Series wrapup – Kasimasi ~Boy becomes girl – Girls become gay~

July 16, 2006

I really love the Japanese phrase itsumo naka ni iru kara – “Because you’ll always be in my heart.” cause it’s so overused in anime and manga. Also, in literal English, itmeans “Because you’ll always be inside me” which has naughty connotations.

If you’re wondering why this is at all relevant, it’s taken from episode 12 of Kasimasi, the [KnKF-Doremi] subs of which I recently finished downloading. And since I rewatched Episode 12 to try and remember the ending, I thought I’d do a mini wrapup on it. Kasimasi is not a masterpiece by any means. Take any old slice of life romance between a boy, girl and childhood friend, remove the boy and replace with a cute girl and there you have Kasimasi.
Now if anyone actually reads my fanafiction recomendations, you will see that I am particularly interested in certain kinds of storylines. Mainly ones involving loving relationships and tons of good old angst. Though yurirape does have its place (Go Yaya-chan! Sugoi! Kakoii!), I prefer slightly more realistic storylines (if you can count being turned into a girl by aliens realistic O_o)

So anyway, Kasimasi fits the bill as a story that I would read, except in animated or mangalated form! For those of you that don’t want spoilers and don’t know what I’m talking about, let me sum up the storyline in one paragraph:

Boy loves girl (and plants). Childhood friend of boy also inevitably in love with boy. Boy gets turned into girl. Yuri hijinks ensue. Series heads to conclusion, so random plot point is required. Boy has to decide between the two girls. Angst-o-meter rises. Yuribou is happy.

Obviously on the way there is a lot of yuri fluid swapping, which I suppose does good for the ratings, but for me, it helps fill the angst-o-meter, which, I think makes the show. The part at the end where Tomari can’t quite let Hazumu go is really touching and makes me fuzzy inside. I am a total wuss.

However, after a whole series, I have become a big fan of Tomari (Eri-clone), and less of Yasuna (Tomoyo-clone), but I have absolutely no idea what part Ayuki is supposed to be playing in the whole thing (though she does have a fan club, so that must count for something. I think Hung is a big Ayuki supporter), though she is quite angstcute in the last episode, so I guess I’ll let it go.

Oh, did I mention that the soundtrack was win? Thanks be to Josh for transcribing some of the background music for piano.

Ending-wise, I think that the anime plot twist is far inferior (though makes far more sense) than the manga plot twist. I mainly prefer the manga one, since in the anime you can see which girls Hazumu is going to choose from a mile off (Though that last 5 seconds!! WTF!?! They’d better do an OVA now or I am suing someone -_-). The manga one, in comparison seems literally built for maximum angst.

Will Hazumu choose a girl in time?!? Will she get the harem ending?!? Will Dynasty Scans ever bring out the next chapter?!? And so on and so forth.

In essence, Kasimasi ~Girl makes all her friends gay~ always was going to be a “me” series, and has delivered what I expected of it with enough flair to satisfy. Good old fashioned yuri-lovin sandwiched between thick slices of Angst-o-bread and twintails on the side. Pure win, with only half the calories.

/me is eagerly awaiting more manga. Someone in Dynasty needs to be bribed ^_^.

Edit: Lol, my counter has crashed ^_^ It says that 60000 people visited Yuribou today…Somehow, I don’t think that’s really possible O_O


24 Responses to “Series wrapup – Kasimasi ~Boy becomes girl – Girls become gay~”

  1. Hostile Says:

    So did Hazumu pick Tomari or Yasuna in the anime? I’m rooting for Tomari.

    Either way, Dynasty Scans has stopped scanlation of the manga since it’s licensed.

  2. Haesslich Says:

    Hostile: watch the ep… but the ending’s kinda like a pity-ending, which is why I was dissatisfied with it.

    Well, at least SOMEONE has the manga licensed, which may mean we’ll see it next year. Maybe.

  3. Zzz... Says:

    Wait just a…How in the name of yuridom is Yasuna a Tomoyo-clone? All things considered Tomari is more like Tomoyo than worthless Yasuna. Tomoyo didn’t sit there unable to let go the slightest and angst her life away. She went out there every day with Sakura and offered support even after it became clear Sakura would never return her feelings, helping her love grow as a person. What did Yasuna do? “Oh no I can’t see anymore boohoo!”

  4. jpmeyer Says:

    Whoa, same here. I somehow just got 40,000 visitors.

