If you haven’t watched the show, this list will probably mean nothing to you, but Joshikousei has turned out to be a rather good Slice of Life show that started from humble fanservice beginnings to turn out to be a well rounded and interesting single season anime.

When I first started watching Joshikousei, I expected it to just be a shallow fanservice fluff show, but after the fanservice left, there are a lot of things in the show that holds it up without fanservice ^_^…

Great thing number 1: Shimotakatani-kun. (He has a funny name)

Great thing number 2: Starting Skits. (Especially the Maria-sama ga miteru one) – It’s great to have an anime that doesn’t take itself seriously ^_^.

Great thing number 3: One Liners – Yuma – “Don’t come near! I’m expelling water from inside”

Great thing number 4: Realistic High School life – Girls that worry about pubic hair plucking, periods and boys. Relationships that aren’t portrayed as the love of his or her life. Desperately trying to lose your virginity – That is the spirit of High School!

Great thing number 5: Ogawa (though she should be a super loli who is more experienced than everyone else) – mainly because she is addicted to vitamin drinks and drugs guys to not have sex with her. Priceless.

Great thing number 6: Lesbian yaoi – The only actually gay couple in the school acting like Ouran High School Host Club. Oh how I laughed…

Great thing Number 6 – Eri and Kouda’s Boke/Tsukkomi. It fits them so well O_o

Great thing number 7: Mamiko Noto randomly playing secretly pervy meganekko. She really gets around these days ^_^;;

Trust a female mangaka to take high school life, and nail it square on with an extra pinch of OTT comedy.



On anti-recommendation (i.e. people begging me not to watch it) and on purchase and perusal of this month’s Megami magazine, I decided to download the LIME anime subs of Joshikousei ~Girls high~. Basically, in a word, I am impressed ^_^. Joshikousei is not only a shamelessly fanservice show, it also deals with aspects of fanservice that most anime companies would not touch with a 30 foot barge pole outside of hentai. And so appropriately, this post will not be a review post, I will merely be going over the many fetishes that Joshikousei covers in just its first 2 episodes.

Not only are there panty shots and surprise breast fondling galore, but within the first two episodes alone, we get naked aprons, oneesama bondage sex, girls on toilets, pubic hair (shock horror! ^_^), menstruation, and something even unheard of in harem anime – falling over into someone and ending up in a 69. Believe me, if you went around trying that in real life, chances of that happening are pretty much the same as all the women in the world suddenly deciding that they are gay and having a rampant orgy in my front room. Not that I have tried, obviously O_O.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the fetishes covered by Joshikousei ~Girls High~

Yuri rape


Naked apron

Marilyn Monroe impressions


Losing virginities

Girls on the toilet

Surprise breast fondling

Unexpected yuri-sex


Pubic hair (ouchie, plucking pubic hair? No wonder anime girls are so smooth down below O_o)

Game references (well, it makes gamers happy “down there”, so technically its a fetish ^_^;)

In homage to this piece of fanservice art that has been bestowed upon me, I felt a need to make a panty shot collage from the first episode. In fact, there are twenty one distinct pantyshots in episode 1, most of which are in the first 10 minutes (three of them are in the unexpected sex collage above). Impressive.

In short, Joshikousei is hilarious, that is, if you like jokes like “Oh noes, I accidentally fell down the stairs and received cunnilingus from my classmate” or “Ahh! my urine pot is overflowing!”

Pure genius