The price of my anime tastes: Anime that I am ashamed not to have finished…

July 20, 2006

Now everyonewho reads here will know that I have an extremely bad taste in anime (c.f. 10 anime I am ashamed to have watched), for instance, I have watched all the episodes and specials of Love Hina O_o). Usually, though, when I start to watch a series, I tend to stick to the end. I mean, I watched all 26 episodes of NGE for crying out loud. I also braved all 52 episodes of Full Moon wo Sagashite and all of the awful third series of Cardcaptor Sakura. However, midway through watching some anime, I sometimes get so bored with it moving through plot points that I give up, or I felt that they were just so mediocre that I forgot that I was even watching them and forgot to watch the end.

For extremely bad series such as UG: Ultimate Girls, this perhaps is an acceptable, nay common practise. However, for me this also tends to overflow into the domain of what is considered “classic anime” and it raises a few eyebrows.

Have your flamewars at the ready for a list that would cause instant ostracisation from any respectable anime society in the land…O_o

Cowboy Bebop – Episodes watched – 22

| Because Faye is hot
This is probably the big one. For some reason, I never really got into Cowboy Bebop and I found myself watching them just out of curiosity about why it was branded as such a classic anime. Somewhere around episode 22 I forgot I was watching it and I never touched the series again >_<. Although the characters were engaging, I found the story rather slow, disjointed and episodic rather than the long running arcs that I am used to following, and so I often got lost as to what was actually happening in the series. I think there are some people shouting “BLASPHEMY!!!” over there, so I must run…….

Air – Episodes watched – 6

I went through this already here. Although I braved the entire series of Kanon which I thought was rather mediocre itself, I was only able to stomach 6 episodes, although I have been reliably informed that things actually happen in the latter half of the series.

I believe Air was suffering from what I will call “Sunrise syndrome” that so afflicted Mai HiME and Mai Otome. If you spend the first half of the series introducing the characters andfluffing around and put all the exciting stuff in the last half, then you will lose some of your audience before the exciting stuff starts. Also, it gets harder to pack all the necessary story into the latter half and things start getting left out. However, in contrast, the fluff episodes in Air were dull, which is what put me off the series.

Sailor Moon S – Episodes watched – 1

Actually, this should probably go on my “Anime I can’t watch without tearing my eyes out” list. I got introduced to Sailor Moon S as a classic (and possibly the first) yuri anime. However, after one episode, it was clear that I would not be able to stand the stereotypical “monster comes, fight it, end of episode” style that so plagues mahou shoujo anime of that era. Also, I was not keen on the art style and so gave up, which is a shame, because I wanted to see Uranus and Neptune get it on. Oh well.

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu no koto – Episodes Watched – 4

This used to be a “dinner anime” for me and the other half (to watch while eating dinner, of course), but was quickly replaced by Speed Grapher. I think we both agree that it’s trying too hard and has ended up cute but dull.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena – Episodes watched – 1/2

This one is kinda similar to Sailor Moon S – Since it was a classic yuri anime, I was trying to watch it and…actually, thinking about it, I got interrupted in the first episode and then never picked it up after that, so it might still be good. However, it is very long, so I’ll have to wait till there is a lull in “good” current season anime to watch it ^_^

FLCL – Episodes watched – 3

Even though FLCL is only 6 episodes long, I have failed to finish it -_-. Although some would also consider this blasphemy, I have to make it clear first that I despise Gainax. Although they make acclaimed animes, they almost always spoil them by “Going Gainax”, i.e. ending with some artsy bullshit that’s so confusing that you wonder whether you’re satisfied or not. Well, I’ll tell you the answer: You aren’t. Nothing got resolved! Ever! The only really notable exception to this rule is probably Mahoromatic which sort of had a proper ending with Gainaxy edges.

FLCL is pretty much the embodiment of Gainax endings in an OAV, and I just got so unbelievably confused that I couldn’t really be bothered to watch the end. End of Story.

Samurai Champloo – Episodes watched – 5

Actually, since I left Samurai Champloo, I have wanted to go back and finish it, but there’s always been better fluffy anime to watch at the same time, so I’ve never really bothered. The best way of describing the series is “Cowboy Bebop, with katana”, so I guess I’m afraid that it’ll turn out the same way. Might well get back round to watching though…

Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex – Episodes Watched – 1

To the chagrin of Adam, a friend of my girlfriend, who is heavily into Ghost in the Shell, I’m not really that keen on the series. I can’t really place exactly why I can’t get interested in it. Maybe I just need encouragement from commenters swearing that the series is awesome. Come on people!

Any mecha series ever – Episodes watched – 0

Cause mecha sucks.