  5. yuribou Says:

    @Zzz… I said it mainly because she looks like her and is quiet, unassuming and musical, and Tomari comapred to Eri because of the twintails and the tsundere-ness. Nothing more than that…

    I thought you would object more to the comparison I drew up for Tomari O_O

  6. Zzz... Says:

    Well both Tomari and Eri are not very in tune with their true feelings. Tomari couldn’t recouncil her feelings for Hazumu until she saw s/he getting taken away by Yasuna. Eri somehow convinced herself that she liked Harima after his stunts in the 1st season when really Yakumo or any one of her circle of friends except Tenma would make a far better choice.
    I guess I’m just using a different set of guidelines when comparing characters.

  7. drmchsr0 Says:

    What? No Crazy yurifest with menstruaal bklood spewing forth?

    Wait, wrong series.

  8. yuribou Says:

    Drm: What series are you referring to O_O

    Also, Dynasty-Scans are still doing Kasimasi – Chapter 26 came out today. Happy days…

  9. mt-i Says:

    There is going to be a DVD-only episode 13. And I should say I’m a little worried of what it may contain, in view of those foreboding “ano ne~” after the ED in episode 12. Especially as an HxY fanboy.

    Quoting from some random Google hit on the subject: TVではオンエアされなかった第13話は、衝撃の結末が明らかにされるとともに、10月27日にバンダイビジュアルより発売のDVD最終巻第7巻に収録されるので乞うご期待!!

    So this won’t be out until October 27th, and it will bring about a shocking conclusion to the series? Meh :/.

  10. yuribou Says:

    That is exciting news ^_^. Though i thought the “Ano ne…” were a good way to end the series…

    I don’t think I would like the ending if s/he actually plumped for one or other of the girls

  11. lolikitsune Says:

    Kasimasi is the most crap yuri I’ve ever forced myself to watch. I’m including The Derivative here.

  12. lolikitsune Says:

    (And by the most crap I mean the most painful to watch. Asuta is clearly the best character in the show, and all the females aside from Hazumu make me want to puke. So does the dog, and so does the dad, and so does the alien. Hazumu x Asuta all the way!!)

  13. yuribou Says:

    Oh noes I have angered the great lolikit ::cries::

  14. Dr. Ellen Says:

    It’s not that hard to be disappointed – but I liked this series very, very much. Everybody in it was trying to be kind to one another, and that’s worth a lot. (Mind you, when I say “everybody” I’m not counting teachers, aliens, and parents, and odd cries of “PERVERT!”.)Once in a while, it’s nice to have a show with nothing but aliens and improbable visual syndromes to strain my ability to suspend disbelief.

  15. I love this movie. Its really cool!

  16. aki Says:

    you know, Ayuki made a nice analogy, two plants cant grow in the same pot. But people aren’t plants.

  17. Garland Says:

    * Sob Sob* i finnished watching all of kasimasi the anime, in one day, and now im really sad with the ending -_-. I mean, Yasuna, was a total b*tch! She turned down Hazumu, when he was a guy, just cause she had some retarded eye problem! Tomari, wasnt rly “gay”, more like dissapointed and failing to let go of Hazumu even in his current state, after all, she refers to Hazumu, through the english subs as a ” he” while Yasuna does the opposite. All in all, i feel the most sympathy for Asuta, as he no longer has any guy friends, as clearly seen anyway, and non of his friends involve him in anything, cause there all self centered lezbos! Anyway, if i ever see the OVA, im secretly praying for Hazumu, to be plowed in the head by that ship again, and regenerated again, in the right way, then everything would be fine! ^-^

  18. Ray Says:

    It’s was a great story, even though I didn’t ready the manga(English) ver. yet. I knew that Hazumu choose Tomari all along[I like tailed haired girls]. In OVA episode to proves that Yasuna ain’t a yuri all along, & she started to know more about boys, normal boys. Tomari isn’t also yuri cause childhood friends[in anime] always be together…

    I hope there is a new season @ another OVA of this series. The title is —Kasimasi ~Girl Changes Back~—


  19. tsuuma Says:


  20. Link Says:

    You guys should watch the 13 OVA episode on, fills in the blanks of the story line really well, although the teacher still gets the short end of the stick falling in love with an alien just wasn’t the best thing that could have happened.

  21. Yaya Says:

    I couldn’t find the anime…does anyone know where I can find the anime?

  22. Link Says: has this whole series uploaded. That’s where I got it including the 13 OVA, which ending I don’t want to spoil.

  23. Mike Says:

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