| From left to right, dere, tsun, tsun, dere.

So, I watched Serin and Anime Universe’s sub of Tsuyokiss yesterday (or Tsuyokisu for you Romanji fans). And, actually, despite all the flak it’s been getting, I rather liked it (though it seems destined to be “my kind of show” ^_^;;). However, I immediately disagree with the premise that it is a tsundere animation. Yoppy isn’t a tsundere! (Unless she’s a deretsun – Someone who appears gentle but in reality is a violent SoB…)

Anyways, I thought the characters were pretty interesting, though I think I’m getting bored with Erika’s “Ara ara, donna ii kashira” evil rich big breasted stereotype. However, I can see it turning into just “yet another harem show”. At the moment (though ayyo will disagree with me on this I think), Leo is looking like a really weak lead. Perhaps not as weak as Haruo in Magikano (probably the weakest male harem lead evar), but he seems pretty pathetic.

Therefore my previous prediction that there should be no male lead, and the girls should just spend the whole show tsundere-ing to each other still stands ^_^. Imagine the potential – cat fights everywhere followed by hot yuri sex. Delicious.

Anyway, the “pull” (first) episode of Tsuyokiss did actually contain a couple of yuri moments – one which could prove to develop into yuri fanservice, and another which is a one off, I think.

Number 1 – Erika rapes Yoppi

Damn you Sunao, why did you have to come in and make it a comic situation -_-. Potentially could well persist through the entire series, so am looking forward to it. (since it looks like it will mainly be following the Sunao storyline). Ayyo, please advise me if this is so.

Number 2 – Asada Shizuka becomes yurifan groupie #1

Yay, Asada is the best character in Tsuyokisu so far. Gentle, but not a doormat like Yoppi. Well, you need some gentle characters to tip the balance from dere to tsun ^_^;; Her seiyuu is lovely. I somehow don’t think this one will persist as the first one, though she might develop a slight “Sakaki complex”, potentially (let’s hope).

I love the translation of this line. But I want to reach out and pat her and say “No, yuri love is normal and good and all should partake of it.” Poor misguided Asada…

So moderate yuri potential in Tsuyokiss, so I’m pretty happy with the start of the series. I hope Leo turns out to be a better lead and all the girls he doesn’t choose see the sense in having a big shoujo-ai get together when they see they have no chance against him and Sunao.

Just one thing I was wondering, though. Since the sequel game just came out (Tsuyokiss Mighty Heart) with the same girls, whats the storyline behind that? Is it that you dumped the girl you were dating in the first game and you get another chance, or perhaps you’re still going out with her and this is the first in a series of progressively harder games in which you must build your harem???

Anyway, look forward for more of this series ^_^.