| Is guro really that hot? The Japanese think so!

I was reading the paper on the way to work today, and it came to my attention that the paedo-politicians in the Netherlands that Lolitron blogged about a few months ago have not been overruled by the courts, and they have been allowed to run as a political party. Luckily for the Dutch children, they only have three members and one is unlikely to gain support, as he is a convicted child molester. However, it got me thinking about something that had been bugging me for a while now about the content of anime (both in the non-adult and adult industries) as opposed to say, the American adult film industry.

For instance, in the Toppest 10 hentai anime review in Oniichan no ecchi a while back, the top few contain at least violent rape and bondage, with some scattered tentacles, enemas, scat and guro thrown in for good measure (c.f. Bible Black O_o)

| Is loli twincest really that hot? THE INTARWEB THINKS SO!

Also, even in mainstream anime, even though I blog about it in a rather blase fashion, lolicon and yuri are rife without anyone really so much as batting an eyelid (Well, except Mimei Sakamoto, anyway O_o). But on mainstream Japanese TV, full though it is with dubious JDramas and rivetting quiz shows, these themes are completely and mysteriously absent.

In British TV, for example, any shows with lesbian or gay relationships are to be celebrated as a great step forward in television history (unless they really are very bad, c.f. Queer as Folk), with the currently running Sugar Rush (Channel 4), and the BBC Production of “Tipping the velvet” as prime examples. But in no way is this mainstream.

In the Western adult industry, although lesbian themes are relatively mainstream, any fetishes to do with bodily fluids such as scat are considered very niche, and violent rape and guro are more or less underground.

I guess the main point of this short editorial is a question: Are the Japanese really that perverted that they need these things so close to the public eye? I sure as hell don’t want to see scat in any porn I watch, and guro? Who watches that kind of thing? *shudders*

| Is crab bestiality really th….oh you get the idea -_-

My theory is that in contrast to their inoffensive, vanilla-flavoured pre watershed TV, everything post-watershed and on DVD is shifted up in acceptability terms by a notch. What I mean by this is that general nudity (fanservice) and lesbian (yuri) themes become commonplace, whereas violence and extreme sexual practises become borderline acceptable.

Of course, the fact that it ISN’T REAL helps a lot ^_^

Basically, I can see that a lot of anime (especially the shows that I like) seems to be comparable to what gets shown on Channel 5 post watershed (Digikerot might know what I mean by that). And beneath the polite honourable shell of Japanese men and women is a sexual deviant clamouring to get out.

And I haven’t even started talking about the incest O_o


Yay, last night I bought a new domain to install wordpress on and fiddle around with the template. Unfortunately, I’ve found that WordPress, for all its wisdom, can import posts and comments from virtually any blogging system except itself O_o. You would have thought that they would have expected people to start out on wordpress.com and then transfer to other servers, but noooo. Apparently the next version will have import/export tools to preserve my comments, so I’ll probably fiddle around on wordpress.com till then.

When it does come out though, Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito will be moving to http://www.yuribou.net/blog, just for people’s preinformation. Hopefully I will be adding a fiction archive and other yummy things to the front page. Unfortunately that means me learning html, finally, so the designing may take a while ^_^;;

Anyways, time for some opinions on the new summer season so far, since I’ve only really commented on Tsuyokiss.

Just watched the 1st episode of Gothic Lolita Faptime show last night, and it wasn’t bad. However, the assistant police woman who teams up with the main character – Chelsea Muir – reminds me badly of Domino from Shakugan no Shana (for those that have seen it). Do japanese women of that age really have that squeaky voices O_o. Also that hairstyle of hers does not fit with her moe moe voice. I’m hoping for a subtext between her and Angelica in an “Sempai!! Kakoiiiiiii!!”, Sakaki/Kaorin kind of fashion. I loved the German WWII style hand grenades ^_^

Zero no Tsukaima so far fails to impress. Yes it looks like its based on Harry Potter, but I don’t hold much love for JK Rowling either (Though I love a lot of other magic school stories such as “The Worst Witch”) The only good thing about it is Louise’s token “URUSAI” about 2 or 3 times an episode to remind you that it is the same seiyuu as Shana.

The male lead is so typical it hurts (Oh look at my principles, aren’t they so moral.) and there’s a Rei clone that doesn’t do anything. I do kinda like the chichi onna relationship with Kirche though, it reminds me of Haruka (Mai HiME) and her bubuzuke onna. Headmaster is also win, and Sierra is moe.

