Yay, last night I bought a new domain to install wordpress on and fiddle around with the template. Unfortunately, I’ve found that WordPress, for all its wisdom, can import posts and comments from virtually any blogging system except itself O_o. You would have thought that they would have expected people to start out on wordpress.com and then transfer to other servers, but noooo. Apparently the next version will have import/export tools to preserve my comments, so I’ll probably fiddle around on wordpress.com till then.

When it does come out though, Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito will be moving to http://www.yuribou.net/blog, just for people’s preinformation. Hopefully I will be adding a fiction archive and other yummy things to the front page. Unfortunately that means me learning html, finally, so the designing may take a while ^_^;;

Anyways, time for some opinions on the new summer season so far, since I’ve only really commented on Tsuyokiss.

Just watched the 1st episode of Gothic Lolita Faptime show last night, and it wasn’t bad. However, the assistant police woman who teams up with the main character – Chelsea Muir – reminds me badly of Domino from Shakugan no Shana (for those that have seen it). Do japanese women of that age really have that squeaky voices O_o. Also that hairstyle of hers does not fit with her moe moe voice. I’m hoping for a subtext between her and Angelica in an “Sempai!! Kakoiiiiiii!!”, Sakaki/Kaorin kind of fashion. I loved the German WWII style hand grenades ^_^

Zero no Tsukaima so far fails to impress. Yes it looks like its based on Harry Potter, but I don’t hold much love for JK Rowling either (Though I love a lot of other magic school stories such as “The Worst Witch”) The only good thing about it is Louise’s token “URUSAI” about 2 or 3 times an episode to remind you that it is the same seiyuu as Shana.

The male lead is so typical it hurts (Oh look at my principles, aren’t they so moral.) and there’s a Rei clone that doesn’t do anything. I do kinda like the chichi onna relationship with Kirche though, it reminds me of Haruka (Mai HiME) and her bubuzuke onna. Headmaster is also win, and Sierra is moe.

School Rumble Nigakki continues to be awesome, despite all the reports to the contrary, and Tenma’s party episode (15) was damn good. Eri continues to be the best character and completely unaware that she really fancies Hige and would like to ride him senseless (though probably with some kind of leather catsuit on…and a bullwhip) The Yakumo/Harima storyline continues to be hilarious, and Ichijou rocks as always. Not so sure about Lala’s new hairstyle though…

Strawberry Panic continues to decline into a pool of gratuitous yuri. Although I’m not complaining, I’m still feeling extremely sorry for Yaya-chan. Well, at least she copped a feel, that’s better than nothing, although she should have gone for the rape area straight away (cause everyone knows that girls in anime instantly orgasm when someone touches their naughty bits). I still watch the show avidly for signs of a Tamao/Shizuma catfight though.

The OP sequence to NHK ni Youkoso reminds me kinda of Paniponi Dash ^_^. However, the ending reminds me of Ren and Stimpy or Spongebob, so thats not a good thing. I see that it could go either way at the moment, and the main male lead is…interesting…to say the least. At least its not actually about the NHK. That would be boring.

Unfortunately I have yet to enjoy Muteki Kanban Musume (which I hear is silly) and Binbou Shimei Monogatari (which I hear is moe), but it does seem that Doremi have taken it on themselves to fansub ALL ANIME EVAR this season, so hats off to them. I only have one request – Please sub Tonagura!

Please look forward to http://www.yuribou.net ^_^

Although specifically, I wrote this before I saw the episodes I commented on last post, its still kinda relevant. I thought that since Strawberry Panic is pretty much softcore hentai, what if they were making such a drama here, on this side of the Pacific? The result might have gone something like this…



Suzumi TAMAO – A yuri nymphomaniac with a huge crush on NAGISA. Plays the flute.
Aoi NAGISA – A young freshman inexperienced in the ways of love.
Hanazono SHIZUMA – The hardy old dormitory handyman who’s secretly a beautiful woman in disguise
Konohana HIKARI – An innocent young lady who steadfastly refuses to admit that she is gay
Nanto YAYA – HIKARI’S childhood friend who has a huge crush on her. Though they have done the horizontal ditty, HIKARI refuses to admit that they are together.


Ichigo-sha dormitory, DAY. All the usual furniture present in a student dormitory is absent, save for a large HEART SHAPED BED that dominates the room. In the corner there is a FLIMSY DESK with some of TAMAO’S PORN on it.


NAGISA: Ah! Tanoshikatta! That music lesson was so fun, wasn’t it Tamao-chan?

