| Please spare some feedback for the poor homeless loli

Right, before I do a proper post today, I would like to ask you, my reader base, something very important. Since I am fast approaching 3 months old and it looks like I will be keeping this up for a while, I am thinking of moving WordPress to a proper webhost so I can fiddle around with it more. Also, I’d like to add a small fanfiction archive and anything else that takes my fancy ^_^. (And also, I would like to keep being ranked below “Route 66 Blog” in the BOTD O_O. Is a road really that interesting?)

Before I do that though, I would like people’s feedback on the last 3 months of blogging, so I know if I need to change direction at all. Has it been good? Have you enjoyed reading Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito and what posts are the ones that you flick straight over in the aggregtor feeds? Since there has been relatively little feedback lately, I can’t really tell what people are reading and liking.

In the future, would you prefer I do more parody type posts, more related to fanfiction, more comments on yuri anime, or more general anime and manga discussion?

I know this is really a poll, but I would quite like a few words from people as well. Also, I don’t think I can set up polls on WordPress.com ^_^;;

Please people! Feedback is like drugs for poor homeless people. Please be generous.

Proper post later, if I can be bothered…


If you haven't seen it, Jeff Lawson's Strawberry panic edited video is hilarious. Since I watched Strawberry Panic, I always thought in the back of my mind that it would be great if someone took the vids and edited out some words to make it sound dodgy…much the same as I do with everyday life (ahem)

I can only assume she's talking about her womanly secretions…that, or tea.

This is funny even without editing O_o

Anyway, go to his site and watch it, it is a veritable hoot.