PS. Actually, that’s a lie. I did watch all of Kannazuki no Miko and NGE.


32 Responses to “The price of my anime tastes: Anime that I am ashamed not to have finished…”

  1. Hung Says:

    That mecha picture wins the internet.

  2. scottfrye Says:

    Ok, I thought it was a sin to have not finished Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, and Samurai Champloo but to not have seen Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex thats just a big sin in my book. But seriously, I can understand how it could be really difficult to get started into GiTS:SAC. It can be a hard series to follow at times but since I love GiTS I love GiTS: SAC.

    However, I do feel that its probably more important that out all the series on this list. Cowboy Bebop should be the one to finish. The other series you can get by without having seen it.

    Also, Samurai Champloo ends differently than Cowboy Bebop. I think in a happier note but you wouldn’t know since not having seen Cowboy Bebop. And I would like to say that I think Cowboy Bebop is better overall to Champloo.

  3. Seth Says:

    Re: Gainax. So you never saw Gunbuster then? Or Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi? FLCL’s ending isn’t so much confusing as lame; I like the anime, but I can understand being frustrated with its frenetic randomness and inattention to plotting or continuity, though it is primarily a comedy.

    Re: Utena. Ha. Utena. I like Utena a lot, but if you don’t like confusing shows like Eva / FLCL, you might not like Utena either. It gets kinda surreal in the later parts of the show.

  4. j.valdez Says:

    I’m not going to flame you. It is my firm belief that people like you need help and guidance.

    Finish Bebop, no questions, just do it. Then watch three more FLCL and 39 Utena as your penance.

    I can’t believe you didn’t finish Utena! I’m trying to save your soul here.

  5. Bluebottle Says:

    Re: Sailor Moon S, the anime series is probably the worst way ever to watch Sailor Moon. You get approximately 10 episodes worth of good plot dragged out to 40 each season.

    The manga, on the other hand, is pretty good, and contains a fair bit more flirting (including Haruka shamelessly hitting on Usagi).

    For maximum Uranus-and-Neptune-making-eyes-at-each-other, though, I’d have to recommend the later Sailor Moon musicals… the main drawback being that very few of them are subtitled.

    Also, if you want a short but very, very confusing version of Utena, watch the movie. It contains even more yuriness and pretty girls as cars.

  6. Tsubaki Says:

    Watch the Full Metal Panic series and Zegapain. The only mecha genre animes I feel that is worth watching for.

  7. shanejayell Says:

    Tend to agree the Bebop is pretty good.. the others you can pass on. :D

    Liked that last “Mecha” image.. lol

  8. bettynoire Says:

    Man, the first time I comment here and it’s because i’m mildly disappointed in you. :-p For shame!

    Yes FLCL is very “Gainax-y” as you put it, but the thing is… It’s an enjoyable anime anyway, despite pretty much being the most confusing thing ever. Just… don’t go into it thinking it’ll make sense, and it’ll be all good.

    In other news… I also feel your pain with Cowboy Bebop and Revolutionary Girl Utena. For some stupid reason I just can never get in the mood to watch them. Since now I’m on the topic though, I’m really thinking about going to do that now… lol.

  9. drmchsr0 Says:

    You will now do up a post on Tsukihime. Because of the last pic.

    Aka that’s Hisui in a box.

  10. tj han Says:

    I don’t see how FLCL is confusing. It’s pretty much understandable on the first watch unlike Eva.

    As for the rest, you are missing some good stuff lol. At least you watch the excellent SP Grapher. I would say bebop and champloo are the best out of the bunch.

  11. alafista Says:

    FLCL and Cowboy Bebop are must watch and must finish series!!

  12. DMJewelle Says:

    I never got about to watching Cowboy Bebop, so you’re much better than me.

    Oh the other hand, at least you’re ashamed that you haven’t finished Sailor Moon S and Utena – Sailor Moon S is one of the better series despite the heavily inconsistent art styles, and unfortunately like Air, the best part is the second half when Pluto and Saturn appear and the enemies are a lot more whacked.

  13. Xak Says:

    I think I ought to be flamed more than you. The only show you stated that I did watch was Air, which was really kind of sad and touching and sweet. Go finish it if you feel like being emotional and sad.

    And I don’t think there is anything wrong in watching all the episodes and specials of Love Hina and all 52 episodes of Full Moon wo Sagashite at all. I did it too! And I’m glad I did they were worth it!

  14. yuribou Says:

    Lol, I made everone disappointed in me.

    From the feedback, it looks like I need to go and finish Bebop and Samurai Champloo and read the Sailor Moon S manga.

