I thought, since my number 1 search term for my blog seems to contain the words “strawberry panic” I should actually do a third post on the series ^_^;;

Finally got round to watching episodes 11-13 yesterday, and I have to say, something must have snapped in the production company…Instead of the usual “Source” (lolikitsune‘s term) affair of “oh, I love you Oneesama, but I’m only going to show it in subtext”, the producers seem to have taken the (probably rather blase) reaction to their first yuri rape scene and gone in a direction involving enough yururape to make a Western censor cry.

It’s as if they said to the script writer – “We’re tired of having those lesbians prance around angsting over whether the other girl will accept their love, let’s just have a couple of episodes where everyone kisses everyone and we’ll work from there” And so that’s what they did O_O.

| Nagisa, since when was our pool this deep? Who cares, just keep doing that thing with your tongue!

So so far by episode 13, Shizuma finally got to kiss, then rape Nagisa, Momomi and Kenjou have another pop at Hikari then get it on in the bath together and then Yaya kisses Hikari (finally ^_^). Phew! I think that pretty much sums up the phrase “Relevant to my interests”

First of all, I’m pleased Shizuma finally got some balls to kiss Nagisa, though pushing her down on the bed afterwards when she was obviously confused whether to be happy or pine after Tamao was a bit cruel. Kenjou and Momomi raping Hikari was all “Yawn, seen it all before”. Kenjou sucks, she doesn’t even do the evil yuri thing right. She should take lessons from Shizuru.

| I’m going to assrape you now, Nagisa. Unn, it’s ok if it’s you, Onee-sama…

But Yaya/Hikari yay! I’m pleased that since my first post about them, Yaya has come far enough to realise that she does love Hikari, and if she doesn’t act soon, Amane will win her over and she will be left Tomoyo-ing by her side for all eternity. Seriously, if they remade Cardcaptor Sakura next year, I think CLAMP should go take some lessons from the script writer for Strawberry Panic ^_^.

Yaya/Hikari kissing was probably the only “text” (as opposed to “subtext”) event in anime that I was really looking forward to and enjoyed. It was also useful storywise as well, as it really complicates things in Hikari’s mind, since she does love Yaya as well. Again, the suggestion of hot threesomes comes to mind. Yaya just rocks in general. Hikari should choose her. After all, she did feel up her butt in chapter 1 of the manga.

| I think this is probably the anime take on the “Dutch angle” – i.e. a slanted angle to make the viewer think that something’s “not right” about what’s happening. In other news, Yaya is hawt in hotpants.

I feel sorry, however, for the relationships that have ended up being left behind in the dust for the big three (Shizuma/Nagisa, Yaya/Amane/Hikari and Kenjou/Momomi). Chiyo-chan, despite being a genius can’t compete with either Shizuma or Tamao on terms that she is just jailbait and Tsubomi is too tsundere to notice that she even loves Hikari anyway. The girl I feel sorry most for it Tamao, the obvious Tomoyo clone in this anime. Though Sakura got taken away by Li in Cardcaptor Sakura, it must be 10 billion times worse to lose your yuri-crush to another woman >_>. Though she did get to spread suntan cream on Nagisa and listen to her orgasmic moans resulting from this (maybe I don’t do it right when I do it O_O)

Though I am scared at what her “Nagisa-shrine” contains O_O.

Therefore I believe the experiment to be successful. More yurirape and “DEEP KISS” frenzy in Str…ahem…Full Yuri Panic! has advanced all the storylines tremendously and made it infinitely more exciting. I can only hope that the producers don’t let this all go to waste (*cough* Harem ending! *cough cough*)

Vague humour post on Strawberry Panic to celebrate the yurirape tomorrow.


| From left to right, dere, tsun, tsun, dere.

