‘Lo everyone, it’s been a while ^_^. My computer is all fixed and lovely, so I thought I would get up out of my bed of laze and do something imaginative for once…

So I wrote a short fic about one of my favourite alternative pairings, Evangeline and Chachamaru from Negima. Its pretty short, so it probably borders on relationship crack (short storyline-less fragments of story about relationships) rather than an actual fiction.

Since people seem to object to me posting “Not Safe for Work” material on my main page, I have placed the fiction on a separate page which you should be able to see in the sidebar to the right…

If you can’t, then the link is here.

Please leave some comments, good or bad ^_^. I might well extend it to a few more parts if I can be bothered and am struck by a few more particles of inspiration. Also working on a script for my take on a Strawberry Panic H-Game, though I think that may not see the light of day O_o.

Tell me what you think people. (If enough of you have stuck with my site through the many days of non-posting, that is…)


Actually, I only wanted to make a quick post today on how much I love alternate universe (AU) fanfiction. I was flicking through my C2 communities today when I found some great fanfiction that I had neglected to read before.

The best of the two, Kizuna by saihatsu is an alternate universe Konoka x Setsuna fanfiction where a disillusioned Setsuna Sakurazaki ends up working for an infamous group of mercenary assassins who become part of a plot to save Konoka from one of the government’s evil schemes. The fiction itself comes highly recommended, though it looks like it is on hiatus for the moment (last updated in April) due to exams, so at best look forward to updates in the coming months.

The other, non AU fiction that i would recommend from my recent surfings is Cold Nights, Warm Days by LtStorm, which is a Tomo/Yomi and Kagura/Nyamo dualfic which I found refreshing to read, since I am not usually a fan of Tomo/Yomi.

Now let me gush a little about Alternate Universe.

I love AU fanfiction. However, it takes such skill to be able to write properly, that I only rarely come across good examples of it. To define the term, AU is a fanfiction in which the anime or manga universe in which the characters find themselves in is changed (hence alternate) to the whim of the author. Therefore, situations and characterisations do not exist in this universe as in the canon (normal) universe, though the two are strongly related. For instance, most multiple crossovers (fanfic encompassing more than two anime series) have to be AU by default. (For instance Shanejayell’s Arisugawa’s Locket)

One of the great things about writing AU is that you can forget about characterisation (although not too much, or you might as well be writing original fiction) and do whatever you want with the characters. One of the great things about reading AU is that you get to see familiar characters in situations outside the regular old few that define a relationship (you know what I mean…There are only a few situations in a TV series that allude to a relationship, especially yuri ones, and most fanfic authors will base fiction around these. (Which can get quite tiresome)).

The difficulty in AU is casting your set of familiar characters into an unfamiliar world, but making it so that it is not completely unfamiliar to the reader. Also, characters’ “alter-egos” as it were, must be at least related to their real manga or TV counterparts.

Writing alternate universe fiction gives a reader a great feel of the author’s real imagination outside of predetermined lines, and the offerings in this category are always more interesting to read.

And it offers far more opportunities for angst!


Seriously, this is only my second review since I started a couple of months ago, but I’ve decided that I will stoop to doing manga reviews, since a lot less people do manga reviews (and I saw that even tjhan over at RIUVA does reviews of the scanlations of School Rumble – which I should really get round to reading). Negima is a fantastic manga. I for one was wondering how Akamatsu was going to handle 31 girls instead of the usual 6 girl harem, but the heavy story based element with ample fanservice and a yuri sidestory works fantastic. People who are fans of the Konoka/Setsuna pairing may want to look at my Konshuu no Renai feature on them.

Anyway, for those of you reading the US DelRay translations or who are behind in reading the scanlations and are concerned about spoilers, please look away now.

Following hot on the heels of the excellent chapter when Eva tries to seXX0r Negi, comes a huge turnaround chapter in the Chao arc. Vowing to stop Chao from exposing magic to the world, Negi stupidly forgets that Chao gave him Cassiopeia at the beginning of the festival and exits Evangeline’s resort.