    And Drm: I have watched Tsukihime, for your information ^_^ It was very good. Maybe I should do a post comapring the goodness of Tsukihime with the crapness of F/SN…

  15. Vud Says:

    @yuribou: I agree with most of the animes of your list. Half of them are embedded with hidden meanings or downright confusing. I still don’t know what the FLCL is about; a robot popping out of the kid’s head or something. Air was horrible, along with Kanon (boy was that confusing, too).

  16. Xak Says:

    lol air was kinda confusing…up to now i’m not exactly sure what the ending really meant…but in between there was the lovely and touching summer arc…which just lifted me into the air to wait for the resolving of my uncertainty about the end for a thousand years…

  17. spyhunter Says:

    Bebop really has little story until the last bunch of episodes. And the story that develops there is gripping. I much prefer this tactic to series that drag you through one simple story for 999,999 episodes. FLCL is great fun (my fave), but not advisable is you don’t like mecha. Air was pretty lame. I refuse to watch Utena / Sailor Moon. I still need to work through GITS:SAC but it is a bit of a hard watch.

  18. Naru-Sama Says:

    Go watch Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, and Samurai Champloo! I like GiTS, but I hear that it’s confusing, though I haven’t had a case of confusion in anime aside from .Hack Legend of the Twilight Crap. FLCL isn’t that confusing if you think about it, though if you’re not up for a thought session, don’t even think about it.

  19. DCBomB Says:

    I didn’t get much from FLCL… Just a hurting head in sympathy of the kid.

    I found Cowboy Bebop entertaining and I haven’t started to watch Samurai Champloo seriously yet. I prefer Ghost in The Shell, though. It has one of those things that has so many different layers of complexity, that you figure something else out each time you watch it.

    It’s based on the “Ghost in the Machine” philosophy, which is similar to chaos theory in a way. It is the unknown cause of malfunction or unexplainable abnormal behavior of a machine or computer. It pops up everywhere in the series, the eaisest to see is in the Tachikomas, who seem to have developed individuality.

  20. Yuribou Says:

    Like my computer spontaneously combusting…I can see how that could be interesting ^_^…

    I’ll give GITS a try

  21. shi_amai Says:

    I’ll say that you have your tastes, and that’s your opinion, but for starters I want to say that Sailor Moon is not a “yuri” anime, it’s “shoujo”. Atleast get that right.

    Also, maybe Full Moon Wo Sagashite bothers you, but I love it with a passion. ;]

  22. shi_amai Says:

    And yes, I am aware that Uranus and Neptune are inlove with each other, however, just that does not make it a “yuri” anime.

  23. NL Says:

    You run a yuri blog. You watch Strawberry Panic. But you can’t bring yourself to watch Utena, which is probably the best thing ever seen on Japanese TV EVAR.

    You FAIL.

  24. fushigi-kun Says:

    Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo are really good. They are above mainstream anime regarding animation and plot. FLCL is too Gainaxy. I share your dislike towards mecha. A mecha in an anime is a mecha too many :) I did watch NGE. I liked it at first, but it turn out too be too complicated. Nevertheless, I feel sympathy/affection for Shinji and Asuka.

  25. PopPOPSasuke Says:

    What are you talking about man? Mecha rules!

  26. KazumaR1 Says:

    NGE destroyed Anime.

  27. virgilleone Says:

    Son, I am disappoint. At least watch Abenobashi thats a fun anime. I loved Ghost in the shell first season particullay. Cowboy bebop was good. Samurai Champloo was great especially the episode with the samurai whose underling would beatbox. NGE was pretty average up until the end were it got weird. Nadesico is a good counter-anime to that.

  28. WiDowZ Says:

    Haha your pretty much just like me, i didnt finish any of those series, But i did like Samurai Shamploo. And I just love how you ended that one…Any mecha series ever – Episodes watched – 0, Cause Mecha serieZ suck!!!!! LMAO I couldnt agree more 8). But yah i did see Kannazuki No Miko 8) I just had to.

  29. jocky32 Says:

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  31. Christ Almighty Says:

    Jesus Christ you have the worst taste I have ever seen

  32. joez Says:

    you are incredibly lame for not giving Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and FLCL an actual chance. Take away your preconceived notions about these anime and actually WATCH them. Artsy Bullshit? that was probably the dumbest thing i read in this post. Most anime is bullshit.. do you notice how almost every anime has the same exact character design and concepts as the next? They might as well be all made by the same artist. When there is an anime that actually took more creativity, skill, and thought to create you call that artsy bullshit? Fucking Stupid. I’m glad that you’re ashamed to not have finished these animes because at least we’re on the same page in that book. I am ashamed of you, sir.

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