TAMAO: It certainly was, Nagisa-chan! but it would have been much less fun had Nagisa-chan not been there to see me play!

NAGISA: And I didn’t know that you could play the flute so well!

TAMAO laughs sweetly

TAMAO: By the way, Nagisa-chan, how are you feeling after running that marathon yesterday?

NAGISA: Actually, I’m feeling quite stiff! My muscles feel all tense and knotty.

NAGISA rubs her lower back and groans

TAMAO: Of course I would be happy to give you a massage, Nagisa-chan! Just take off all your clothes and lie back on the bed and relax.

NAGISA: All my clothes?

TAMAO: Of course, silly! How am I supposed to give you a proper massage through those thick clothes of yours?

NAGISA:(sweatdrops) Uhh, OK, Tamao-chan…

NAGISA disrobes and lies down on the HEART SHAPED BED. TAMAO removes a bottle of LUBRICANT from the desk drawer.

NAGISA: Uh…what’s that, Tamao-chan?

TAMAO quickly hides the bottle from view

TAMAO: It’s massage oil, Nagisa-chan! Massage oil!

NAGISA: But I thought I read “Mango flav…”

TAMAO: (interrupts) Don’t worry about that Nagisa-chan, you’re making your muscles more tense! Just lie back and relax, ne?

NAGISA: (hesitant)…OK

TAMAO starts to spread LUBRICANT over NAGISA’S back and thighs.

NAGISA: Ooh, that oil feels good, Tamao-chan! I can feel my aches melting away already!

TAMAO’S hands slip down to NAGISA’S NAUGHTY BITS

NAGISA: Ahh! Ohh! Tamao-chan! What are you doing? It’s dirty down there! Ahh! But it feels so good!

TAMAO: (giggles) I’ll make you feel much better, Nagisa-chan!


SFX: Knock on Door

TAMAO looks up. She has what appears to be a MILK MOUSTACHE. NAGISA is comatose.

SFX: Laughter

TAMAO: Come in!

Door opens. Enter SHIZUMA dressed in DUNGAREES and carrying a TOOLKIT. She has a large FAKE MOUSTACHE.

SHIZUMA: (noticing comatose NAGISA) Oh, I’m sorry, did I come at a bad time?

TAMAO: No! Not at all! What can I help you with?

SHIZUMA: I just came to fix your fridge, but it appears that someone has removed all the tools from my toolkit and replaced them with a variety of sex toys.

TAMAO: That’s no problem at all! In fact, we don’t even have a fridge!

TAMAO glomps SHIZUMA. More HIJINKS ensue. Sometime during the proceedings, SHIZUMA’S FALSE MOUSTACHE falls off.

Enter HIKARI. TAMAO and SHIZUMA are still doing the HORIZONTAL CHA-CHA on the bed next to a comatose NAGISA. HIKARI is wearing a SUKUMIZU.

HIKARI: Hi guys! We’re here for the usual tea party. ZOMG! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!

TAMAO and SHIZUMA don’t look up. HIKARI looks horrified and takes a step back. Enter YAYA wearing a skimpy POSTAGE STAMP SIZED BIKINI.

YAYA sweatdrops.

HIKARI: But ahh! Watching them makes me feel warm and tingly inside! Am I perverted Yaya-chan?

YAYA: (seizing her chance) No, Hikari-chan! It’s perfectly normal for a girl’s tnogue to be up another girl’s ass like that! And incidentally, I have always loved you!

HIKARI: Oh Yaya-chan! I love you too!

More Glompage. Yet more HIJINKS ensue.

CUT TO: Ichigo-sha dormitory, EVENING. SHIZUMA, TAMAO, HIKARI and NAGISA (who is now awake and wondering where all the other naked girls came from) are lying in the HEART SHAPED BED. TAMAO is smoking a POST-COITAL CIGARETTE. SHIZUMA is still comatose. YAYA is flicking through TAMAO’S PORN.

NAGISA: (to HIKARI). You know, I never thought it could feel so good…you know, with another girl!




Please direct any flames towards the comments box. Have a nice day!

I thought, since my number 1 search term for my blog seems to contain the words “strawberry panic” I should actually do a third post on the series ^_^;;

Finally got round to watching episodes 11-13 yesterday, and I have to say, something must have snapped in the production company…Instead of the usual “Source” (lolikitsune‘s term) affair of “oh, I love you Oneesama, but I’m only going to show it in subtext”, the producers seem to have taken the (probably rather blase) reaction to their first yuri rape scene and gone in a direction involving enough yururape to make a Western censor cry.

