What if Strawberry Panic were softcore pornography. Oh wait. it is.

July 13, 2006

Although specifically, I wrote this before I saw the episodes I commented on last post, its still kinda relevant. I thought that since Strawberry Panic is pretty much softcore hentai, what if they were making such a drama here, on this side of the Pacific? The result might have gone something like this…



Suzumi TAMAO – A yuri nymphomaniac with a huge crush on NAGISA. Plays the flute.
Aoi NAGISA – A young freshman inexperienced in the ways of love.
Hanazono SHIZUMA – The hardy old dormitory handyman who’s secretly a beautiful woman in disguise
Konohana HIKARI – An innocent young lady who steadfastly refuses to admit that she is gay
Nanto YAYA – HIKARI’S childhood friend who has a huge crush on her. Though they have done the horizontal ditty, HIKARI refuses to admit that they are together.


Ichigo-sha dormitory, DAY. All the usual furniture present in a student dormitory is absent, save for a large HEART SHAPED BED that dominates the room. In the corner there is a FLIMSY DESK with some of TAMAO’S PORN on it.


NAGISA: Ah! Tanoshikatta! That music lesson was so fun, wasn’t it Tamao-chan?

TAMAO: It certainly was, Nagisa-chan! but it would have been much less fun had Nagisa-chan not been there to see me play!

NAGISA: And I didn’t know that you could play the flute so well!

TAMAO laughs sweetly

TAMAO: By the way, Nagisa-chan, how are you feeling after running that marathon yesterday?

NAGISA: Actually, I’m feeling quite stiff! My muscles feel all tense and knotty.

NAGISA rubs her lower back and groans

TAMAO: Of course I would be happy to give you a massage, Nagisa-chan! Just take off all your clothes and lie back on the bed and relax.

NAGISA: All my clothes?

TAMAO: Of course, silly! How am I supposed to give you a proper massage through those thick clothes of yours?

NAGISA:(sweatdrops) Uhh, OK, Tamao-chan…

NAGISA disrobes and lies down on the HEART SHAPED BED. TAMAO removes a bottle of LUBRICANT from the desk drawer.

NAGISA: Uh…what’s that, Tamao-chan?

TAMAO quickly hides the bottle from view

TAMAO: It’s massage oil, Nagisa-chan! Massage oil!

NAGISA: But I thought I read “Mango flav…”

TAMAO: (interrupts) Don’t worry about that Nagisa-chan, you’re making your muscles more tense! Just lie back and relax, ne?

NAGISA: (hesitant)…OK

TAMAO starts to spread LUBRICANT over NAGISA’S back and thighs.

NAGISA: Ooh, that oil feels good, Tamao-chan! I can feel my aches melting away already!

TAMAO’S hands slip down to NAGISA’S NAUGHTY BITS

NAGISA: Ahh! Ohh! Tamao-chan! What are you doing? It’s dirty down there! Ahh! But it feels so good!

TAMAO: (giggles) I’ll make you feel much better, Nagisa-chan!


SFX: Knock on Door

TAMAO looks up. She has what appears to be a MILK MOUSTACHE. NAGISA is comatose.

SFX: Laughter

TAMAO: Come in!

Door opens. Enter SHIZUMA dressed in DUNGAREES and carrying a TOOLKIT. She has a large FAKE MOUSTACHE.

SHIZUMA: (noticing comatose NAGISA) Oh, I’m sorry, did I come at a bad time?

TAMAO: No! Not at all! What can I help you with?

SHIZUMA: I just came to fix your fridge, but it appears that someone has removed all the tools from my toolkit and replaced them with a variety of sex toys.

TAMAO: That’s no problem at all! In fact, we don’t even have a fridge!

TAMAO glomps SHIZUMA. More HIJINKS ensue. Sometime during the proceedings, SHIZUMA’S FALSE MOUSTACHE falls off.

Enter HIKARI. TAMAO and SHIZUMA are still doing the HORIZONTAL CHA-CHA on the bed next to a comatose NAGISA. HIKARI is wearing a SUKUMIZU.

HIKARI: Hi guys! We’re here for the usual tea party. ZOMG! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!

TAMAO and SHIZUMA don’t look up. HIKARI looks horrified and takes a step back. Enter YAYA wearing a skimpy POSTAGE STAMP SIZED BIKINI.

YAYA sweatdrops.

HIKARI: But ahh! Watching them makes me feel warm and tingly inside! Am I perverted Yaya-chan?

YAYA: (seizing her chance) No, Hikari-chan! It’s perfectly normal for a girl’s tnogue to be up another girl’s ass like that! And incidentally, I have always loved you!

HIKARI: Oh Yaya-chan! I love you too!

More Glompage. Yet more HIJINKS ensue.