Now, rather predictably, Chao has placed a trap on the device that when they exit the resort, it immediately uses the World Tree’s power to warp them one week ahead in time till after the festival when Chao has already carried out her plans and effectively won. What’s more, without the World Tree’s power, Cassiopeia is useless and they are unable to go back and change Negi’s schoolboy error (well, he is only 10, so I’ll give him that one).

Cue episode of the various groups wandering round still in costume (Konoka and Setsuna in nekomimi *nosebleed*) and the slow dawning of realisation that Chao has tricked them and the whole school, if not the world now knows about Negi’s magic!

This is a huge story point chapter, perhaps comparable to the one where Chao reveals that she is from the future and a descendant of Negi sent to reveal magic to the world, for whatever motives Chao has. More importantly, now we have loads of probationary contracts, most importantly Yue (who looks like she might be able to control some powerful magic), Setsuna (whose artifact we still haven’t seen yet) and Paru who has that “Drawings come to life” power reminiscent of Relm from Final Fantasy VI.

The next few chapters, I think will be along the lines of “Can Negi’s small army fight Negi out of prison” (especially since he can’t contact them and activate their contracts), and then they probably find some way of going back in time to try and stop Chao from executing her plan.

Lots of things are still left unexplained, such as why Chachamaru, Hakase and Mana are on Chao’s side when Eva isn’t (and presumably, they all come from Negi’s era, not Chao’s).

Akira (the other half of Negima’s “Motoko”, the other being Setsuna) finally does something this episode, plucking Negi out of the mob in an extremely amusing manner, but sadly only gets 2 lines. Setsuna and Konoka need to be more in shoujoai lovelove mode and Yue needs to start blasting things like Negi. Also, we seem to have somehow lost Koutaro along the way. Don’t know where he went <_<.

Anyway, I am still in absolute awe at Akamatsu Ken’s mangability although both animes from his work have been awful, I have slightly higher hopes for the second Negima anime (lets hope it will at feature less Japanese badly pronounced Latin and Greek >_<). Does anyone know when it is coming out?

/me will now toddle over to Amazon.co.uk and buy Negima volume 10.


I noticed something today…for some reason, yesterday I got the most unique hits to my blog in the entire month (this blog is one month old tomorrow), and it is the day where my post was completely without content O_o…Ah the mysteries of the interweb.

Anyway, today, I will be talking about one of my favourites of the recent couples – Setsuna and Konoka from Mahou Sensei Negima!, yet another canon couple (holding back on the alternatives until I run out of ideas, I think ^_^).

Konoka/Setsuna (or Konosetsu) has spawned quite a considerable fanbase since the manga was released this side of the Pacific. The storyline is the basic stereotypical "childhood friends" story; Setsuna, as a swordswoman, was avowed to protect Konoka, a young white mage from a very young age, but in order to do so efficiently, she repressed her emotions and protected her from the shadows, much to the disappointment of Konoka, who really just wanted a friend.

However, due to the arrival of our hero Negi Springfield and the Kyoto incident of volumes 5 and 6, Setsuna was exposed, and then Konoka unwittingly saved her life. Although she tried to escape afterwards, Konoka and the others cornered her and persuaded her that it would be better to protect her ojou-sama from by her side rather than hiding in the shadows, and the love comedy began ^_^.

Although Konoka is very genuine in her love for Setsuna, it is unsure in the manga as to whether it is friendship or "love". However, Setsuna very obviously does love her ojou-sama in that way, although she would rather commit hara-kiri than admit that to Konoka herself. Konoka, however doesn't make it easy for Setsuna by glomping her all the time and constantly suggesting tha they make a pactio (by sharing some hot lip on lip action, of course).

Although the relationship between the two has yet to make any progress in the manga (up to the most recently scanlated chapter by Aquastar-anime), there is gallons of lovely fanfiction to whet any seasoned 'shipper's appitite. Again, I am going to highly recommend Dauthi, just for her beautiful style of writing and description as well as some top class angst.