It’s as if they said to the script writer – “We’re tired of having those lesbians prance around angsting over whether the other girl will accept their love, let’s just have a couple of episodes where everyone kisses everyone and we’ll work from there” And so that’s what they did O_O.

| Nagisa, since when was our pool this deep? Who cares, just keep doing that thing with your tongue!

So so far by episode 13, Shizuma finally got to kiss, then rape Nagisa, Momomi and Kenjou have another pop at Hikari then get it on in the bath together and then Yaya kisses Hikari (finally ^_^). Phew! I think that pretty much sums up the phrase “Relevant to my interests”

First of all, I’m pleased Shizuma finally got some balls to kiss Nagisa, though pushing her down on the bed afterwards when she was obviously confused whether to be happy or pine after Tamao was a bit cruel. Kenjou and Momomi raping Hikari was all “Yawn, seen it all before”. Kenjou sucks, she doesn’t even do the evil yuri thing right. She should take lessons from Shizuru.

| I’m going to assrape you now, Nagisa. Unn, it’s ok if it’s you, Onee-sama…

But Yaya/Hikari yay! I’m pleased that since my first post about them, Yaya has come far enough to realise that she does love Hikari, and if she doesn’t act soon, Amane will win her over and she will be left Tomoyo-ing by her side for all eternity. Seriously, if they remade Cardcaptor Sakura next year, I think CLAMP should go take some lessons from the script writer for Strawberry Panic ^_^.

Yaya/Hikari kissing was probably the only “text” (as opposed to “subtext”) event in anime that I was really looking forward to and enjoyed. It was also useful storywise as well, as it really complicates things in Hikari’s mind, since she does love Yaya as well. Again, the suggestion of hot threesomes comes to mind. Yaya just rocks in general. Hikari should choose her. After all, she did feel up her butt in chapter 1 of the manga.

| I think this is probably the anime take on the “Dutch angle” – i.e. a slanted angle to make the viewer think that something’s “not right” about what’s happening. In other news, Yaya is hawt in hotpants.

I feel sorry, however, for the relationships that have ended up being left behind in the dust for the big three (Shizuma/Nagisa, Yaya/Amane/Hikari and Kenjou/Momomi). Chiyo-chan, despite being a genius can’t compete with either Shizuma or Tamao on terms that she is just jailbait and Tsubomi is too tsundere to notice that she even loves Hikari anyway. The girl I feel sorry most for it Tamao, the obvious Tomoyo clone in this anime. Though Sakura got taken away by Li in Cardcaptor Sakura, it must be 10 billion times worse to lose your yuri-crush to another woman >_>. Though she did get to spread suntan cream on Nagisa and listen to her orgasmic moans resulting from this (maybe I don’t do it right when I do it O_O)

Though I am scared at what her “Nagisa-shrine” contains O_O.

Therefore I believe the experiment to be successful. More yurirape and “DEEP KISS” frenzy in Str…ahem…Full Yuri Panic! has advanced all the storylines tremendously and made it infinitely more exciting. I can only hope that the producers don’t let this all go to waste (*cough* Harem ending! *cough cough*)

Vague humour post on Strawberry Panic to celebrate the yurirape tomorrow.

For lack of anything better to do today, I wrote another one of these -_-;;

This season’s most exciting thriller anime comes to you from the slopes of Astraea Hill. Ever wondered what girls do in all girl’s schools with mysterious shrines and suspiciously large cleavers? Then look no further than

Ichigosha no naku Koro ni (or Oyashiro-sama ga Miteru)
Only for Persons of 18 years and over

Warning this program may contain bad puns

New student Nagisa Maebara arrives in the remote all girl’s school of St. Miator’s, a high school with a horrific secret. Every year on the night of the school culture festival, a terrible curse takes place. Students talk of the terrible curse of Oyurishiro-sama, where one virgin is violently yuriraped and one disappears.

Woefully inexperienced Nagisa-chan lives in blissful ignorance of her impending plight as she goes about her everyday school life as usual with her ragtag bunch of increasingly suspicious school friends: yakuza twins Tamao and Tomoyo Sonozaki, the video camera toting demons of the Tokyo underworld, miko priestess of the school shrine Hikarika Sonohana and her loliyuriffic other half Yayako Houjou and Shizuma Ryuuguu, your typical sweet talking, cleaver toting, typical small village girl.

Nagisa is brought crashing back down to reality on the night of the festival when she accidentally stumbles on the school nurse Momomiyo Takano and the secret PE Storeroom while being glomped in the bushes by a blushing Tamao-chan looking for a session of “Nagisa naughty touching”. But Momomiyo is not all she seems, as she explains to a surprised Nagisa that the “rake” used in the festival today may be a corruption of the violent “rape” that used to happen in years gone by.

