School Rumble: an untapped yuri potential?

May 15, 2006

Emergency post!

Now lets get this straight: I am a massive fan of School Rumble, and will probably continue to be even when it runs to 5 seasons and all the characters graduate, Eri finally gets over Harima and Harima and Imouto-san get together. Throughout the entire first season and despite most of the main cast being female, there were no shoujo-ai overtones at all.

Which is fine, of course. I don't need subtextual yuri in order to enjoy a show (really, I don't!!!) But then I watched Nigakki episode 6 ^_^

Imouto-san Eri-chan GETTO!!!

Now everyone who hates shoujo-ai (and people like me) will probably be the first to comment that obviously these two are not interested in each other, I mean, Eri fancies Harima for chrissakes O_o…and Imouto-san's tastes are unknown as yet, and will probably never be.


The scene was fantastic! I've always been a fan of dance scenes, though in anime they are done quite frugally shall we say (in order to preserve the amount of actual animating they need to do). Also, Yakumo is the best character ever, though pretty much any character voiced by moe-moe-Mamiko Noto is going to be cute as hell.

I myself am looking forward with a vague hope that someone might write a Eri/Yakumo fanfiction or two, since love rivalry leads to yuri huggles has always been a favourite storyline between yuri authors. (Take for example Kris/Ichino fanfiction from Battle Athletes Victory or Motoko/Kanako from Love Hina)

So take note all would be School Rumble fanfic authors: I want good well formatted Eri/Yakumo fanfiction. Do it and you might get a cookie

"Really I love you Sawachika-senpai" <nosebleeds out of frame>



2 Responses to “School Rumble: an untapped yuri potential?”

  1. Iris Says:

    Yakumo is the best character ever, though pretty much any character voiced by moe-moe-Mamiko Noto is going to be cute as hell.

    AMEN! AMEN TO THAT! xD I really love Mamiko-sama’s voice~ It’s so.. so soft, and gentle~ and and~ *dreamy sigh*

    And I love that dance scene too. :3

  2. I love Yakumo and Eri as individual characters but the thought of them as a couple is just to fun to pass up.

    Plus a little bit of reading into something never hurt.

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