than the Nagisa/Shizuru kiss although I think Shizuru on top of Nagisa has to be the hottest thing I’ve see from this series.

  3. lolikitsune Says:

    Man, when we see the aftermath of yaya/hikari in ep 14… that shit is hot.

  4. YuriRocks Says:

    what i seen almost all the episodes that are out (18/20) and i have not seen that first pic in the anime what episode is that in.

  5. Himitsu Says:

    what i seen almost all the episodes that are out (18/20) and i have not seen that first pic in the anime what episode is that in.

    I did not see it either and I seen al episodes. Is this a cutout scene? D:

  6. Miranda-Chan Says:

    That picture is very sassy….but I think that scene was cut out, I finished the serise and did not see that much action. haha

  7. vicanessa Says:

    which episode is that first pic in?

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