YURI DAI BATTURU! Simoun Vs. Strawberry Panic

June 2, 2006


Reading “Anime on my mind” this week, it came to my attention that a second shamelessly yuri anime was being shown this season: Simoun, so I downloaded the Doremi fansubs and watched the first few episodes…here’s what I thought – Not only do the characters fly around in things that look like Disc Doctors, all the ship designs and things look far too much like they were taken straight out of LAST EXILE. I mean, the Craftsmen’s nations ships, you can’t tell me they don’t look like vanships. And the Simouns look remarkably like those white thingys that Dio and Co. fly around in (sorry about my crap knowledge, EXILE fans)

But the similarity does stop there, thankfully. The entire thing is (rather shakily) based around a race that are born as women and choose their gender when they get to the age of 19, though they lose the ability to blow up hundreds of enemy ships at once while shouting stupid technique names like “SHARK REMERGION!”. And also, for some reason, being able to pilot one of the ships requires the 2 pilots to kiss beforehand, so changing gender results in a great reduction in creamy yuri goodness.

So you can see already that this anime is going to be filled with gallons and gallons of pseudo-lesbian tongue wrestling and shoujo ai relationships until one of the two goes to the spring, becomes a man and shafts the poor other girl senseless with his newly gained manhood (actually I think they didn’t film the last bit)

Despite this excellent premise, the Craftsman’s (I assume they’re all women too, so shouldn’t “Craftswomen’s” be more appropriate?) Nation seems to have little going for it, except having its ships and people blown up repeatedly by, like, 1 enemy craft and the wonderful voice of Mamiko Noto voicing someone we haven’t even met yet. If the anime doesn’t go into a bit more detail about them and we see both sides, it will be extremely disappointing. A bit of Romeo and Juliet cross-sides loving is due here I think…


So how does it compare to the other great yuri anime of this season – Strawberry Panic?(Or Full Yuri Panic! as I have otherwise named it)

Lets compare!

  1. Outrageously thinly veiled lesbian subtext Vs. Frankly pornographic amount of girl-girl tongue fencing



Simoun obviously wins on the yuri-snogging count, but does it beat the cute one-sided longings of Tamao and Yaya-chan and the first girl-love of Hikari and Amane-sama? Especially episode 8 of FYP! when Tamao chased Nagisa round all episode to share an umbrella and Shizuma complained that her umbrella was too big…

Answer: Full Yuri Panic! WIN, 5 points! Although I do love the girl on girl action in Simoun, it lacks resultant storyline to back it up. For FYP! to spend an entire episode on the love shared beneath an umbrella is bold and pretty funny. And Yaya/Hikari is shaping up to be my favourite underdog pairing ever.

2. Cookie eating loli Vs. Slightly mad plush bear obsessed loli.


I have to admit, the loli with the plush bear in FYP! did scare me a bit…Isn’t Astraea only secondary school and above, meaning that she is at least 11 and still kookily weird for her age? *shivers* On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with the loli in Simoun (Except that she’s possibly said one word in 2 episodes) Also, she has Ichijou Karen hair (of School Rumble fame).

Answer: Simoun WIN, 5 points! Stoic snacking loli beats scary bear confiding loli

3. Two best friends and a tsundere Vs. Emo girl, genki girl and rampant lesbian



How does the Yaya-Hikari-Tsubomi triangle shape up to Neville the emo girl and her Pair Amuria(who is obviously rampantly gay) and the new girl Aeru who (thank god) chooses blowing things up over becoming a man. Obviously I am pre-biased to vote for the Yaya-Hikari-Tsubomi fiasco, since I am a massive Yaya fan, but since Simoun hasn’t had enough time to develop its storyline and since there has already been three comsummate kisses in their love triangle, they need some weight too…there’s still room for some rampant lesbian shower sex there too.

Answer: FYP! 3 points, Simoun, 2 points (for potential)

4. Bonus Points


Erii (Simoun) -2 points for becoming a man (NOT HOT)

Chikaru (FYP!) +2 points for being ULTRA DETECTIVE COSPLAY HAWT


FINAL RESULT: Full Yuri Panic!: 10 points, Simoun, 5 points


Undoubtedly, at this early stage, Strawberry Panic provides far more yuri excitement than Simoun, for, although it does lack girls indulging in Sapphic desires around every corner; it does have Yaya-chan. And Yaya > all.


PS. Damn I wish that I could do “Excerpts”, ‘cept this theme doesn’t support it and its the only one on WordPress.com that I actually like. Oh well, people will have to be stuck reading my whole articles until I actually bother to find some server space then ^_^

18 Responses to “YURI DAI BATTURU! Simoun Vs. Strawberry Panic”

  1. lolikitsune Says:

    >>Chikaru (FYP!) +2 points for being ULTRA DETECTIVE COSPLAY HAWT

    I think Chikaru is growing on me. The detective stuff was majorly lame, but for some reason it enhanced her sex appeal.

  2. yuribou Says:

    Chikaru has major sex appeal ’cause of her split personality and her love of cosplay.

    One minute she’s cute older girl who holds herself well and has etiquette and poise, but then she changes into cosplay geek girl who makes all her own clothes ^_^.