So, I watched Serin and Anime Universe’s sub of Tsuyokiss yesterday (or Tsuyokisu for you Romanji fans). And, actually, despite all the flak it’s been getting, I rather liked it (though it seems destined to be “my kind of show” ^_^;;). However, I immediately disagree with the premise that it is a tsundere animation. Yoppy isn’t a tsundere! (Unless she’s a deretsun – Someone who appears gentle but in reality is a violent SoB…)

Anyways, I thought the characters were pretty interesting, though I think I’m getting bored with Erika’s “Ara ara, donna ii kashira” evil rich big breasted stereotype. However, I can see it turning into just “yet another harem show”. At the moment (though ayyo will disagree with me on this I think), Leo is looking like a really weak lead. Perhaps not as weak as Haruo in Magikano (probably the weakest male harem lead evar), but he seems pretty pathetic.

Therefore my previous prediction that there should be no male lead, and the girls should just spend the whole show tsundere-ing to each other still stands ^_^. Imagine the potential – cat fights everywhere followed by hot yuri sex. Delicious.

Anyway, the “pull” (first) episode of Tsuyokiss did actually contain a couple of yuri moments – one which could prove to develop into yuri fanservice, and another which is a one off, I think.

Number 1 – Erika rapes Yoppi

Damn you Sunao, why did you have to come in and make it a comic situation -_-. Potentially could well persist through the entire series, so am looking forward to it. (since it looks like it will mainly be following the Sunao storyline). Ayyo, please advise me if this is so.

Number 2 – Asada Shizuka becomes yurifan groupie #1

Yay, Asada is the best character in Tsuyokisu so far. Gentle, but not a doormat like Yoppi. Well, you need some gentle characters to tip the balance from dere to tsun ^_^;; Her seiyuu is lovely. I somehow don’t think this one will persist as the first one, though she might develop a slight “Sakaki complex”, potentially (let’s hope).

I love the translation of this line. But I want to reach out and pat her and say “No, yuri love is normal and good and all should partake of it.” Poor misguided Asada…

So moderate yuri potential in Tsuyokiss, so I’m pretty happy with the start of the series. I hope Leo turns out to be a better lead and all the girls he doesn’t choose see the sense in having a big shoujo-ai get together when they see they have no chance against him and Sunao.

Just one thing I was wondering, though. Since the sequel game just came out (Tsuyokiss Mighty Heart) with the same girls, whats the storyline behind that? Is it that you dumped the girl you were dating in the first game and you get another chance, or perhaps you’re still going out with her and this is the first in a series of progressively harder games in which you must build your harem???

Anyway, look forward for more of this series ^_^.

Actually, I only wanted to make a quick post today on how much I love alternate universe (AU) fanfiction. I was flicking through my C2 communities today when I found some great fanfiction that I had neglected to read before.

The best of the two, Kizuna by saihatsu is an alternate universe Konoka x Setsuna fanfiction where a disillusioned Setsuna Sakurazaki ends up working for an infamous group of mercenary assassins who become part of a plot to save Konoka from one of the government’s evil schemes. The fiction itself comes highly recommended, though it looks like it is on hiatus for the moment (last updated in April) due to exams, so at best look forward to updates in the coming months.

The other, non AU fiction that i would recommend from my recent surfings is Cold Nights, Warm Days by LtStorm, which is a Tomo/Yomi and Kagura/Nyamo dualfic which I found refreshing to read, since I am not usually a fan of Tomo/Yomi.

Now let me gush a little about Alternate Universe.

I love AU fanfiction. However, it takes such skill to be able to write properly, that I only rarely come across good examples of it. To define the term, AU is a fanfiction in which the anime or manga universe in which the characters find themselves in is changed (hence alternate) to the whim of the author. Therefore, situations and characterisations do not exist in this universe as in the canon (normal) universe, though the two are strongly related. For instance, most multiple crossovers (fanfic encompassing more than two anime series) have to be AU by default. (For instance Shanejayell’s Arisugawa’s Locket)

One of the great things about writing AU is that you can forget about characterisation (although not too much, or you might as well be writing original fiction) and do whatever you want with the characters. One of the great things about reading AU is that you get to see familiar characters in situations outside the regular old few that define a relationship (you know what I mean…There are only a few situations in a TV series that allude to a relationship, especially yuri ones, and most fanfic authors will base fiction around these. (Which can get quite tiresome)).