School Rumble Nigakki continues to be awesome, despite all the reports to the contrary, and Tenma’s party episode (15) was damn good. Eri continues to be the best character and completely unaware that she really fancies Hige and would like to ride him senseless (though probably with some kind of leather catsuit on…and a bullwhip) The Yakumo/Harima storyline continues to be hilarious, and Ichijou rocks as always. Not so sure about Lala’s new hairstyle though…

Strawberry Panic continues to decline into a pool of gratuitous yuri. Although I’m not complaining, I’m still feeling extremely sorry for Yaya-chan. Well, at least she copped a feel, that’s better than nothing, although she should have gone for the rape area straight away (cause everyone knows that girls in anime instantly orgasm when someone touches their naughty bits). I still watch the show avidly for signs of a Tamao/Shizuma catfight though.

The OP sequence to NHK ni Youkoso reminds me kinda of Paniponi Dash ^_^. However, the ending reminds me of Ren and Stimpy or Spongebob, so thats not a good thing. I see that it could go either way at the moment, and the main male lead is…interesting…to say the least. At least its not actually about the NHK. That would be boring.

Unfortunately I have yet to enjoy Muteki Kanban Musume (which I hear is silly) and Binbou Shimei Monogatari (which I hear is moe), but it does seem that Doremi have taken it on themselves to fansub ALL ANIME EVAR this season, so hats off to them. I only have one request – Please sub Tonagura!

Please look forward to http://www.yuribou.net ^_^

I really love the Japanese phrase itsumo naka ni iru kara – “Because you’ll always be in my heart.” cause it’s so overused in anime and manga. Also, in literal English, itmeans “Because you’ll always be inside me” which has naughty connotations.

If you’re wondering why this is at all relevant, it’s taken from episode 12 of Kasimasi, the [KnKF-Doremi] subs of which I recently finished downloading. And since I rewatched Episode 12 to try and remember the ending, I thought I’d do a mini wrapup on it. Kasimasi is not a masterpiece by any means. Take any old slice of life romance between a boy, girl and childhood friend, remove the boy and replace with a cute girl and there you have Kasimasi.
Now if anyone actually reads my fanafiction recomendations, you will see that I am particularly interested in certain kinds of storylines. Mainly ones involving loving relationships and tons of good old angst. Though yurirape does have its place (Go Yaya-chan! Sugoi! Kakoii!), I prefer slightly more realistic storylines (if you can count being turned into a girl by aliens realistic O_o)

So anyway, Kasimasi fits the bill as a story that I would read, except in animated or mangalated form! For those of you that don’t want spoilers and don’t know what I’m talking about, let me sum up the storyline in one paragraph:

Boy loves girl (and plants). Childhood friend of boy also inevitably in love with boy. Boy gets turned into girl. Yuri hijinks ensue. Series heads to conclusion, so random plot point is required. Boy has to decide between the two girls. Angst-o-meter rises. Yuribou is happy.

Obviously on the way there is a lot of yuri fluid swapping, which I suppose does good for the ratings, but for me, it helps fill the angst-o-meter, which, I think makes the show. The part at the end where Tomari can’t quite let Hazumu go is really touching and makes me fuzzy inside. I am a total wuss.

However, after a whole series, I have become a big fan of Tomari (Eri-clone), and less of Yasuna (Tomoyo-clone), but I have absolutely no idea what part Ayuki is supposed to be playing in the whole thing (though she does have a fan club, so that must count for something. I think Hung is a big Ayuki supporter), though she is quite angstcute in the last episode, so I guess I’ll let it go.

Oh, did I mention that the soundtrack was win? Thanks be to Josh for transcribing some of the background music for piano.

Ending-wise, I think that the anime plot twist is far inferior (though makes far more sense) than the manga plot twist. I mainly prefer the manga one, since in the anime you can see which girls Hazumu is going to choose from a mile off (Though that last 5 seconds!! WTF!?! They’d better do an OVA now or I am suing someone -_-). The manga one, in comparison seems literally built for maximum angst.

Will Hazumu choose a girl in time?!? Will she get the harem ending?!? Will Dynasty Scans ever bring out the next chapter?!? And so on and so forth.

In essence, Kasimasi ~Girl makes all her friends gay~ always was going to be a “me” series, and has delivered what I expected of it with enough flair to satisfy. Good old fashioned yuri-lovin sandwiched between thick slices of Angst-o-bread and twintails on the side. Pure win, with only half the calories.