CUT TO: Ichigo-sha dormitory, EVENING. SHIZUMA, TAMAO, HIKARI and NAGISA (who is now awake and wondering where all the other naked girls came from) are lying in the HEART SHAPED BED. TAMAO is smoking a POST-COITAL CIGARETTE. SHIZUMA is still comatose. YAYA is flicking through TAMAO’S PORN.

NAGISA: (to HIKARI). You know, I never thought it could feel so good…you know, with another girl!




Please direct any flames towards the comments box. Have a nice day!


24 Responses to “What if Strawberry Panic were softcore pornography. Oh wait. it is.”

  1. Xak Says:

    don’t stop there i need more!!!

  2. meganeshounen Says:

    This is… totally relevant to my interests.

    More StoPa Alternative yuri scenes please. ^^

  3. love Says:

    hehehe I love you x x

  4. pepperfarm Says:

    XD lookin’ foward to the next scene.

  5. MadYoshi Says:

    I think, too. Strawberry Panic becomes a part of a Softporn, there are scene in this anime, they not right scene for a shoujo anime.

  6. lolikitsune Says:

    Ix, you have major problems. I don’t know you anymore.

  7. YuriRocks Says:

    plz post more i love it. as soon as read this i searched for at least an hour and a half for any Strawberry Panic Fanfictions. i need it sooooo bad.

  8. Loving_Senpai Says:

    That was a great tease, leaving me to imagine what happen during that cut to the next scene!!! ^_^

  9. HAHAHAHA that is so funny! I LOVE STRAWBERRY PANIC! It’s my favorite! Tell me when you update! (if you do)

  10. Degal Says:

    Zomg your all just wrong lol how could you think of Nagisa-Chan and the other girls in that way!?!?! I know it has lots and lots of Yuri (GirlxGirl) but still there is a deep love story going on between many of the girls how could you have Nagisa-chan cheat on Shizuma-san? Tamao-Chan would never do something that perverted!!! If your making lemon Stories or in this case more like soft lemon story make it more believable.
    It really pisses me off when people degrade the characters like that! Why fuck do you have Shizuma-san come in to the room dressed up as a repair man? I am guessing cause you wanted her to get in on the action with Tamon-chan…but if Shizuma-san wanted to do perverted things to Nagisa-chan all Shizuma-san would have to do is look in to Nagisa-chan eyes and slowly draw her lips to Nagisa-chan’s tell they kissed than slowly working her way down Nagisa-chan neck… there you have a believable Lemon! Because Nagisa-chan has no willpower when it come to Shizuma-san.
    Zomg maybe I over did it bit 0.o well I am sorry for flaming you, but you need to work on your script writing 0.o and stay little more in character, maybe set little more of story plot before jumping in to the perverted stuff (out of breath)
    Wow spent 15 mints writing all…I think maybe like the Anime little to much 0.O I hate see people degrade it to a soft core Hentai…little off topic at this point but o well lol It reminds me of what lots of people say about “Elfen Lied” it’s dark anime but because they have the main character naked a few time everyone is like its so a soft core Hentai video… watch it isn’t. Just like Strawberry Panic isn’t a soft core in any way gr… it romance Anime…with few perverted seen there isn’t even full nudity…why the hell do people keeps saying it soft core!!!!!!!! So what if there all Yuri that doesn’t make it fucking soft core, hentai or what every you want to call it…It feel good to vent lol I just shut up now

  11. Mak Says:

    LOL xD totally sexy~

  12. Whyfish Says:

    I’d Hurry up and get a Copyright on that! I’ve never seen anything so deep and meaningful!

  13. SvenEll Says:

    Is there an anime of that yet?
    Where can I download something similar?

  14. pb Says:

    make more!!!!!!!!

  15. Akidathome Says:

    wow… beasty.. i always wanted nagisa to get with tamao… and for tamao to step up, like yaya. but, know.. im not to sure anymore… now its going to be imbeded that if ever i imagine tamao and nagisa together, i would see tamao w/ a milk mustache of god knows what >.

  16. HeartCard Says:

    To Degal:

    *Lights a candy ciggarette. Fails to due so due to it not being flamable. Munches of Gummy Bears instead.*

    Where to begin? Oh I know:

    1. Degal: “Anime…with few perverted seen there isn’t even full nudity”
    -Aside from the Shower Scenes, that bathroom scene with Yaya-chan. The Shizuma+Etoile part2(I forgot her name sadly) sex aftermath scene. Or how about the Shizuma+Nagisa sex afterscene in the last episode? How’s that for full nudity? Oh this is quite Softcore Hentai if I say so myself.