The difficulty in AU is casting your set of familiar characters into an unfamiliar world, but making it so that it is not completely unfamiliar to the reader. Also, characters’ “alter-egos” as it were, must be at least related to their real manga or TV counterparts.

Writing alternate universe fiction gives a reader a great feel of the author’s real imagination outside of predetermined lines, and the offerings in this category are always more interesting to read.

And it offers far more opportunities for angst!

It occurred to me the other day that I hadn’t done a Konshuu no Renai for a while, and though I feel that less people come to the site looking for fanfiction, I scouted round on Fanfiction.net for a pairing that I hadn’t done yet and wanted to do. Unfortunately, I rather like minority pairings, so fanfiction was either few and far between (and extremely bad) or far too voluminous to sort through. I did find an extremely bad Anita/Hisami lemon yuri fic though…(lemon meaning “+ dodgy sexual content”)

Reading through all the Nancy/Yomiko Read or Die fanfic I got extremely tired with finding fanfiction that I was dismissing on first glance simply because it looked unreadable, or that the author hadn’t paid enough attention to get names or spellings right. This annoys me on two levels – that I can’t read what could be a good fiction due to bad formatting, and that people can’t even be bothered to check their work before publishing.

So in this article, I would like to go over a few tips for the up and coming fanfiction writer, just to make sure that your fiction is not thrown straight in the Recycle bin without being given a fair chance. I must stress, these are not tips on how to write good fanfiction, merely how to write readable fanfiction. Please, if you do know any authors that suffer from any of these, then point them towards this article. For your sake and the entire fanfiction community ^_^.

1. GET A BETA READER (otherwise known as proof reader)

This is my single most important point to anyone starting out writing, especially if you are not confident with your English. There is no excuse publishing badly spelt fanfiction with wrong tenses and missing conjunctions, even if your mother tongue is not English. Just loitering on fanfiction forums, there are tens of people who would be happy to beta read your fanfiction for you, and many authors even offer their beta reading services on their sites (or you can just email them). There are even directories of beta readers, for example, Perfect imagination, where you can find beta readers willing to read your work and even state what parts of English you struggle with and would like concentrated on. There is seriously NO EXCUSE for not betaing your work, and it will increase the number of people who read your work exponentially, especially if you are from forn parts.

2. Formatting…formatting…formatting

Secondly and no less importantly, the formatting of your masterpiece is as equally important as your spelling. Since beta readers may not comment on your formatting, it is important that you get it right as you write (as it can be a pain to edit afterwards).

Fanfiction is a very different medium than book based literature, mainly because people are reading from bright screens rather than inoffensive ink on paper. Therefore, making your text as reader friendly as possible is very important. I will assume for the moment that you are publishing this on Fanfiction.net with black text on white (and not one of those godawful sites with red text on black or similar).

To sum up in one line: People do not want to read huge blocks of text. 

If you notice as I write on my blog (and in most other blogs), I put in paragraph breaks in every few lines or so, even when paragraphs are perhaps not required. When a reader’s eye scans down the page, it stops on the line breaks, and the most intensive reading is done on the words above and below line breaks, simply becuase it is less strain to separate the text from the surrounding words.

In A4 writing, you should probably aim to put paragraph breaks every 5-6 lines or so, and not have blocks of text longer than 10-15 lines(and even that’s pushing it). Also, start new paragraphs when new people start talking, it saves on confusion.

3. Research your anime

This may be a minor niggle, but being a fan of an anime, as you are likely to be reading a fanfiction about it, means that misspellings of important names are extremely annoying. If you have only watched part of an anime, look up the names on ANN or Wikipedia, for example before writing a fanfic. A little research goes a long way in the eyes of the reader.

I remember, for example, that there was a huge discussion on the Wonderland AzuDai forums as to the last name of Kaorin from Azudai. (I believe the agreed name is Aida Kaori now, so if you are thinking of writing, that is probably the name you should use)

4. Perspective

Please please please decide if you are going to write in the 1st person (i.e. I did something), or the 3rd person (i.e. Kaorin did something) before you start writing. New writers may think at first that it is easier to write in the 1st person, but actually, it is much harder (especially with describing events happening away from your main character) and the choice is rather limited (think how many novels are written in the 3rd person!).