/me is eagerly awaiting more manga. Someone in Dynasty needs to be bribed ^_^.

Edit: Lol, my counter has crashed ^_^ It says that 60000 people visited Yuribou today…Somehow, I don’t think that’s really possible O_O

| Please spare some feedback for the poor homeless loli

Right, before I do a proper post today, I would like to ask you, my reader base, something very important. Since I am fast approaching 3 months old and it looks like I will be keeping this up for a while, I am thinking of moving WordPress to a proper webhost so I can fiddle around with it more. Also, I’d like to add a small fanfiction archive and anything else that takes my fancy ^_^. (And also, I would like to keep being ranked below “Route 66 Blog” in the BOTD O_O. Is a road really that interesting?)

Before I do that though, I would like people’s feedback on the last 3 months of blogging, so I know if I need to change direction at all. Has it been good? Have you enjoyed reading Yuri to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito and what posts are the ones that you flick straight over in the aggregtor feeds? Since there has been relatively little feedback lately, I can’t really tell what people are reading and liking.

In the future, would you prefer I do more parody type posts, more related to fanfiction, more comments on yuri anime, or more general anime and manga discussion?

I know this is really a poll, but I would quite like a few words from people as well. Also, I don’t think I can set up polls on WordPress.com ^_^;;

Please people! Feedback is like drugs for poor homeless people. Please be generous.

Proper post later, if I can be bothered…

Thanks to Simoun Fans (and potentially SimounProject, if this download finishes anytime this millennium), I have finally been watching Simoun further than episode 3 (as far as Doremi have been bothered to sub). Simoun had started late this season as one of my “yuri anime to watch” (but with uncomfortable “turning into man” themes). However, the yuri kind of subsided in Episodes 2 and 3, leaving me wondering if there was going to be any kind of storyline *horrified gasp* to fill the gap.

After watching episodes 4-8, I was quite satisfied with the way the series was turning out, but also rather confused at the angle they were taking. The girls’ storylines advance a bit further and you see into the backgrounds of a few of them, though the others remain rather anonymous and I tend to forget their names. (Well, they did do a name recap in episode 8 for my benefit ^_^). Aeru finally gets to be Neville’s pair and Neville finally gets out of her emo dustbin so she can start killing people again.

A semi high point was short incidence of potential yurirape in episode 7 with Paried and the meganekko-with-a-crap-seiyuu-that-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of (/me ANN’s it) – Ah, Kaimu. Yeah, she’s one of the non-descript ones with no personality or background. Anyway, that scene was potentially good. But then Paried remembered something liked how she raped a girl in the past and then the girl didn’t like her any more and stopped. Oh well, the meganekko wasn’t hot anyway.

We also get the two “token extra characters” in episode 8 – Mamiina and the other one….err…Yun I think. The scene where Mamiina tries to yurirape Neville and fails because Aeru abseils through Neville’s window is probably the best scene in all 4 episodes. And while Mamiina is fail, Yun is traipsing all around the ship saying “OMG I hate war! Emoemoemo!” and fast becoming the least likeable character since Neville got out of her emo slump. She does seem to have low standards, though. Maybe she’s trying to become tsundere but failing. If so, she is MIGHTY FAIL.

Overall, I think the entire series is held up by Aeru, who is awesome, and Limone, who is stoic loli. Aeru gets more and more awesome a character through the series, mainly because she isn’t thinking of turning into a man and she isn’t weighed down by all the religoius emo nonsense that all the others are burdened by. Also, she’s an atheist , so that improves her in my books. Although she hasn’t tried to yurirape anyone yet, she did do a :3 when abseiling in through a window, so I’ll let that one go.

My main beef with the series is that it seems to touch on some really rather sensitive subjects in the world at the moment (namely religion and holy war) and then not really try to tackle them. Since the basic premise is that there are a lot of lands with different religions (some of which may have historically been the same) that are at war with this one particular religion, since it holds all the treasure (the helical motors).

And therefore thousands and thousands of soldiers from these lands get killed in seconds in each episode by very small numbers of ships for no particular reason other than that the land is really selfish and refuses to give any of the helical motors away. Also, in episode 8, I thought the suicide bombing was very very topical and was not entirely sure that it was relevant to the storyline.

i hope that in some further episode we find out exactly why the land with all the technology is so selfish (unlike in Mai Otome, where you never really find out why Garderobe was hiding all the technology), and there is a “I wonder if the side I’m fighting for is the right side” exposition to the girls. If it continues with the “My religion is best and owns all your religionsses” angle, I may have to rant a lot more in the next update.

