Yay, last night I bought a new domain to install wordpress on and fiddle around with the template. Unfortunately, I’ve found that WordPress, for all its wisdom, can import posts and comments from virtually any blogging system except itself O_o. You would have thought that they would have expected people to start out on wordpress.com and then transfer to other servers, but noooo. Apparently the next version will have import/export tools to preserve my comments, so I’ll probably fiddle around on wordpress.com till then.

When it does come out though, Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito will be moving to http://www.yuribou.net/blog, just for people’s preinformation. Hopefully I will be adding a fiction archive and other yummy things to the front page. Unfortunately that means me learning html, finally, so the designing may take a while ^_^;;

Anyways, time for some opinions on the new summer season so far, since I’ve only really commented on Tsuyokiss.

Just watched the 1st episode of Gothic Lolita Faptime show last night, and it wasn’t bad. However, the assistant police woman who teams up with the main character – Chelsea Muir – reminds me badly of Domino from Shakugan no Shana (for those that have seen it). Do japanese women of that age really have that squeaky voices O_o. Also that hairstyle of hers does not fit with her moe moe voice. I’m hoping for a subtext between her and Angelica in an “Sempai!! Kakoiiiiiii!!”, Sakaki/Kaorin kind of fashion. I loved the German WWII style hand grenades ^_^

Zero no Tsukaima so far fails to impress. Yes it looks like its based on Harry Potter, but I don’t hold much love for JK Rowling either (Though I love a lot of other magic school stories such as “The Worst Witch”) The only good thing about it is Louise’s token “URUSAI” about 2 or 3 times an episode to remind you that it is the same seiyuu as Shana.

The male lead is so typical it hurts (Oh look at my principles, aren’t they so moral.) and there’s a Rei clone that doesn’t do anything. I do kinda like the chichi onna relationship with Kirche though, it reminds me of Haruka (Mai HiME) and her bubuzuke onna. Headmaster is also win, and Sierra is moe.

School Rumble Nigakki continues to be awesome, despite all the reports to the contrary, and Tenma’s party episode (15) was damn good. Eri continues to be the best character and completely unaware that she really fancies Hige and would like to ride him senseless (though probably with some kind of leather catsuit on…and a bullwhip) The Yakumo/Harima storyline continues to be hilarious, and Ichijou rocks as always. Not so sure about Lala’s new hairstyle though…

Strawberry Panic continues to decline into a pool of gratuitous yuri. Although I’m not complaining, I’m still feeling extremely sorry for Yaya-chan. Well, at least she copped a feel, that’s better than nothing, although she should have gone for the rape area straight away (cause everyone knows that girls in anime instantly orgasm when someone touches their naughty bits). I still watch the show avidly for signs of a Tamao/Shizuma catfight though.

The OP sequence to NHK ni Youkoso reminds me kinda of Paniponi Dash ^_^. However, the ending reminds me of Ren and Stimpy or Spongebob, so thats not a good thing. I see that it could go either way at the moment, and the main male lead is…interesting…to say the least. At least its not actually about the NHK. That would be boring.

Unfortunately I have yet to enjoy Muteki Kanban Musume (which I hear is silly) and Binbou Shimei Monogatari (which I hear is moe), but it does seem that Doremi have taken it on themselves to fansub ALL ANIME EVAR this season, so hats off to them. I only have one request – Please sub Tonagura!

Please look forward to http://www.yuribou.net ^_^

| From left to right, dere, tsun, tsun, dere.

So, I watched Serin and Anime Universe’s sub of Tsuyokiss yesterday (or Tsuyokisu for you Romanji fans). And, actually, despite all the flak it’s been getting, I rather liked it (though it seems destined to be “my kind of show” ^_^;;). However, I immediately disagree with the premise that it is a tsundere animation. Yoppy isn’t a tsundere! (Unless she’s a deretsun – Someone who appears gentle but in reality is a violent SoB…)

Anyways, I thought the characters were pretty interesting, though I think I’m getting bored with Erika’s “Ara ara, donna ii kashira” evil rich big breasted stereotype. However, I can see it turning into just “yet another harem show”. At the moment (though ayyo will disagree with me on this I think), Leo is looking like a really weak lead. Perhaps not as weak as Haruo in Magikano (probably the weakest male harem lead evar), but he seems pretty pathetic.

Therefore my previous prediction that there should be no male lead, and the girls should just spend the whole show tsundere-ing to each other still stands ^_^. Imagine the potential – cat fights everywhere followed by hot yuri sex. Delicious.

Anyway, the “pull” (first) episode of Tsuyokiss did actually contain a couple of yuri moments – one which could prove to develop into yuri fanservice, and another which is a one off, I think.

Number 1 – Erika rapes Yoppi

Damn you Sunao, why did you have to come in and make it a comic situation -_-. Potentially could well persist through the entire series, so am looking forward to it. (since it looks like it will mainly be following the Sunao storyline). Ayyo, please advise me if this is so.

Number 2 – Asada Shizuka becomes yurifan groupie #1

Yay, Asada is the best character in Tsuyokisu so far. Gentle, but not a doormat like Yoppi. Well, you need some gentle characters to tip the balance from dere to tsun ^_^;; Her seiyuu is lovely. I somehow don’t think this one will persist as the first one, though she might develop a slight “Sakaki complex”, potentially (let’s hope).