Switching between the 1st and 3rd person while writing is also a tricky business, especially in fanfiction, where it seems very clunky to read, and often invites confusion as to who’s viewpoint we are now reading from. The best thing to do is either to choose 1st or 3rd person and stick to it, or only change after chapter breaks (for example, having alternate chapters from a character’s viewpoint and in the 3rd person can work, as long as it is the same character each time).

5. Speech

Not too much please. I am tired of clicking through stories which are entirely composed of speech between characters and line breaks, with very little action in between. For a start, there is a name for pieces like this – they are play scripts, and should be formatted as such (with character names preceding each line, stage dicrections etc.)

Creative writing should be description with speech as an accessory. Monologues are all well and good as part of a larger story, but dialogues should have things happening in the middle of them, otherwise it becomes extremely difficult for the reader to visualise the scene and the reader gives up.

Also, don’t feel that you need to qualify each sentence with a “she said” or even description (such as ‘”Are you sure you want to come back with me?” she said, her fingers dripping with green goo.’) Sometimes forcing description after every line of speech can feel lumpy and interrupt the flow.

6. Miscellaneous tips

Also, a great tip is to proof read your own work as well as to get someone else to read it. Proof reading (although painful) allows you to assess whether your work flows the way you want it to and which parts require rewriting. Releasing your work without proof reading is like an artist painting blindfolded and sending his work off without looking to see whether its good.

If you do want to write a lemon (called PWP (porn without plot/plot? what plot?) in regular fanfiction), please read through your sex scenes and make sure they flow well. Also, please don’t start straight out with the sex. Buildup is required to write a good lemon and at least some storyline as to how the characters got there in the first place is required. I certainly don’t want to read a fic and rush headlong into Anita’s “stiff nipples” (Warning: not safe for work. Happens to be the fic with annoying misspellings of character’s names). Also, I’m tired of reading multiple variants on spelling of the word “tongue”. Get it right, people.

Multiple pronoun syndrome – It is certainly common when you start writing to run out of pronouns describing a character. Please resist the urge to drop to using “the blonde/brunette/greenhead etc.” or a character’s occupation (“ZA PAYPAAAR”) in place of “he” or “she” in a sentence if at all necessary. Joining sentences together to places where you need to put pronouns, or repeated usage of “He/she” or a character’s name is fine.

I hope this has been useful, though it is unlikely to stem the tide of badly spelt, badly formatted and just generally bad fanfiction that is belched forth by the internet fanfiction community, but I hope that it will at least help a few potentially good writers to realise that their work really isn’t all that bad.

I hope.

For lack of anything better to do today, I wrote another one of these -_-;;

This season’s most exciting thriller anime comes to you from the slopes of Astraea Hill. Ever wondered what girls do in all girl’s schools with mysterious shrines and suspiciously large cleavers? Then look no further than

Ichigosha no naku Koro ni (or Oyashiro-sama ga Miteru)
Only for Persons of 18 years and over

Warning this program may contain bad puns

New student Nagisa Maebara arrives in the remote all girl’s school of St. Miator’s, a high school with a horrific secret. Every year on the night of the school culture festival, a terrible curse takes place. Students talk of the terrible curse of Oyurishiro-sama, where one virgin is violently yuriraped and one disappears.

Woefully inexperienced Nagisa-chan lives in blissful ignorance of her impending plight as she goes about her everyday school life as usual with her ragtag bunch of increasingly suspicious school friends: yakuza twins Tamao and Tomoyo Sonozaki, the video camera toting demons of the Tokyo underworld, miko priestess of the school shrine Hikarika Sonohana and her loliyuriffic other half Yayako Houjou and Shizuma Ryuuguu, your typical sweet talking, cleaver toting, typical small village girl.