Nagisa’s fears are realised the nest morning as it is revealed that Momomiyo went missing last night. Suddenly, suspicious faces are turning up everywhere! Will Nagisa lose her virginity to Tamao-chan before she gets yuriraped into oblivion by the curse of Oyurishiro-sama? Join us to find out!

Right, enough of those for now ^_^;;


Do you like guns and mechas? Do you like yuri? Do you like…err…panicking?Then this is the show for you! Look forward to…

Full Yuri Panic!

Coming soon to a DVD player near you.

Regular St. Miator’s high school girl Tamao Chidori’s life is turned upside down on the arrival of a new transfer student Nagisa Sousuke, a rather ditzy foreign student who seems to be more interested in guns and military tactics than getting down to some good old yuri lovin’! But little is as it seems: Nagisa is actually an agent for a secret government organisation sent to protect Tamao from falling into enemy hands!

For little does Tamao-chan know that deep inside her lurks the secret “White Technology”, a collection of carnal knowledge so great that it even brings the Kama Sutra to its knees! But surprises are in store for the hapless young Nagisa as Tamao-chan has unwittingly used her carnal powers to become the year’s alpha lesbian and has her sights set on Nagisa as her next conquest!

Meanwhile, back on the secret stealth nuclear submarine, the Tuatha de Banane, Nagisa’s Commanding officer, Shizuma Testarossa, another holder of the “White Technology” is also out to sink her dainty claws into Nagisa’s tasty white unmentionables.

Will Nagisa be able to defend the White Technology from the grasping hands of the dreaded Gaogao? Will she ever notice that everyone on Astraea Hill is gay? Will she ever survive the year without being violently deflowered by one of Tamao’s famously fearsome collection of masturbatory implements? One thing’s for sure – she’ll never look at a cucumber in quite the same way ever again!

(apologies, this public computer doesn’t appear to have any image editing facilities at all…)

More awful punnage to come…

Here it is then, the soppy second half of Yuri Underdogs. Apologies if the pictures go funny cause Photobucket may protest ^_^;;

5. Ers/Nina (Mai Otome) underdog to Natsuki/Shizuru/Tomoe, Arika/Sergay/Nina

I think that naturally, being androphobic and all, I became attracted to you. You were so strong, so masculine; a tsundere to the core. Ever since that day when I saved your life at the poolside I’ve been thinking about you; doing this and that and things that make me blush right up to my ears. But you were too infatuated with Sergay to notice a poor cursed girl’s love. But I wasn’t bitter, never for a second. Because I’d die for you, Nina-chan.

4. Konoka/Setsuna (Mahou Sensei Negima) underdog to Negi/Everyone Female Except Konoka And Setsuna

I think I’ve always loved you, ever since we first met, Secchan. It’s just that the love I felt towards you as a child grew and matured into something better, something infinitely more satisfying. Sometimes, I look into your eyes and see it; the hunger, the NEED. The need to push me down and show me just how much you really love me, in every way you can. And deep down, I want you to do just that. You’ll always be my protector Secchan…

3. Akari/Ichino (Battle Athletes Victory) underdog to Akari/Kris

When I look back now, to think I would have loved you at first sight is hilarious; you, the cowering incompetant and me, the overactive tomboy with the thick Osaka-ben. But every time we trained, every time I batted you and called you an idiot, every time you showed your guts and tried just that little bit harder, I think somehow I came to love you. You were my antithesis, so lithe and feminine, and I was so confused about my feelings that by the time I’d mustered enough courage to tell you how I really felt, you had left. And then there you were, standing there one year later, with the trophy in one hand and Kris in the other. I’ve competed nearly all my life, but this time I’ll truly give it my best. For you.

2. Yaya/Hikari (Full Yuri Panic! (Strawberry Panic)) underdog to Tamao/Nagisa/Shizuma

I glomp you in the swimming pool, I feel you up in the library, I get jealous when Tsubomi calls you “Onee-sama”. I fight to take showers with you, but I don’t think I have enough blood in my body to handle catching a glimpse of your alabaster white curves through the steamed glass. I hugged you and pressed you close in the cathedral and whispered into your ear that there was someone I liked. What will it take to get it into you thick head that I love you?

