For lack of anything better to do today, I wrote another one of these -_-;;

This season’s most exciting thriller anime comes to you from the slopes of Astraea Hill. Ever wondered what girls do in all girl’s schools with mysterious shrines and suspiciously large cleavers? Then look no further than

Ichigosha no naku Koro ni (or Oyashiro-sama ga Miteru)
Only for Persons of 18 years and over

Warning this program may contain bad puns

New student Nagisa Maebara arrives in the remote all girl’s school of St. Miator’s, a high school with a horrific secret. Every year on the night of the school culture festival, a terrible curse takes place. Students talk of the terrible curse of Oyurishiro-sama, where one virgin is violently yuriraped and one disappears.

Woefully inexperienced Nagisa-chan lives in blissful ignorance of her impending plight as she goes about her everyday school life as usual with her ragtag bunch of increasingly suspicious school friends: yakuza twins Tamao and Tomoyo Sonozaki, the video camera toting demons of the Tokyo underworld, miko priestess of the school shrine Hikarika Sonohana and her loliyuriffic other half Yayako Houjou and Shizuma Ryuuguu, your typical sweet talking, cleaver toting, typical small village girl.

Nagisa is brought crashing back down to reality on the night of the festival when she accidentally stumbles on the school nurse Momomiyo Takano and the secret PE Storeroom while being glomped in the bushes by a blushing Tamao-chan looking for a session of “Nagisa naughty touching”. But Momomiyo is not all she seems, as she explains to a surprised Nagisa that the “rake” used in the festival today may be a corruption of the violent “rape” that used to happen in years gone by.

Nagisa’s fears are realised the nest morning as it is revealed that Momomiyo went missing last night. Suddenly, suspicious faces are turning up everywhere! Will Nagisa lose her virginity to Tamao-chan before she gets yuriraped into oblivion by the curse of Oyurishiro-sama? Join us to find out!

Right, enough of those for now ^_^;;