Nagisa is brought crashing back down to reality on the night of the festival when she accidentally stumbles on the school nurse Momomiyo Takano and the secret PE Storeroom while being glomped in the bushes by a blushing Tamao-chan looking for a session of “Nagisa naughty touching”. But Momomiyo is not all she seems, as she explains to a surprised Nagisa that the “rake” used in the festival today may be a corruption of the violent “rape” that used to happen in years gone by.

Nagisa’s fears are realised the nest morning as it is revealed that Momomiyo went missing last night. Suddenly, suspicious faces are turning up everywhere! Will Nagisa lose her virginity to Tamao-chan before she gets yuriraped into oblivion by the curse of Oyurishiro-sama? Join us to find out!

Right, enough of those for now ^_^;;


Do you like guns and mechas? Do you like yuri? Do you like…err…panicking?Then this is the show for you! Look forward to…

Full Yuri Panic!

Coming soon to a DVD player near you.

Regular St. Miator’s high school girl Tamao Chidori’s life is turned upside down on the arrival of a new transfer student Nagisa Sousuke, a rather ditzy foreign student who seems to be more interested in guns and military tactics than getting down to some good old yuri lovin’! But little is as it seems: Nagisa is actually an agent for a secret government organisation sent to protect Tamao from falling into enemy hands!

For little does Tamao-chan know that deep inside her lurks the secret “White Technology”, a collection of carnal knowledge so great that it even brings the Kama Sutra to its knees! But surprises are in store for the hapless young Nagisa as Tamao-chan has unwittingly used her carnal powers to become the year’s alpha lesbian and has her sights set on Nagisa as her next conquest!

Meanwhile, back on the secret stealth nuclear submarine, the Tuatha de Banane, Nagisa’s Commanding officer, Shizuma Testarossa, another holder of the “White Technology” is also out to sink her dainty claws into Nagisa’s tasty white unmentionables.

Will Nagisa be able to defend the White Technology from the grasping hands of the dreaded Gaogao? Will she ever notice that everyone on Astraea Hill is gay? Will she ever survive the year without being violently deflowered by one of Tamao’s famously fearsome collection of masturbatory implements? One thing’s for sure – she’ll never look at a cucumber in quite the same way ever again!

(apologies, this public computer doesn’t appear to have any image editing facilities at all…)

More awful punnage to come…

On anti-recommendation (i.e. people begging me not to watch it) and on purchase and perusal of this month’s Megami magazine, I decided to download the LIME anime subs of Joshikousei ~Girls high~. Basically, in a word, I am impressed ^_^. Joshikousei is not only a shamelessly fanservice show, it also deals with aspects of fanservice that most anime companies would not touch with a 30 foot barge pole outside of hentai. And so appropriately, this post will not be a review post, I will merely be going over the many fetishes that Joshikousei covers in just its first 2 episodes.

Not only are there panty shots and surprise breast fondling galore, but within the first two episodes alone, we get naked aprons, oneesama bondage sex, girls on toilets, pubic hair (shock horror! ^_^), menstruation, and something even unheard of in harem anime – falling over into someone and ending up in a 69. Believe me, if you went around trying that in real life, chances of that happening are pretty much the same as all the women in the world suddenly deciding that they are gay and having a rampant orgy in my front room. Not that I have tried, obviously O_O.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the fetishes covered by Joshikousei ~Girls High~

Yuri rape


Naked apron

Marilyn Monroe impressions


Losing virginities

Girls on the toilet

Surprise breast fondling

Unexpected yuri-sex


Pubic hair (ouchie, plucking pubic hair? No wonder anime girls are so smooth down below O_o)

Game references (well, it makes gamers happy “down there”, so technically its a fetish ^_^;)

In homage to this piece of fanservice art that has been bestowed upon me, I felt a need to make a panty shot collage from the first episode. In fact, there are twenty one distinct pantyshots in episode 1, most of which are in the first 10 minutes (three of them are in the unexpected sex collage above). Impressive.

In short, Joshikousei is hilarious, that is, if you like jokes like “Oh noes, I accidentally fell down the stairs and received cunnilingus from my classmate” or “Ahh! my urine pot is overflowing!”

Pure genius