    Its enough to make a grown otaku weak at the knees

  3. lolikitsune Says:

    So if I’m incapacitated on the floor, does that make me an ancient otaku?

  4. Vud Says:

    The Simoun “guys” is a real turn off. Yuri aspect was mega cool though. :) Maybe I’ll give it another shot for the cookie eating loli ;).

  5. Tess Says:

    Simoun is showing a lot more potential, especially around episode 6-7+, which is also where I think Strawberry Panic started picking up. Nontheless… I do enjoy SP more. I feel like Simoun will/may have a deeper storyline though. Whatever that means.

  6. JJ Says:

    Simoun has a great story line and philosophy, though.
    It’s a nice work even though a yuri element is left out.
    well, I also like Strawberry Panic, too. But it’s just for fun. I like to give Simoun more points. ^.^

  7. yuribou Says:

    I think that I will be doing a progressive score for each series as I watch more episodes then ^_^

  8. Natsuki Says:

    Simoun’s yuri element is NOT left out ^_^
    Ep.7 and onwards (-ep.11) we see lip locks and suggestive bed scenes all over the place ^ ^

  9. Kibachyo Says:

    Chikaru Pwns

  10. […] Thanks to Simoun Fans (and potentially SimounProject, if this download finishes anytime this millennium), I have finally been watching Simoun further than episode 3 (as far as Doremi have been bothered to sub). Simoun had started late this season as one of my “yuri anime to watch” (but with uncomfortable “turning into man” themes). However, the yuri kind of subsided in Episodes 2 and 3, leaving me wondering if there was going to be any kind of storyline *horrified gasp* to fill the gap. […]

  11. Klahaschik aka yuri freek Says:

    i think that SP deserved that win!!!! i mean come on i’m gay and the way Simoun makes it look like is such crap!! Simoun makes a lez relationship look like its just sex! witch is soooo wrong…Cuz its Soooo not!!! Simoun sucked!! i mean come on get a story!! even if some little things in SP got anoying they were all ways fixed or didn’t show up again…oh and i thinkl SP should get 20 points for the ending man that rocked!!!! ;D

  12. Brittney Says:

    Personally, I believe that Simoun was excellent. I don’t mean to offend those of you who believe that Strawberry Panic! should be the winner. However, Strawberry Panic! lacked many things which I believe makes a good anime. (And also HAD many things that I believe makes a bad anime.) Strawberry Panic! is full of yuri. (It wins that one straight away.) But! Strawberry Panic! is filled with all the wrong kinds of yuri. (If that makes sense. ;P) Strawberry Panic! is directed mainly at a male audience. In fact, the manga version of it was originally posted in a magazine for men. While watching Strawberry Panic! I actually found myself laughing hysterically (really hysterically ;P) saying to myself “This is definately man’s creation.” Simoun isn’t exactly winning the “best anime of the year” award in my opinion, but I did enjoy it. The plot of Simoun is quite interesting once you get used to it. It is more of a serious and intellectual anime, rather than being a funny or cute one. The female relationships in Simoun are better to my taste than that of those in Strawberry Panic!. Simoun has received quite a bit of harsh criticism, but I found a good anime in it. Simoun would win my vote for the better anime, but that is only my opinion. ;)

  13. SM Says:

    It’s rather pointless to compare two very different anime, epecially since there is almost absolutely nothing to compare eachother with. Simoun is not a love story, hell, a lot of the ‘romanic’ scenes/aspects of this show came out very awkward. But I find that very endearing, I personally loved the action/adventure involved in this show because I’m sooo sick of teen drama. Though Simoun does have a fair amount of that as well, it has everything from incest to dead lovers. Still this show really brought some unique and different elements into the ‘yuri world’ of anime. Many ‘voters/critics’ seem to overlook a lot of the details poured into this lovely anime, for one it has a plot and all the proper elements that makes a good story. Characters are reasonable and emotional turmoil, etc is show. Lots of character development, plot twists, ideology. Oh and FYI, for those of you who have no faith cannot judge the religion aspect of this show without biased opinions.

    Strawberry Panic! is entertaining for those who enjoy light-romanic dramas, but I personally was bored to tears. In fact I dropped this show all together, it didn’t captivate me nor did it seem to build on anything. It seemed far too realistic in retrospects to teenhood and highschool drama.

    This is just my two cents, later.

  14. SM Says:

    Oops I forgot to add, what’s up with all you people who keep saying Simoun is practically lesbian porn, cause seriously? It’s rather far from the truth, the only sexual scenes are past events which was really only one memory. As for the kissing, it’s a blessing to their God, etc, and please, those kiss scenes were not ‘steamy’ or ‘erotic’ or even ‘hot’ in any way. The art is beautiful and it conveyed emotions, mood, and situation very clearly. Simoun is not lesbian porn, I’m sorry, it just isn’t.

  15. Supernova1337 Says:

    I’m so happy Strawberry Panic won! It’s my favorite anime ever, but it’s so unbelievably under-rated I was almost convinced it would lose. +100 to the author of this, Chikaru would be proud ^^

    But honestly, Kagome lost? Doesn’t every anime need a potential yandere? :3

  16. andy Says:

    I liked both series. We need more yuri anime whether male centered or women centered.

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