Basically, Aeru owns everyone. The end.

Although specifically, I wrote this before I saw the episodes I commented on last post, its still kinda relevant. I thought that since Strawberry Panic is pretty much softcore hentai, what if they were making such a drama here, on this side of the Pacific? The result might have gone something like this…



Suzumi TAMAO – A yuri nymphomaniac with a huge crush on NAGISA. Plays the flute.
Aoi NAGISA – A young freshman inexperienced in the ways of love.
Hanazono SHIZUMA – The hardy old dormitory handyman who’s secretly a beautiful woman in disguise
Konohana HIKARI – An innocent young lady who steadfastly refuses to admit that she is gay
Nanto YAYA – HIKARI’S childhood friend who has a huge crush on her. Though they have done the horizontal ditty, HIKARI refuses to admit that they are together.


Ichigo-sha dormitory, DAY. All the usual furniture present in a student dormitory is absent, save for a large HEART SHAPED BED that dominates the room. In the corner there is a FLIMSY DESK with some of TAMAO’S PORN on it.


NAGISA: Ah! Tanoshikatta! That music lesson was so fun, wasn’t it Tamao-chan?

TAMAO: It certainly was, Nagisa-chan! but it would have been much less fun had Nagisa-chan not been there to see me play!

NAGISA: And I didn’t know that you could play the flute so well!

TAMAO laughs sweetly

TAMAO: By the way, Nagisa-chan, how are you feeling after running that marathon yesterday?

NAGISA: Actually, I’m feeling quite stiff! My muscles feel all tense and knotty.

NAGISA rubs her lower back and groans

TAMAO: Of course I would be happy to give you a massage, Nagisa-chan! Just take off all your clothes and lie back on the bed and relax.

NAGISA: All my clothes?

TAMAO: Of course, silly! How am I supposed to give you a proper massage through those thick clothes of yours?

NAGISA:(sweatdrops) Uhh, OK, Tamao-chan…

NAGISA disrobes and lies down on the HEART SHAPED BED. TAMAO removes a bottle of LUBRICANT from the desk drawer.

NAGISA: Uh…what’s that, Tamao-chan?

TAMAO quickly hides the bottle from view

TAMAO: It’s massage oil, Nagisa-chan! Massage oil!

NAGISA: But I thought I read “Mango flav…”

TAMAO: (interrupts) Don’t worry about that Nagisa-chan, you’re making your muscles more tense! Just lie back and relax, ne?

NAGISA: (hesitant)…OK

TAMAO starts to spread LUBRICANT over NAGISA’S back and thighs.

NAGISA: Ooh, that oil feels good, Tamao-chan! I can feel my aches melting away already!

TAMAO’S hands slip down to NAGISA’S NAUGHTY BITS

NAGISA: Ahh! Ohh! Tamao-chan! What are you doing? It’s dirty down there! Ahh! But it feels so good!

TAMAO: (giggles) I’ll make you feel much better, Nagisa-chan!


SFX: Knock on Door

TAMAO looks up. She has what appears to be a MILK MOUSTACHE. NAGISA is comatose.

SFX: Laughter

TAMAO: Come in!

Door opens. Enter SHIZUMA dressed in DUNGAREES and carrying a TOOLKIT. She has a large FAKE MOUSTACHE.

SHIZUMA: (noticing comatose NAGISA) Oh, I’m sorry, did I come at a bad time?

TAMAO: No! Not at all! What can I help you with?

SHIZUMA: I just came to fix your fridge, but it appears that someone has removed all the tools from my toolkit and replaced them with a variety of sex toys.

TAMAO: That’s no problem at all! In fact, we don’t even have a fridge!

TAMAO glomps SHIZUMA. More HIJINKS ensue. Sometime during the proceedings, SHIZUMA’S FALSE MOUSTACHE falls off.

Enter HIKARI. TAMAO and SHIZUMA are still doing the HORIZONTAL CHA-CHA on the bed next to a comatose NAGISA. HIKARI is wearing a SUKUMIZU.

HIKARI: Hi guys! We’re here for the usual tea party. ZOMG! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!

TAMAO and SHIZUMA don’t look up. HIKARI looks horrified and takes a step back. Enter YAYA wearing a skimpy POSTAGE STAMP SIZED BIKINI.

YAYA sweatdrops.

HIKARI: But ahh! Watching them makes me feel warm and tingly inside! Am I perverted Yaya-chan?