My favourites of her fanfiction for this series are:

Around the Clock: A great shortfic about a day in the life of…

Fear of Ghosts: An angsty future shortfic

And if you surf around on her Livejournal account there is more goodness to be found (though she does tend to focus on Golden Sun fanfic ^_^)

Other good examples in this field include Strings by thatfan (which I personally like because its slightly Eva/Kaede and I always like seeing the deredere side of Evangeline) and Tears of an Angel by Okashira Shinomori.

Also, I'm going to mention a random other fic which I think is pretty well written, but won't get mentioned otherwise as its for an alternative couple – So Open Wide by Bochan – Its Asuna/Eva and its lemon rated (so NOT worksafe) but I think its great. ^_^.

Anyway, that's it for this weeks recommendations. Incidentally, I was thinking of hosting the fanfiction that I recommend on this WordPress site, since it seems that the Fanfiction.net addresses change a lot and it would provide a more permanent linkage. I'm probably not going to get any comments on this, but I would be pleased to hear what you think about it



tjhan’s speculations on whether we’ll be getting a second season of the much loved Genshiken raised a lot of interest yesterday. Are we really that desperate to watch TV parodies of people in our anime groups do the things we do every day (except going to Akiba and spending hundreds of pounds on doujinshi – I’m speaking for myself here, I would if I could ^_^;;).

By the way, if anyone asks, I’m Kohsaka.

It’s funny that parodies such as this and Otaku no video made it so well in the anime community – I guess its a sense of empathy (if you are still in an anime club), or memories (if you used to be). For me, its comparing the people who were in the anime club I attended (Cambridge University Comics and Animation society) to Genshiken characters (though I can not say we have a Kanako Ohno, unfortunately). My girlfriend is definitely Saki, for one, and Kyo is far more like Kohsaka than I’ll ever be ^_^;; (fighting games wise, anyway)

Lolicontrol’s take on the Genshiken news is spot on.

Also in other news, Beta-Waffle blogged about the new Negima game – Lolis at the beach…Oh, sorry – “Maiden’s Dokidoki Beach”. So I’m going to steal a couple of his pictures. for the whole story, click link above. But seriously, does Ken Akamatsu really need to cash in any more on the series? Isn’t the fact that its already a multinational success cause him to stay awake at night and wonder “I really wish I’d spent a little more time reading that proposal for that game”

The game itself seems to be a “Mario Party” sort of affair composed of mini games, most of which involving your 15 year old character parading round in…well, as little as possible, really (and a range of stunning cosplay – Setsuna in a bunny suit – be still my beating heart).

And if possible, wet.

The mini games consist of many yuri-riffic activities such as Sumo bum wrestling, hitting your opponent with sponge sticks, carrying pillows between two pairs of teenage breasts and a cunning twist on the wet T-Shirt competition (oh wait, its not that cunning).

And here was you thinking that Akamatsu would draw the line at shotacon Negi in the manga (oh wait…if an underage boy and an underage girl are in a relationship, is that even a fetish? Do they cancel each other out?), but now he’s cashing in on the loli potential (granted, some of the girls actually have breasts, I’ll give him that). I mean, who doesn’t want to ogle 3-dimensionalised fictional girls in skimpy swimwear?

I don’t even want to know what the circle in this picture is supposed to be showing…

I shall resist the urge to shout “COCK GOES WHERE?”

Not to mention the Speed-meter at the bottom. Maybe they have that invisible cock syndrome, beloved of golden years hentai of the 1980s and 90s.

And this is a compromising position is I ever saw one:

Lolitron would probably say something inappropriate about birth canals here…

Well, anyway, fanservice shots aside, I really hope they bring out a good Negima game. As usual, I’m hoping for a well thought out RPG or even an action game (its not like they don’t have the budget). I’m also looking forward to the second series of the anime. Oh, I meant first series. There was another series? Really? Surely not. I thought Xebec went to hell for it and the devil erased all our memories of every trace of that travesty.

If people are wondering why I’m posting so frequently at the moment, it’s because I’m trying my best not to think about study for impending exams…in 2 days. OMG FLIP OUT