I love the translation of this line. But I want to reach out and pat her and say “No, yuri love is normal and good and all should partake of it.” Poor misguided Asada…

So moderate yuri potential in Tsuyokiss, so I’m pretty happy with the start of the series. I hope Leo turns out to be a better lead and all the girls he doesn’t choose see the sense in having a big shoujo-ai get together when they see they have no chance against him and Sunao.

Just one thing I was wondering, though. Since the sequel game just came out (Tsuyokiss Mighty Heart) with the same girls, whats the storyline behind that? Is it that you dumped the girl you were dating in the first game and you get another chance, or perhaps you’re still going out with her and this is the first in a series of progressively harder games in which you must build your harem???

Anyway, look forward for more of this series ^_^.

On anti-recommendation (i.e. people begging me not to watch it) and on purchase and perusal of this month’s Megami magazine, I decided to download the LIME anime subs of Joshikousei ~Girls high~. Basically, in a word, I am impressed ^_^. Joshikousei is not only a shamelessly fanservice show, it also deals with aspects of fanservice that most anime companies would not touch with a 30 foot barge pole outside of hentai. And so appropriately, this post will not be a review post, I will merely be going over the many fetishes that Joshikousei covers in just its first 2 episodes.

Not only are there panty shots and surprise breast fondling galore, but within the first two episodes alone, we get naked aprons, oneesama bondage sex, girls on toilets, pubic hair (shock horror! ^_^), menstruation, and something even unheard of in harem anime – falling over into someone and ending up in a 69. Believe me, if you went around trying that in real life, chances of that happening are pretty much the same as all the women in the world suddenly deciding that they are gay and having a rampant orgy in my front room. Not that I have tried, obviously O_O.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the fetishes covered by Joshikousei ~Girls High~

Yuri rape


Naked apron

Marilyn Monroe impressions


Losing virginities

Girls on the toilet

Surprise breast fondling

Unexpected yuri-sex


Pubic hair (ouchie, plucking pubic hair? No wonder anime girls are so smooth down below O_o)

Game references (well, it makes gamers happy “down there”, so technically its a fetish ^_^;)

In homage to this piece of fanservice art that has been bestowed upon me, I felt a need to make a panty shot collage from the first episode. In fact, there are twenty one distinct pantyshots in episode 1, most of which are in the first 10 minutes (three of them are in the unexpected sex collage above). Impressive.

In short, Joshikousei is hilarious, that is, if you like jokes like “Oh noes, I accidentally fell down the stairs and received cunnilingus from my classmate” or “Ahh! my urine pot is overflowing!”

Pure genius



Today I thought I’d post my feelings on Ouran High School Yaoi *ahem* I mean host club. Now, this show would definitely have passed me by this season if it weren’t for reading lots of blogs about it (and somehow missing the main spoiler for the first episode, rather masterfully, I’d say).

Now usually I’m not a big fan of yaoi, even when it appears with yuri. Take Loveless, for instance, which is a passable anime, but since the yaoi heavily overpowered the plotline, I couldn’t really watch it without yelling “Boy! Boyrape! Boyrape with Cat Ears!”, well, at least in my head. However, non-serious yaoi I can deal with, especially with a yuri twist, which is exactly what Ouran is all about.

Spoilers for the first few episodes follow.

Rather messy androgynous looking character with the same name as a certain kami-sama in the most popular anime this season accidentally wanders into rich high school’s bishounen club full of pseudo-gay pretty boys who rent themselves out for conversation to rich girls with nothing else to do. Androgynous person breaks expensive vase (a la Kore wa watashi no goshujinsama) and is forced to work for said club. Androgynous person turns out to be girl. Interesting gender bending hijinks ensue.

My girlfriend pointed out to me while we were watching this the other day that I only like this for the gender-bending-ness of it. Which is partly true. I love these sorts of gender-based comedy shows (the only other one I can think of that I enjoyed was I! My! Me! Strawberry eggs – the most insanesly titled anime beside Bobobo-bo Bobobo) that are only possible in anime. I mean, a storyline where a teacher dresses as a woman to get a job and then goes on to teach lots of teenage girls would probably not make it past the censors in the West…

However, while Ouran does have its share of genderbending yuri escapades, I think it is a lot more than that. Granted it is fluffy, but there’s always room for fluff in my schedule (wait a minute, do I actually watch any serious anime at all???). The characters are under developed at the moment, but since I’m only really up to episode 3 I can’t really comment. The OP and ED are fantastic! If it weren’t for the other Haruhi and Bouken desho deshou/Hare Hare yukai, I think Ouran’s OP/ED would win hands down. Also, the yaoi is actually funny; I actually laughed at Kaoru/Hikaru’s gay twincest act. (I certainly hope that in the real world girls aren’t turned on by gay incestual twins though…that would be an eye opener)

| For our viewing pleasure, of course, Tamaki-sama
This might be the first male based fluff anime that i actually like a lot…granted, if Haruhi hadn’t turned out to be a girl, that would have made the anime a lot less interesting. But anyway, if you haven’t watched it already, tune in to The Other Haruhi (a.k.a. The Melancholy of Haruhi Fujioka a.k.a. Ouran High School Host Club) for yuri moments that will make you look twice.

| “She kissed her! Yay!…But she was dressed as a boy…hmm…is this really yuri?? I want my money back!”