The Adventures of Eva and Chachamaru: The return of Yuribou

July 28, 2006


‘Lo everyone, it’s been a while ^_^. My computer is all fixed and lovely, so I thought I would get up out of my bed of laze and do something imaginative for once…

So I wrote a short fic about one of my favourite alternative pairings, Evangeline and Chachamaru from Negima. Its pretty short, so it probably borders on relationship crack (short storyline-less fragments of story about relationships) rather than an actual fiction.

Since people seem to object to me posting “Not Safe for Work” material on my main page, I have placed the fiction on a separate page which you should be able to see in the sidebar to the right…

If you can’t, then the link is here.

Please leave some comments, good or bad ^_^. I might well extend it to a few more parts if I can be bothered and am struck by a few more particles of inspiration. Also working on a script for my take on a Strawberry Panic H-Game, though I think that may not see the light of day O_o.

Tell me what you think people. (If enough of you have stuck with my site through the many days of non-posting, that is…)


4 Responses to “The Adventures of Eva and Chachamaru: The return of Yuribou”

  1. drmchsr0 Says:

    Robot sechz?

    Dude, you are one weird man.

  2. MisterX Says:

    NSFW material? Like what? Yuri pics? Oh noes.. if they dont want to see/read it, why are they here?

  3. Vud Says:

    Yea, I concur the above. What’s the point of hiding NSFW materials when the site is geared toward themes NSFW. Why would you be reading this site at work, anyhow.

    I hope this NSFW thing doesn’t uglify articles by hiding pictures through links.

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