YAYA: (seizing her chance) No, Hikari-chan! It’s perfectly normal for a girl’s tnogue to be up another girl’s ass like that! And incidentally, I have always loved you!

HIKARI: Oh Yaya-chan! I love you too!

More Glompage. Yet more HIJINKS ensue.

CUT TO: Ichigo-sha dormitory, EVENING. SHIZUMA, TAMAO, HIKARI and NAGISA (who is now awake and wondering where all the other naked girls came from) are lying in the HEART SHAPED BED. TAMAO is smoking a POST-COITAL CIGARETTE. SHIZUMA is still comatose. YAYA is flicking through TAMAO’S PORN.

NAGISA: (to HIKARI). You know, I never thought it could feel so good…you know, with another girl!




Please direct any flames towards the comments box. Have a nice day!

I thought, since my number 1 search term for my blog seems to contain the words “strawberry panic” I should actually do a third post on the series ^_^;;

Finally got round to watching episodes 11-13 yesterday, and I have to say, something must have snapped in the production company…Instead of the usual “Source” (lolikitsune‘s term) affair of “oh, I love you Oneesama, but I’m only going to show it in subtext”, the producers seem to have taken the (probably rather blase) reaction to their first yuri rape scene and gone in a direction involving enough yururape to make a Western censor cry.

It’s as if they said to the script writer – “We’re tired of having those lesbians prance around angsting over whether the other girl will accept their love, let’s just have a couple of episodes where everyone kisses everyone and we’ll work from there” And so that’s what they did O_O.

| Nagisa, since when was our pool this deep? Who cares, just keep doing that thing with your tongue!

So so far by episode 13, Shizuma finally got to kiss, then rape Nagisa, Momomi and Kenjou have another pop at Hikari then get it on in the bath together and then Yaya kisses Hikari (finally ^_^). Phew! I think that pretty much sums up the phrase “Relevant to my interests”

First of all, I’m pleased Shizuma finally got some balls to kiss Nagisa, though pushing her down on the bed afterwards when she was obviously confused whether to be happy or pine after Tamao was a bit cruel. Kenjou and Momomi raping Hikari was all “Yawn, seen it all before”. Kenjou sucks, she doesn’t even do the evil yuri thing right. She should take lessons from Shizuru.

| I’m going to assrape you now, Nagisa. Unn, it’s ok if it’s you, Onee-sama…

But Yaya/Hikari yay! I’m pleased that since my first post about them, Yaya has come far enough to realise that she does love Hikari, and if she doesn’t act soon, Amane will win her over and she will be left Tomoyo-ing by her side for all eternity. Seriously, if they remade Cardcaptor Sakura next year, I think CLAMP should go take some lessons from the script writer for Strawberry Panic ^_^.

Yaya/Hikari kissing was probably the only “text” (as opposed to “subtext”) event in anime that I was really looking forward to and enjoyed. It was also useful storywise as well, as it really complicates things in Hikari’s mind, since she does love Yaya as well. Again, the suggestion of hot threesomes comes to mind. Yaya just rocks in general. Hikari should choose her. After all, she did feel up her butt in chapter 1 of the manga.

| I think this is probably the anime take on the “Dutch angle” – i.e. a slanted angle to make the viewer think that something’s “not right” about what’s happening. In other news, Yaya is hawt in hotpants.

I feel sorry, however, for the relationships that have ended up being left behind in the dust for the big three (Shizuma/Nagisa, Yaya/Amane/Hikari and Kenjou/Momomi). Chiyo-chan, despite being a genius can’t compete with either Shizuma or Tamao on terms that she is just jailbait and Tsubomi is too tsundere to notice that she even loves Hikari anyway. The girl I feel sorry most for it Tamao, the obvious Tomoyo clone in this anime. Though Sakura got taken away by Li in Cardcaptor Sakura, it must be 10 billion times worse to lose your yuri-crush to another woman >_>. Though she did get to spread suntan cream on Nagisa and listen to her orgasmic moans resulting from this (maybe I don’t do it right when I do it O_O)

Though I am scared at what her “Nagisa-shrine” contains O_O.

Therefore I believe the experiment to be successful. More yurirape and “DEEP KISS” frenzy in Str…ahem…Full Yuri Panic! has advanced all the storylines tremendously and made it infinitely more exciting. I can only hope that the producers don’t let this all go to waste (*cough* Harem ending! *cough cough*)

Vague humour post on Strawberry Panic to celebrate the yurirape tomorrow.