News: London to host Britain’s first Fap-a-thon

July 19, 2006

| No fapping on company time!

According to Metro newspaper this morning:

Channel 4 is expected to show coverage from Britan’s first marathon masturbation event, which is expected to take place in Central London next month and involve many hundreds of exhibitionists.

A 60 minute documentary eititled W***athon will then be screened in the autumn. Channel 4’s Andrew MacKenzie said “Masturbation is something many people do, but is not something people talk about. This is exactly what we should be showing in our 11pm time slot”. Scotland Yard commented that it would be unlikely to intervene, as “Obscenity laws are always open to interpretation”.

The event is the brainchil of the San Fransisco Centre for Sex and Culture, which has held many of these events for safe sex in the US. Prizes will be awarded for number and length of orgasms, though inviligators have not disclosed how they would be spotting fakers ^_^.

Britain, stepping into a bright new era of…err…something sticky.



10 Responses to “News: London to host Britain’s first Fap-a-thon”

  1. Lenners Says:

    I can’t decide if that’s a good thing, or just plain disgusting. How does the Queen feel about this?

  2. Philip72 Says:

    Freaks…I really enjoy taking a nice relaxing dump sometimes, but that still doesn’t mean I have to do it with several hundred people.
    Spanking the monkey by definition is an activity best enjoyed by oneself.
    How can you be a proper onanist if your doing it in front of/with others, that’s not onanism at all, that’s just group sex with little interpersonal contact.

  3. yuribou Says:

    Its something to be laughed at, anyway… And as for the queen, One does not discuss such matters on the Internet

  4. j.valdez Says:

    That’s beautiful! LOL, that’s the answer! If we could get the whole world the “fap” at the same time, we could usher in a new age of peace and tranquility….well for at least 8 to 10 minutes.

  5. Bicro Says:


  6. shanejayell Says:

    The mind boggles…

  7. Baka-Kun Says:

    Channel 4 is expected to show coverage from Britan’s first marathon masturbation event

    The dorm’s of every British private boy’s school, ten minutes after lights out, will easily beat whatever record they establish. Eaton college alone probably will break it on a regular basis.

  8. aka_loshok Says:

  9. PopPOPSasuke Says:

    First crappy reality shows and now documentarys about people popping off cheeky ones? WTF is the world COMING to? (pun intended)

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