1. Sakura/Tomoyo (Card Captor Sakura) underdog to Sakura/Syaoran

Sakura-chan, I’ve always loved you, but I think my love is different from yours. You’ll understand when you’re older, I hope. In the meantime, I’ll store these burning feelings deep down inside and watch you from afar, marvel at your cuteness and exact my cosplay fetishes on you, as long as you let me. I’ll watch you as you marry Syaoran and I’ll stay by your side, because I know someday, maybe not soon, maybe not for a long time; someday, you’ll understand and you’ll come back to me.

Yeah, I know it was soppy as hell. No flames please, but constructive criticism is encouraged

Yuri Underdogs Runners up!

The couples who nearly made it into the Top 10!

Chihiro/Kaorin (Azumanga Daioh) Poor Chihiro – it must be difficult to have a relationship with someone who lusts after someone 2 foot taller than you who can run the 100m in 12 seconds. There’s only so much good tongue can make up for…

Orihime/Tatsuki (Bleach) Tatsuki is obviously the uke (submissive) in this relationship ^_^ Orihime should meet up with Tessa and swap bondage tips

Kozame/Kirie (Girls Bravo) Kirie gonna get raped. At gunpoint. You gotta love the evil-yuri! Shizuru taught Kozame all she needed to know ^_^;;

Sanae/Wakaba (Green Green) Has anyone watched the Sanae/Wakabe Character DVD? No? Watch it NOW.

Mikuru/Lol-tan (Haruhi) I wish.

PS. Thanks to lolikitsune for GETTAGE of his Tessa/Mao pic. I really could not be bothered to screencap it myself at that point ^_^

After reading some of lolikitsune's review of Full Yuri Panic! 9, (but not enough to spoiler it, obviously) I watched and appreciated said episode. Boy are they ramping up the yuri! With every passing episode, the Sapphic potential of FYP! is getting better and better…Now, all I have to say is that if it went all "Simoun" at the end and all the girls started making out then that would be fine by me.

What really struck me about Episode 9 was how it becomes extremely obvious about Tamao chan's BIG PLAN. Now, if you don't know what I'm talking about, then watch the episode again. Still don't get it? Well, here are some clues.

Q. What does Tamao-chan want?

A. Nagisa-chan obviously (in as many positions as possible)

Q. What is her main barrier to that goal?

A. In previous episodes this was Shizuma, but she seems to have ceased her attacks for now because she is currently banging Rokujou the seitokaichou

Therefore, Tamao's main problem is that Nagisa is both CLUELESS and STRAIGHT.

In other words, Tamao-chan no dai plan is MAKE NAGISA GAY AND WANT HER. But Ah! you say. How would she go about even thinking about doing that? Look and see, my dear friend…

Please refer to Figure 1. In the top left, we see Tamao readying Nagisa for a lifetime of yuri servitude by trying on a range of sexual-cosplay outfits. Obviously at this point Nagisa is unaware of the purpose of this ritual, so she does it willingly (A CUNNING ploy by Tamao). In the top right, Tamao uses scary stories as a way of getting Nagisa to fondle her cotton encased love-pillows all day, therefore training her for later fondling (when they won't be so amply covered, of course)

In the middle left, Tamao bravely exposes Nagisa to an array of nude female bodies (all of which are inferior to her own, of course, so that Nagisa will worship her naked body) in order to precipitate any yuri tendencies hiding under the surface of Nagisa's clueless brain. As these confusing feelings come bubbling to the surface, Nagisa is not dazed or confused. Instead, she comes to Tamao in the night and pleads with her to sleep with her. Tamao then has to hide her excitement so as not to scare her away, butshe can't stop her hand from creeping towards naughty places under Nagisa's pyjamas. Luckily, Nagisa was pretrained in bed-fu and mangaes to repel Tamao's questing fingers.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the crunch, Tamao gets lesbian erectile dysfunction (bottom left) and is forced to call it a night.

Poor Tamao chan – Better luck next time!

Meanwhile, in Yaya and Hikari land

Yaya's plan to convert Hikari's lesbian loving for her sempai Amane into feelings for her continues this week after she failed to confess in the cathedral last week (distracted by Hikari's ample bosom heaving in her innocent, pure-white rain-soaked bra, no doubt) by imitating the most frightening of all creatures found in Japanese waters – the Shoujo-ai-Shark, who glomps unsuspecting schoolgirls swimming in the sea and forces them to re-enact Sapphic love scenes from ancient Greek literature.

The glomping seems to work though, Hikari didn't think of Amane once this episode ^_^ Yaya-chan WIN!

Tamao-chan – This week's experiment – FAILED
Yaya-chan – This week's experiment – BIG SUCCESS!