    2. Degal: “Zomg your all just wrong lol how could you think of Nagisa-Chan and the other girls in that way!?”
    You make it sound like the characters wouldn’t do that on their own were this an OVA and not an Television Aired Anime. Tamao is hard to argue about. I think if she had the chance…SMEXED@nagisa. I mean WILLING, not middle-of-the-night-rape(Though maybe the tea parties saved nagisa this whole time >>). Then there’s that whole Yaya problem in which she virtually raped Hikari, or atleast TRIED to(damn unwilling yuri virgin!) until Hikari stopped her. Then there is Shizuma smexing the other Etoile, and attempting to do so with a few other girls(One of which Nagisa saw Shizuma attempting in the forest), then there’s the several near-rapes Hikari has faced from the fox-face etoile-wannabe/amane-dreamer. Then Shizuma smexing a willing Nagisa in the last episode, and TRYING to a time or possibley two before that(Note: Red dress scene. :D).

    3. Degal: “Tamao-Chan would never do something that perverted!!!”
    …Hi? Did you just mess nearly any scene including Tamao? Her perversion/obsession with Nagisa is the glory of her character!

    4. Degal: “It really pisses me off when people degrade the characters like that!”
    Well, aside from the whole ‘This is what it would be like if Strawberry Panic was made as an American Softcore Hentai:’ the characters weren’t really ‘degraded’, though Hikari did seem out-of-character. Shizuma too. But it’s ‘IF it went like this’.

    5. Degal: “Because Nagisa-chan has no willpower when it come to Shizuma-san.”
    Excluding those times when she went against Shizuma, the times she stopped the kiss, ran away from Shizuma’s private summer house/whatnot, danced with Shizuma to impress her, right? Excluding ALL those instances, right?

    6. Degal: “you, but you need to work on your script writing 0.o and stay little more in character, maybe set little more of story plot before jumping in to the perverted stuff (out of breath”

    This one requires 3 parts:

    A: It is very impolite to tell others what to work on when you lack the same qualities and then some. Work on script writing? Work on Spelling, Grammar, and alittle more on Sentence Structure.

    B: Set out a plot before jumping to the perverted stuff? *Waves hand* Does the term Fanfic mean anything to you? The plot can go in the real anime, people read fanfics and write them purely FOR the ‘perverted parts’ most of the time.

    C: “(Out of Breath)” This hit me. I mean, really hit me. It reached out of my screen in punched me. Just like typing makes you lose your breath…wait…It doesn’t. You’re out of breath from Typing? I question that. And if you pull ‘Well I talk outloud whenever I type’ then…Well you would seem abit crazy.

    7. Degal: “Yuri that doesn’t make it fucking soft core, hentai or what every you want to call it…It feel good to vent lol I just shut up now”
    No, it most certainly does not. However, the creator of this anime have deemed to call it a ‘Softcore Yuri Anime’. So infact, it IS Softcore. Despite being a Hentai or not. It’s somewhat hard to argue with the creator of something about what they created, possible but hard.

    8. Degal: “Wow spent 15 mints writing all…”
    Congratulations. Fifteen Minutes. Wow, you’re certainly fast. *End sarcasim*. So does it ALWAYS take you fifteen minutes to take a crap and put out this smelly shit you’ve typed, or are you slow today? I typed all this out in about twelve minutes, which INCLUDES looking back up at the big smelly pile of crap you typed out. How do I know? Well I know that my media player playlist has only advanced by four roughly three-minute long songs since I last looked which happened to be just before I started writing this page of words(Changed the song to get a better theme for my boredom).

    Now I dare say good day to you, sir fucknut.

  17. Stace Says:

    heartcard you should be a lawyer! lol! You ate Degal alive! Great to read ur argument.

    Yaya and Tamao should of gottn together.. they both lose the girl they like to another girl. If only they would fall for each other and direct all thr sexual energy towards each other everything would be fine.

    In saying that, Nagisa is probably best suited to be with Hikari for they are both loved by ..everyone!

  18. darkheart Says:

    tahmoe x yaya all the way!!!!

  19. Justice Says:

    pensé complètement IDIOTE.
    un morceau de merde!!!

  20. Julie Says:

    I Love Strawberry panic! it’s an awesome Yuri! <D

  21. Sakato-chan Says:

    Hey i just finished watching all of strawberry panic! Your script is so out of order, the story isnt about girls fucking each other its about several in depth love stories … the script above would not fit ANY of the characters personas and there for the script is rubbish … Btw i liked the actual anime though
    “Excuse me but my friend Hiyagashi Kami is missing. She is 16 years old and have brown hair. Please, have you seen her?” – Sakato-chan
    “Yes she passed here not five minutes ago. Here young man, come into my ice cream van and I will take you to her.” – Overly dirty caretaker that seems to be fond of young boys

  22. Ranshin Says:

    I loled. so so Hard. LOL.

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